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Olive Oil (Miss Envy)


300 mg of THC per bottle

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100% fair-trade organic, Cold Pressed, Single Origin Olives

Miss Envy’s infused olive oil will add a culinary kick to any of your favorite recipes. This THC infused olive oil is perfect for making salad dressings, dips and everyday creations! Miss Envy organic olive oil offers 20mg of THC per teaspoon for the perfect tickle to your taste buds.

Contains:ย 300mg THC in a 100ml bottle. 20mg of THC per teaspoon.

Directions: Intended for adult medical marijuana patients. Begin with 1-2 tsp and increase dosage as needed to ease symptoms. Stay hydrated and only use medicine in a controlled setting.

19 reviews for Olive Oil (Miss Envy)

  1. Britt

    Decent high and body buzz on this item! My fave way to use it is to pour half a bottle into brownie mix and eat a couple on the weekends. The perfect way to escape the covid blues!

  2. Luke

    Liked this a lot. found that using it in frying didn’t have as much as an effect as baking, perhaps it breaks down differently…. Still enjoyed using it and will probably pick some up again in future

  3. Casi

    This is my new go to ingredient in my kitchen. It goes with everything. Mild taste and I love the long lasting effect it has on me. Thank you Budmail!

  4. Eatmyswiss

    They are crazy good no weed taste can mix it with everything you like but always do some chocolate mix with that oil just 3mg by pieces so i can eat a lots in one sitting got 3 bottle just to make sure if they out for awhile

  5. CC

    I have tried the Olive Oil with eggs, in brownies and on salad. It is a very nice product. More of a body effect, mellow but not sleepy. No crash. I would buy it again for sure.

  6. Britt

    This is excellent for special brownies! I use half a bottle and itโ€™s perfect! Speaking of…just remembered I still have half a bottle…guess whoโ€™s making brownies today! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. David S

    Wonderful! I used this oil to make brownies and it turned out perfect, will definitely purchase again to try with different options!

    https://www.sweetestmenu.com/olive-oil-brownies/ (if you want to try the same recipe!)

  8. Jeff

    I’m a big fan of other oils I use for edibles, and didn’t know Budmail had one so I thought I’d give this a try! Glad I did. I measured using a syringe dropper thing I got with another oil to specifically see what would happen if I tried 3ml exactly (that would roughly be about 15mg of THC). I put it on some spaghetti, mixed it in, and ate it around 6PM. Right now my tolerance is fairly low, and I got what I wanted out of that. The rest of the night was pretty good: kicked in about an hour later and seemed to last a few hours. I take oils to relax and treat minor pains from exercising, and this oil helped.

  9. DeliP

    This is a really good oil to mix into a balsamic vinaigrette and eat on a spinach salad with strawberries! It doesn’t taste too weedy, especially when eaten with veggies.

  10. Iago

    Love it! Awesomeness. Do not need to smoke.

    Good for any recipe. Very medicinal. With pancakes, mine are to the size of the pan. So end up with half empty by the time done making one pancake. Other times drizzle it on salads, usually with hot meals.

  11. Eatmyswiss

    First time trying it and perfect for cooking
    Made batch of peanut butter cookies
    With half the bottle I made them like around 6-8mg a cookie so I can eat more cause they are so good ๐Ÿ˜‹ no Weed taste have fun with it

  12. Diogo R

    Awesome olive oil. I enjoy cooking my eggs with it. It cooks great, absolutely no negative feedback from me on this product. Definitely buying it again when I run out.

  13. Elliot

    Amazing stuff!!!!
    I’ve made so many great dinners from pizza to salmon with this stuff and had a great high each time!!!! I found each high lasts around 3-4 hr

  14. Jay

    Easily some of the best olive oil I got with thc in it.No Marijuana taste and excellent for aches and pains.Made some brownies with it and was so satisfied with the quality and taste.A must have.

  15. Cran.xo

    This oil is AMAZING !!!
    I bought boxed salted caramel brownie mix from the grocery store and only used one quarter of a cup of the oil and not only did it not have a weed taste at all it also didn’t make my house stink like other products have when I bake them and they were super potent I got about 12 decent sized brownies which made for 12 amazing highs LOL

  16. Kooly Kanobi

    Goes perfect for any recipe that calls for oil ie. brownies, cake, cookies etc. The flavour was good and you could not taste the olive oil or the thc. two thumbs up!

  17. Mariss

    Very happy with this olive oil, I am still experimenting with it as it can be use in so many different recipes,
    I cooked, drizzled, and take a spoonful of this. The flavor is mild and goes undetected in most recipes. Leaves you with a relaxed body high that takes away aches and pains. I especially enjoy this olive oil on days that I am very sore. Can’t wait to see what other uses I can think of for this one.

  18. Cottage Bob

    Excellent for baking but frying might break down the THC. I have added it to banana bread and pancake mix with outstanding results. I’ve bought it several times, given it as gifts, and will definitely buy it again. Recommended.

  19. Sandilicious

    This was fantastic to make my favourite salad dressing with. Also brushed some on garlic toast, very delicious and good potency.

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