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Pine Tar Kush (Cream of the Crop)


AAA Grade | Indica | THC: 20-22%

1 Gram | $7
3.5 Grams | $24
7 Grams | $45
14 Grams | $89
28 Grams | $174

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Pine Tar Kush

Pine Tar Kush is bred from a family of pure indica genetics native to Pakistan. Mature, hearty, wild-looking flowers with electrified pistils standing on end. Fairly leafy buds but respectably resinous within. Nice cure, woodsy pine-and-cedar nose, while pleasant to smoke. Skunky and coniferous on the exhale in a joint.

Foreboding strength that hits hard and fast and stays long-lasting. Spacey and euphoric at first while a calming undertone hums onward for the latter portion. Calming and heavy and best suited for an evening in with minimal plans and lots of snacks.

Flavours: Cedar, Skunk, Conifer
Effects: Calming, Heavy, Euphoric, Happy
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Stress, Pain, PTSD, PMS

11 reviews for Pine Tar Kush (Cream of the Crop)

  1. Ponyboy (verified owner)

    This is one of those strains that is perfectly named. A hint of pine in the taste and smell, burns really nice. For the price you can’t go wrong with this one. And the buzz? Right on the mark for a nice indica.

  2. Slammed Spam (verified owner)

    Love the smell and stone. Peppery, Dank and terpene ripe smells. Would buy again. Have had heavier Indicas but this gets the job done with a relaxed/mellow happy wave of beautiful flowery essences

  3. Curtis (verified owner)

    Pine Tar Kush is a great strain! It is potent but it isn’t completely debilitating. It gets you ripped while still having enough motivation to stay functional, but still suggested as most kush smokes are to best be enjoyed at night. The burnout always results in restful sleeps, a must try if you like sticky indica bud with a good throat kick.

  4. iliketrees (verified owner)

    This is some decent weed. It smells very light and like cedar. There are some funky notes to the taste but I found it fairly mild in the olfactory department. The high comes on quick – I found it to be rather racy at first but which fades into heavy burn out after a half hour or so.

  5. Tinta Dawn (verified owner)

    Deep and Intense taste. Dank and dense buds. Earthy flavour. Chokey if you inhale too much at once. Decent weed for the price. I would buy again. No resin, and the pine tar name l was expecting it to be resiney. I prefer no resin, so this was cool there was no resin.

  6. Jake (verified owner)

    Im a little biased because this is my all time favourite strain, but i gotta say, the buds were a bit fluffy, and the burn was a bit harsh, but everything after that was finest kind, i melted into the couch watching Trailer Park Boys, good times

  7. BornToHula (verified owner)

    This was a nice relaxing kush. A bit dry but still burned nicely in a joint. Not as heavy as some of the other indicas but still a great AAA strain. Burned clean and price was good. Would try again.
    Thanks BM!

  8. Peek (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding bud! Very thick, dense – but breaks up & rolls nice. High is powerful and might even knock you on your butt for a bit. Super strong aroma and very pine-y taste. Good buy overall!

  9. vanzolini (verified owner)

    not too bad, very piney a bit kushy… semi dense nice amount of resin. not too soft or too dry pretty decent cure crispy on the outside sticky on the inside, a nice relaxing indica.

  10. spaceman (verified owner)

    Very heavy, works as a sleeping pill. True to its name, the kush is the predominant flavor followed by loud earthy flavor with a hint of pine. A little goes a long way. 5/5!

  11. GWashington (verified owner)

    Really nice stuff. Great bag appeal and nice smell.

    Ash is bright white and it’s a very smooth smoke. The high is pretty heavy. Very good for AAA strain. Should be relegated for night time use.

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