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Park Fire OG (Fun Buds)

AAAA Grade | Indica Dominant Hybrid

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Park Fire OG

Park Fire OG is an indica-dominant hybrid descendant of Fire OG — one of the heaviest OG strains. The medium-sized buds are firm to the touch and surprisingly dense, yielding far more flower than you’d expect once broken up. The expertly trimmed buds have a conical shape with attractive forest-green colours scattered with purple patches, short auburn pistils, and dazzling frost coverage. Sweet floral elements on the nose give way to a smoke flavour imbued with berry and earthy notes on the exhale. Burns smooth to a soft, grey ash.

Within a few minutes, you’ll feel the calming effects spreading waves of relaxation from your body to limbs. You’ll also feel an uplifting boost to your mood, and you might even feel motivated to get some stuff done before the munchies kick in. If you’re somewhere cozy, you may find yourself drifting off into a much-needed nap as the high wears off. Overall, a well-balanced strain suited for any time of day.

Flavours: Floral, Sweet, Earthy
Effects: Calming, Euphoric, Happy
Medical: Pain, Insomnia, Arthritis

9 reviews for Park Fire OG (Fun Buds)

  1. Bizzel87 (verified owner)

    Got this back when it was full price . Great look , taste and long lasting effects. It should be 6 star now the price is a lot better , start the car cause this is one hell of a deal !!!

  2. Halez (verified owner)

    This as well as the Fire OG Kush are two of my favourites from bud mail. Very nice bag appeal, beautiful and dense buds, and very potent. Definitely worth the money but unbeatable when it’s on sale! 🙂

  3. Dez (verified owner)

    This stuff is great not the best but great abit better than good but lower then great but this is worth your pocket change the nuggetry is flawless the smell and taste phenomenal thanks budmail

  4. Royb (verified owner)

    Great cure on this. Very smooth smoke. This has a unique terpene profile… not like a lot of other OG’s. It sort of reminds me of Burmese Kush in a way. Nice nuggetry

  5. HighHowru (verified owner)

    This one has unique terpene profile that boasts a complex aroma with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice. Park fire OG smell like lemon-pine-fuel with a high-THC, mixed head and body effect.

  6. SJW

    Beautifully cured! Incredibly smooth to smoke. It’s my first strain from Fun Buds and I would definitely buy it again. The nugs are small and tight which is nice for smoking in a pipe. Taste is particularly nice as well.

  7. JustinK (verified owner)

    Great looking buds. Smells and tastes great. Burns nicely. Happy with the purchase, would get again and would recommend. AAAA is always a great choice

  8. Vaga (verified owner)

    Good, I wasn’t overly impressed for a AAAA compared to other AAAA I’ve gotten from budmail, but I’m not disappointed either. Smokes well tastes well. Solid 4 stars

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This I found very enjoyable, and very nice quality to it. Really nice aroma and the buds are big and satisfying to look at. Reminded me a little bit of the purple Ayahuasca that was on this website earlier this year, which was easily some of the best bud I’ve ever seen/smoked.

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