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Pink Bubba

AA Grade | Indica

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Pink Bubba

Pink Bubba is a cross of Pink Kush and Bubba Kush. This batch comes to us in exceptionally dense but mostly thumb tip or smaller in size. Tightly trimmed and sticky while it fluffs out nicely. Classic deep earthy gassiness you’d expect from its parentage that follows through in the flavour department. Pink Bubba usually comes around and impresses with its deeply calming potency. This harvest is no exception and could leave you in a languid and mellow stone with a sleepy finish.

Flavours: Fuel, Earthy, Dank, