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Cherry Oil (Dark Side Dabs)


1 Gram Syringe | $30

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Product Description

Honey Oil, produced in Nelson BC by multi-generational traditionalist growers. Dark Side Dabs produces oils that are butane extracted, and charcoal filtered. The result is a tasty, clear, cherry brown-hued oil of exceptional quality containing 65-70% THC.

Packaged in one gram syringes for convenient dosing, it can be enjoyed with a pipe, vaporized, rolled in a joint or hot knifed. Perfect for situations when immediate absorption is required.

108 reviews for Cherry Oil (Dark Side Dabs)

  1. Bbdoll

    Have used it smeared on a paper before rolling a joint and as a refill to my disposable Diamond Vape pen after a little bit of experimenting to get the very viscous oil to flow better. Read reviews on how to heat it up and it’ll do exactly what you want it to. Excellent value!

  2. prettygod

    Decent oil. Definitely a step down from the dark side dabs honey oil but for the price its a good buy in my books. I do wish that Dark Side Dabs ‘s would put some sort of “tip” on the end of the syringes so you could more easily fill oil cartridges.

  3. AndrewNL

    Vaping review: Value wise, the money is right on this product, I think this product is appealing to people who dont have a bunch of money to spend and are using this product to augment their cannabis stash. Only vaping this oil would likely get tired, as the flavour is not super smooth and the potency is mid tier. Furthermore, I find I quickly build up a tolerance to this oil, subsequent to my first vape session with it, it loses its punch. Check out the Oro brand honey oil for a more potent experience and a marginally better flavour, or the Daily C02 if you have the $$$

  4. Lava

    This oil is simply awesome, beat the 50$ cart I use to buy. I use oil to ease my pain and spasm when I am on visit or at work, this oil is more potent then any other oil ive try in a long time. The taste is more then okay for cherry oil YOU NEED a verified CCELL or AVD for this oil since it his very very viscous and wont work with replica and I would recommend to wait as long as 24 hours before puffing on the cart, id also recommend heating the cart and doing some dry puff to get the oil into the cotton.

    Simply, the best oil if use to medicated in a long time. Can’t wait to tried the honey oil, thanks alot budmail!

  5. Lotto

    I like the syringe and how clean it makes the whole process.

    The oil is exactly as shown in the Picture; the colour is right on, the consistency is thick and good.
    Potent like a mofo!
    Enjoying it

  6. Rocket

    Lots of reviews for an outstanding smoke…you can charge up a vape or add to a paper to charge up a joint. Keep the oil flowing everybody! Awesome!!!

  7. Rocket

    Brings great memories of the time well wasted in my younger days in high school…smoking oil out of a beer cap and a smoke. All is good with this oil. SMOOTH

  8. Tylor

    Very good product tastes good and does the trick and the price is very reasonable I would absolutely suggest this product to people nice and clean taste

  9. Kingzeus

    for the price this oil is worth it .. i usually buy some hash grind some weed in the mix then mix it all together and what a stone … worth every penny

  10. Bonz

    The best value for your buck! It is very thick and sticky, but taste great and the high is euphoric. Used a suggestion of thinning out the oil by putting in a bag and then hot water. That seems to work the best.

  11. Grezzo

    The flavour of this oil is delicious! Texturally wise it’s a little thick but I usually just let the tap run warm/hot water in it before I try to fill my cartridge. The effects are wonderful! It’s a nice mellow stone.

  12. MontrealSmoke

    love this product have ordered many times before. I usually use it in a GPen connect which seems to be the most efficient tool to use a concentrate like this one.

  13. genericid

    Very nice oil. Well worth the price for the effect. Tried it in a pipe and the effect was pleasant. There was a nice fruity scent for a fleeting moment. Recommend trying this.

  14. cool

    Good product, darker color than the other honey oil from dark side dabs. Nice effect, I started vaping a year ago with distillate and didn’t keep it up. Now that I’ve found honey oil it’s a game changer.

  15. budtoker88

    Exactly what I expected as far as the high goes.. not an empty high like a distillate. Surprised that this tasted as good as it did in my rig, bought it primarily to “beef up” bowls in my vaporizer but ill definitely be taking more dabs now!

  16. TGrenz

    I am very pleased with it and will order more in the future. It hits very fast and a nice buzz and I have tried it on a paper with a little weed. Amazing 🙂

  17. eelyahh

    I ordered these a couple weeks ago and they were really good. Smoked smooth in a dab rig and the buzz lasted forever. I am definitely ordering this product again. The only thing is it wasn’t a full gram it was .2 off from a gram but not a big deal in my opinion …

  18. J

    Will always look for this now. With the price in mind its five stars hands down. Add a smear to a joint and you’ll feel it come over you like a warm blanket soon enough.

  19. YoungBalsamic

    Really satisfied with this Cherry Oil. I recently tried Dark Side’s THC distillate and I liked it. This is even better! Lovely dark hue from the oil, and great taste to boot. A few hits are all you need before the buzz kicks in. Great for the price too – only $30 and you can easily refill your carts. All around a great product, at a great price – you can’t go wrong.

  20. Holmes

    My 2nd time purchasing this product and was so impressed the last order I got 4 this time around. Like I said its smooth and the price is right. One of my new favorites on the menu no doubt!

  21. Emm

    It’s a great oil at a great price! I often use it to refill my vape cartridges. It’s also a great added embellishment for bowls and joints. It’s a bit thicker than what you would expect but still great!

  22. Chuck Brown

    Although it’s not filled to the 10 line. It is a gram when the weight is compared to empty tubes.
    It’s thicker than I’m used to. I had to be careful, it came out of the tube like molasses. I usually buy Oro/Blanco.
    It tastes fine, effective. It’s as strong as the lab report says! Amazing! I think this product is great for the price. If only it had more CBD. But you can’t go wrong at a price like this.

  23. Holmes

    Very nice tasting and nicely priced product. Very smooth and hits you plenty hard enough. Just light pressure on the syringe get you enough out. Would definitely purchase again!

  24. ChickenSashimi

    Great high, with good volume at a great price.

    I really haven’t found anything better for potency/price/volume. As a daily toker, value for dollar is always a major consideration in my purchasing. This oil gives a powerful buzz at a super-reasonable price.

    Handling is easy. I just warm up the oil a bit with a lighter.. warm up my cartridge a bit and transfer the oil over. It’s really a piece of cake. No need to bother with zip-locks and hot water. Just don’t go so far as to melt the plastic syringe.

    I’ll continue to buy this product as long as it’s available at this price.
    Thanks Budmail!

  25. cannabisbisbisbisbis

    my first time trying the oil. i use it to refill the diamond disposable vape pen which is rechargable. the oil was really thick and despite soaking it with hot water beforehand it was still too thick to pour down. so i had to put the oil into a straw and then slide the straw down the cartridge and squeeze it into it. very messy overall but it works and i am now vaping it successfully. for $30 i will be buying again.

  26. Autumn

    Fantastic. I would rate this cherry oil more than 5 stars if I could. I love the fact that it comes in a syringe, makes it more easier to manage! Will be buying again. 💜

  27. Andy

    I get the best cerebral high from this oil. I put a tiny bit on a cigarette and I was so high I couldn’t move. The Syringe is a bit tough to use you kinda learn how much pressure you need To use otherwise a lot will come out. Will definitely buy more!

  28. jlo

    pretty good smoke its about what you expect these days as far as quality \ i personaly find this way of storage is just useless for a variety of reasons \
    to each their own right if you order youll get the job done

  29. Amysaidnomnom

    Oh my god, please keep these in stock. I can barely type while typing this, and I’m a hard-hitter, with tolerance through the roof. I just tried this and, last night, the Dark Side Dab’s Honey Oil. Both are superb and through the roof, but I tip my hat in favour of this Cherry Oil. It knocked in the face in seconds, and I was done in about 3-4 pulls max.

    And, just like that, after about a year, it looks like my vape pen days are officially back with a vengeance, friends.

  30. court

    Any help would be appreciated. This was my first time buying oil to refill a cartridge and im having a heck of a time. Im sure the product is great I just havent been able to actually try it yet because even though i warm it up, it all pools around the top of the cartridge, i cant get it thin enough to actually fill the empty cartridge. Any tips?

    I do have some suggestions. I find to help with ease of filling, it helps to put the syringe in a zip loc bag and submerge it in a cup of hot water for a few minutes to loosen the viscosity. This way it’ll drip down into the cartridge easier and not build up around the top when filling. Be patient and work carefully and methodically and you should be perfectly fine.

