Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture (Skookum Cannabis)


25ml Full Spectrum CBD Tincture for $60

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Skookum Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Just in from our dear friends at Skookum Cannabis, enjoy every facet that this marvel of a plant has to offer with organic full-spectrum CBD. Immerse yourself in natural relief from pain, arthritis, anxiety and insomnia. Unlike single cannabinoid-containing products, this tincture allows for the other cannabinoids present within cannabis to work harmoniously together, commonly called the “entourage effect,” boosting the overall effect. Free of pesticides, herbicides, solvents or other unwanted chemicals. 

Dosage: You may want to try taking 1ml, twice daily and then titrate your dosage from there. Keep in mind that you may not feel immediate relief after a single dose, it can take several days, or longer of a daily CBD regimen to fully notice its effects. Although these products are fairly innocuous and low-risk, always take care when medicating with any of these products

Ingredients: 100% Organic Cannabis Oil, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Clove Oil

Each 25ml tincture contains 625mg CBD

Cannabinoid Content Per Ml:

  • CBD – 20mg
  • CBDV – 0.09mg
  • CBN – 0.04mg
  • THC – 0.54mg
  • Other cannabinoids – 1.08mg



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