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Phoenix Tears (Miss Envy)


1 Gram Syringe


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100% decarboxylated organic hemp based Rick Simpson oil in an easy to use oral syringe. Each batch of hemp is 100% organic, locally farmed and lab tested. CBD and THC are used in herbal medicine as a treatment for depression, anxiety, epilepsy, nausea, chronic pain and many other ailments. Take orally.

  • CBD contains 300 mg of CBD
  • 1:1 contains 300 mg each CBD:THC
  • THC contains 560-600 mg of THC
  • Processed with 100% certified organic Hemp Ingredients
  • Non-GMO, CO2 Hemp Oil Extract


  • Can be used as an additive in foods, warm liquids
  • Can be mixed with vaporizer e-juices
  • Keep refrigerated
  • Keep away from children

12 reviews for Phoenix Tears (Miss Envy)

  1. Delusions of Reality (verified owner)

    I haven’t tried taking this orally, but i like to spread a little bit on my cigarette in the morning. Most definitely does the job. A little goes a long way, if your weed is not the dankest, one drop of this is gonna make a huge difference. Taste amazing, also great for putting you to sleep. 5 stars, will buy again

  2. KushConnoisseur (verified owner)

    Great products. Currently using the THC and CBD offerings after having made light work of the 1:1, with more of that on the way. I was a big fan of Viridesco oils and find these to be very high quality as well. For me the 1:1 is a nice therapeutic alternative to a mild benzodiazepine, with signature effects that I am quite pleased with, and fantastic for sleep.

    The CBD offering is very clean, potent and pure, while remaining clear headed and functional, and is quite satisfying compared to other CBD products I’ve tried. Definitely top tier.

    The THC offering is quite potent and satisfying, and definitely full spectrum. Its a darker oil, as you would expect from a phoenix tear extraction which had soaked longer than a quick wash, and as such is a heavy hitting oil suited to oral ingestion in my opinion.

    I personally would not dab these oils, but find them to be fantastic in both quality and effects in oral ingestion. Will be re-ordering from these guys regularly.

  3. Paulina (verified owner)

    Product was nicely packed and strong… would recommend 👍🏼

  4. MissFisk420 (verified owner)

    Amazing and very potent. It was one of my favourite things I’ve ordered off this here for dabs. plus, the head and body high was very long last for both of the things I got one was a dab and one was under the tongue. So good

  5. Budtender17 (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff. I used it under the tongue and it was very strong. It does take some time to start feeling the effects but once it kicks in, it has a potent high.

  6. DarkRoast (verified owner)

    Follow recommended oral injestion directions. The taste and potency is similar to Shatter and honey oil when vaping. This product is a must-try for cannibist enthusiasts

  7. ZR (verified owner)

    Under tongue method really sneaks up on you so go by the recommendation on the package. Enjoyed overall product for vaping alike. Only thing i give it 4 stars (4.5) for is the dark residue it leaves on your teeth after oral ingestion. Other than that it’s 5 stars.

  8. nic (verified owner)

    Not for beginners but definitely helps those transition times or when you want to get a project done. Dosing is easy, eye dropper keeps sticky tears from getting everywhere 👍🏻

  9. Spicer (verified owner)

    This product is the best and most effective product I order from budmail. It help relieve my anxiety and stress so quickly I am able to function when it get out of control. Thank you and keep up the amazing work!

  10. Ganjasthegame (verified owner)

    I’ve tried all three. I use the CBD religiously for cramps and it works better than any meds I’ve tried. The thc is okay. It doesn’t get you high but I’m a regular smoker so maybe that’s why

  11. Yabba Dabba Doo (verified owner)

    I got these for my friend’s father who has stage 4 cancer. I tried some with him first and it tasted good with the effects being immediate. He said it helps.

  12. Big Lighter (verified owner)

    Fantastic product!! Not only did this product take away my hip, shoulder and knee pain, it also stopped my hot flashes. A must try for women going thro menopause 😁😁

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