    If you get oil anywhere, isopropyl/rubbing alcohol daubed on a paper towel is best for cleaning it up!

  31. Jinktheferret

    Been buying this for around 2 years, great stuff for the price. I use it in a pen vape and it works fine. Ive added a few drops of vap juice before to thin it a bit and also worked fine.

  32. margaret bruce

    I love this oil , it really brings back great memories for me from the late 70,s…… Always a go to when I cant decide…………..
    Thank everyone so much BudMail

  33. Julia

    This product is decent. Definitely does the trick for the price. It has nice colour and nice texture but the taste isnt great but isnt bad, I would consider buying again.

  34. KoalaPlow

    I found the Cherry variant to be noticeably harsher in my Puma vape. That being said, it can’t be beat as an edible option, so in bulk it is a super value.

  35. Turn

    Very smooth and a nice high from this oil. Rolls onto a paper without having to heat the oil which is always a bonus. Will definitely order this again.

  36. WizardOfDrawz

    This is my second time ordering this and definitely not my last. This stuff is great. I use it in my cartridges or sometimes in a doob. It’s awesome either way.

  37. El Choppo

    Nice rush to the head but not as potent as the honey oil. This is a great oil to start off with and then build up to something else. Nice sticky consistency and doesn’t drip out of the syringe either. Great with a ccell Silo and cartridge.

  38. KoalaPlow

    Tried this head-to-head against the Honey oil in a c-cell vape cart: equally tastey and effective- a nice “hashy” flavour and buzz. I guess the Honey is a slightly better deal in bulk?

  39. Smoke Anon

    Bought this a few times and it never disappoints. Very potent with a nice long stone. Spreads easily and rolls nice. Great it you want a mellow wind down.

  40. Logan

    I went back to flower for a while but it seemed like something was missing. This oil is perfect for a vape pen. I got the ccell tip with a few syringes of this oil and won’t go back to flower. Great taste and smooth smoking. Well worth the money.

  41. 4our2wenty

    This is a great bang for ur buck! It’s very sticky so it needs to be heated before filling up devices. I’ve used 5 syringes so far in the puma and it’s been great, no problems. Every draw tastes like afghan hash to me. This batch feels more of a hybrid.

  42. Smoke Anon

    Love this stuff. Ordered it many times and every time it is great. Nice smooth smoke and a very nice heady/cerebral, “old school” high. Will be ordering again.

  43. Smoke Anon

    Love this stuff. This is the third time ordering and it doesn’t disappoint. Old school throwback to the oil from the 80s. Will definitely be ordering again.

  44. diversitea76

    Yet another nice example of the amazing Darkside dabs cherry. Too bad for the tax … and shipping sure puts a damper on the savings part. Keep up the supply

  45. Grezzo

    I have a Toko Gold vape pen that I purchased here on Budmail and I was finding the replacement cartridges just a bit out of my budget so I decided to try this oil and inject it into my old cartridge. It’s a bit thicker so I ran it under hot water and got some narrow syringe tips to help get it into the cartridge. It took a bit of finesse but it turned out wonderful! If you’re vaping this oil in a smaller vape pen it takes a few draws to heat up this thicker oil but once it starts vaping it is wonderful! Nice mild mellow high and nutty flavour. Will definitely order again.

  46. Logan

    Great product for the price. Smokes smooth in vape pen. Nice taste and high. I would most definitely recommend to friends. Super fast shipping. Really enjoy both oils from dark side dabs.

  47. SheHigh

    Still trying to figure out this sticky icky. Used it to roll within a jay, and I ended up not being able to get a good pull, kind of like when it is rolled too tight. (Still got high tho :P)I am almost positive it is user error and I will try again.

  48. Nigz

    Purchased once again same quality/buzz taste is right. I dab it at low temp flavor is fa nominal 😉as I mentioned before I actually prefer this over the honey lol but if your vaping I will let you know honey 🍯 is runnier or “thinner” than cherry 🍒 if that matters as it does to some. Price/quality ratio is great 👍 I’ve been getting one each order. Anyway check it out 👀 you won’t be disappointed if your into concentrates. Cheers!! BM fam ✌️😎🇨🇦

  49. Torontofoodiechick

    This is a great oil. It spreads easily, can be dabbed easily, and it also does not burn too quickly like many oils. The only problem with this product is that it is so awesome, you go through it too quickly! Haha!

