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Bottle of 30 Vegan Capsules

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CBD, 1:1, and THC FormulationsNU Phoenix Tear Gelcaps are formulated with pure decarboxylated cannabis oil. Full spectrum oil provides more well-balanced effects, along with strong relief for pain. They also have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

  • 10mg total cannabinoid potency per gel
  • 30 count bottle
  • Tamper Evident and Child Resistant

Phoenix Tears (or Rick Simpson Oil, RSO) has gained much popularity as a cure for cancer. This oil is made using grain alcohol as a solvent to strip the resin, or trichomes/crystals, from the dried plant. The solvent is then evaporated off leaving a very thick, molasses-like substance, which can be applied to the skin topically, or orally ingested in this capsule form.

Typically preferred by people who suffer from respiratory problems and those who want to protect their health from the harms of smoking. If you suffer from asthma or other respiratory illnesses, you should never smoke your medical cannabis because it could make your symptoms worse.

Gels provide consistent dosage. It is difficult to be certain how much THC and CBD you get from bud to bud, whereas with gels you will always receive a steady and predictable result.

Gels don’t smell. Not everyone wants the smell of smoked cannabis in their home or on their person.

The main reason why cannabis oil gels are so popular is the many health benefits offered by the cannabinoids THC and CBD:

THC is the most sought after substance in cannabis as it is the main psychoactive agent. THC causes the brain to release dopamine which causes a state of euphoria, relaxation, and a high. It is very effective for pain relief. There are potential side effects to taking THC on its own so always educate yourself before choosing to medicate with cannabis.

THC on its own can sometimes cause paranoia as a side effect. CBD is known, however, to counteract this so taking them together in the 1-1 format may result in great synergy.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that offers many of the same benefits of THC without the high. It has very strong anti-anxiety effects, nausea relief (ideal for patients undergoing chemo), and anti-inflammatory properties.

Nu adheres to the highest standards of production. All formulations are processed in 100% food grade environments. Source products used for extraction are grown according to GMP and GPP standards without the use of pesticides and free of heavy metals.


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