  50. Nigz

    Thick viscous red hued clear oil that dabs awesome and does the trick. I actually prefer the this over the honey 🍯 but nice to have lil change up now and then. Definitely will be reordering 👏 awesome BM as usual 🇨🇦

  51. snicklefritz

    Great stuff. Really like the fact it comes in this syringe makes it very easy to work with. I used it to put together a cannagar and it worked awesome. Cant beat the price

  52. BobTV

    This is a quality product and the price is great. I use it old school and blend with tobacco. It blends really nicely and has a very nice kick to it. Great value

  53. Akua420

    This is my oil go to. I LOVE it. It has a great high, and tastes exactly like a good cherry oil should taste like. The price is great too. Highly recommend this stuff! I keep coming back to it.

  54. 420buddy

    I tried using this in a vape cartridge, and it was a bit too thick for that purpose. If your main goal is to vape this in a cartridge, I suggest buying distillate instead. This product is good for putting on top of bowls and joints though.

  55. Cerberus

    Haven’t had cherry oil in years and this surpassed my expectations. Excellent taste and a little goes a long way. Will definitely be getting more in the future.

  56. Smoke Anon

    This stuff is really nice! Smells and looks good. Rolled it in a joint and the high was like old school oil. Good high with an uplifting feel. Definitely recommend.

  57. Smoke Anon

    This stuff is really nice! Smell and looks is food. Rolled it in a joint and the high was like old school oil. Good high with an uplifting feel. Definitely recommend.

  58. TurtleDuckin

    A little too thick for the Toko, but that’s my bad should stick to CO2. With some preheating and multiple hits this did taste quite good. I look forward to trying this in my new Puma.

  59. Jk

    Some very nice looking cherry oil, good consistency and packs a pretty decent punch. First time I purchased oil in a syringe, it is a lot easier to get a hoot ready opposed to a glass pug. I would purchase this oil again for sure.

  60. Mykhthrone

    So, I suffer from extreme and chronic pain. I take codeine and morphine. This oil, for some odd reason dissolved into tea or coffee took my pain entirely away, better than my meds. Will definitely order more, each one gram syringe holds ten teas for me, that’s only three bucks a day! I’m sold. I’ve never had such relief, sooooo happy.

  61. Mykhthrone

    This stuff is awesome. I’ve smoked a lot of oil, especially in my younger days, but it was always leaf oil. Seen tons of stuff people have tried to pass off as honey oil, this stuff blows all that crap out of the water. A little goes a long way. After spreading 5 slicks I think I might have only used up maybe %10 of the syringe. I can’t even smoke an entire one to myself. I can’t imagine what the honey oil must be like! $30/g might seem like a lot, but this stuff will last!

  62. Jemz

    As always dark side dabs cherry oil hasn’t let me down. Tasty, smooth, great consistency, and fantastic hits!! I generally vape it in a pen. Does fantastic lining a j as well.

  63. spaceman

    I’ve ordered this numerious times over and over and its consistant every time. Best bang for your buck imo. My friend ordered some just recently and this batch is another winner. Just try it, you cant go wrong.

  64. Akua420

    Great oil at a great price. I vape it, and the rake fills pretty easy if you warm it a bit to get a tinnier consistency. Tastes like it should and vapes very smooth.

  65. 4our2wenty

    Tried this over the weekend in the puma mini kit and i’ll say this is the best oil on the market for this price. Nice clouds, stone is hydrid I would say at low doses but leans toward indica after more pulls. Currently waiting on an order that has 1 tube of this oil but I should of def ordered several. 5/5

  66. xraygord

    Absolutely love this product. This concentrate is smooth, potent and has a nice flavour. I will certainly be purchasing this product again in the future. Highly recommend

  67. Diamond

    Very easy to use and I love the way it’s packaged! I am definetly going to order this oil again and the price is awesome. Taste delicious and not too strong

  68. wassamhere

    As my tolerance has gotten snoop-level, I’ve begun dabbling with concentrates via the PUMA mini vape/ topping bowls with this lovely stuff. Very potent, smooth tasting and in my opinion the best value for concentrates on this site. A little hard to work with. Raising the temperature of the oil increases the viscosity and makes it easier to work with. I stored my syringe on top of my PS4 (which runs hot these days) and it seemed to do the trick, happy toking!

  69. 420bobs

    Love using this oil in my puma mini and sometimes spreading it on rolling papers, gives the J a great kick! This stuff is somewhat thick so I always run it under hot water before filling the vap but once in works great!

  70. Hammer

    Second time ordering this.there will be a third lol.taste just amazing.nice bright high.my fav while watching sports.soo smoooooth.perfect consistantcy

  71. Peach71

    Very easy to use and i love the taste, for sure gonna order again for that price! It qas frozen when arrived but thawed quickly and the syringe makes it easier to guesstimate a proper dab!

  72. CaperGuy420

    This one is great for vaping. Normally I’ve only ever had honey oil so the cherry was slightly different but just as potent. Still a great taste and great buzz. Super price. Thanks BM!

  73. wassamhere

    I vape this stuff or put it in the middle of my bowls. For those times when you want to feel like smoked 10 bowls but only have time for 1. Very potent. Very tasty. And not too pricey. Happy customer over here

  74. Hammer

    Great taste.smooth.2 small bottle tokes and the high is great.lasts long.dont believe anyone who enjoys oil would be disappointed in this product.a def re order

  75. Mackey89

    Stuff is really good for the price and good consistency in every batch. Very nice clean high and recommended for anyone who deals with chronic pain daily.

  76. Blocky

    It’s pretty good to be honest I tried to My oil before but that cherry oil is real good give you a nice buzz and can be used many ways …i put it on my spliffs and backwoods …i this that’s a nice way to enjoy it ..

  77. Tshylay

    Very nice oil with a powerful high. The flavour is strong and sweet, even a little tangy. It’s a thicker oil and I’ve had a bit of trouble getting the right amount out of the syringe, so I like to store it above a heater to thin it out a bit.

  78. FrankieCdn

    This stuff has a nice high and a good price. I hot knife it and the taste leaves something to be desired. It ain’t what it used to be when they labeled what strain it was made with. I bought a couple to give it a try after many moons of staying away from it and I won’t be buying anymore anytime soon.

  79. King

    Good cherry oil and good price, I added drops to my bong tokes put it on papers and rolled up joints to hotknife, and added it to bowls on my pipe. Real nice high

  80. Deaner912

    Was definitely not what i though it was but made it work. Love the smell. Is a bit thick for rolling in a joint but can be done. Nice little high after a few tokes

  81. Thatonegirl

    Wanted to try getting stuff for my pen without having to order an expensive cartridge and this stuff is amazing. A bit of a mess to put in but the syringe makes it so much easier. Will order again.

  82. bender2377

    Great product. Nice to use straight up in vape pen. Flavor is nice and clean. THC levels are perfect to maintain full day medication without burn out. Will purchase again!

  83. LisaJayne

    By far my number one oil available on this site. Burns great and has a nice taste. Love the syringe idea over the old bottles, however if warm it can come out very quickly so be gentle when pushing the plunger.

  84. Princess

    Really love this cherry oil. Easy to get the right amount out of the syringe everytime. Great high and it lasts awhile. I am so glad I took advantage of the sale. Stocked up.

  85. Bill

    Great taste and smell. Pretty easy to work with. Made my own moon rocks with some kief I also purchased on here. I like the syringe it comes in and used a shatter tool to slice of portions. Coming back for more!

  86. Uknowwasgud

    Second time I bought this, both times it was on sale and I just had to buy more. I like to put a small dab of this on top of a popper and it makes it perfect. Good price for a good quality oil

  87. Z-Bizzle

    Very Nice product! Instead of smoking, I made gummy worms with the whole thing and it did the trick. I was sad about the oil in the end that I couldn’t get out.

  88. Marshall

    I really like this oil especially for the price but it was only a .9 but besides that and it only priced at $30 a gram I will definitely buy this again.

    * Reply from BM – These are measured by weight, not volume. It may only contain 0.9ml but the weight should be exactly 1 gram.

  89. Brigow

    Decent oil for the price. Easy to dispense, I’ve tried both the honey and cherry, prefer the honey and for the mere $5 difference but both are very nice vaped. Thanks BM 🍻

  90. Dodgedwella

    Love this stuff. I purchase it atleast 2 times a month. Highly recommend this. I find that it gives me the best body buzz for times i go out and want that buzz to last

  91. Eatmyswiss

    Good by it self but i like to do moonrock with it give a great high and super tasty
    Will buy again little thing to treat yourself and not break the bank

  92. Chips

    Just received this tasty morsel. What an absolute treat. For sure ordering again. Great quality and a beauty price. The applicator is less of a mess than a vial. A true champion

  93. Rev

    Super high quality, reminds me of a hashier, thicker version of the old Thai oil BM used to supply.
    Thick, gel like consistency. Actually works really well in a Puma (pain in the ass to fill, put it in a zip lock, dunk in boiling water for a few minutes and then fill) and had no problems with dry hits. Super hashy tasting. I think this might become a staple.

  94. Guitarded1

    Yes, very nice, just tried this from my original order from you BM. Did this off a pin, awesome high and liked the taste, great to do with a friend as you may want someone to ramble with. I think this is a wee bit thick to vape, but the knowledgeable people can thin this out to do such, personally, pinning was great and spread some out on paper or pipe it. Good product for sure, in my opinion. Like the syringe dispensary works like a charm.

  95. RebelYell

    Not a fan of the applicator syringe this comes in, but I topped a bowl with a dab of this cherry oil and it was mind blowing! The potency and flavor are top notch.

  96. Bre

    Been ordering the cherry oil for over a year now. I smoke it on a rig, and personally love the taste and clean inhale/exhale. Really kicks you in the butt if you aren’t used to the concentrated amount! A great price, and does last a awhile cause of the potency.
    I have tried eating the oil, and both smoking and eating give similar effects.Use with caution;)

  97. Jemz

    First time ordering cherry oil and I must say OMG I think I’ve found my new favourite thing!! It’s amazing in the vape pen, nice mellow flavour and the high is good anytime but great for during the day! Nice and clear Mind but relaxed muscles great for after a hard workout! Budmail you’re a dream!! This is my new staple go to.

  98. Princess

    Second time i have tried this cherry oil. I am very pleased with it and will order more in the future. It hits very fast and a nice buzz and I have tried it on a paper with a little weed. Amazing 🙂

  99. whiteboy

    This is a really good oil, the taste is nice and tasty really smooth. It gives a really nice high….
    I’d recommend it to anyone who likes strong buzz

  100. Count Orloff

    This cherry oil is fantastic. It has a nice taste and gives a nice hit. Best bang for your buck as far as oil, was surprised at how little of a hit was needed for a good hit. Will defiantly be buying this again.

  101. Phil McCrackin

    Superb oil, works just fine in a vaporizer (depending on brand you may want to mix some bud in with the oil to prevent any small air holes getting clogged)

    Tastes great, works well with both medicinal and recreational bud. Kind of like adding a little fuel to your mind, but in a way that won’t result in an early expiration.

  102. F1fan

    I think that this oil Is one of the best value for your money. Taste and consistency is great I’m still getting used to this range of product. Thanks BM

  103. just a girl who smokes

    I really liked this oil! Really nice taste, and smooth. First drop gave me a really good buzz. It’s a really relaxing calm high. Definitely will order again. The syringe isn’t bad either, good for small doses which I prefer. A little drop in a pipe. Sometimes with bud.

  104. SteveB

    Love this stuff. You just can’t beat the quality for the price. I buy it every order. Would be nice if they offered it in 5 gram syringe . Maybe even at a slight discount.

  105. Turn

    This is the second time i have ordered this cherry oil. It reminds me of the cherry oil i used to buy as a teen a few decades ago. Good stuff, you won’t be disappointed.

  106. OGJesus

    Does the trick decent oil. Taste wasn’t the best but either than that pretty good

  107. Novascotian

    No complaints here, great bang for your buck. Lasts awhile.

  108. Marie

    Really nice product. Nice color, nice texture, nice taste, nice price. The cheapest THC oil I could find on internet! I juste LOVE this product!
    The only thing they could improve is the syringe. There is always oil left in the tip of the syringe, it is hard to get it out, but I don’t want to throw it away, I don’t want to waste it, it is sooo good.

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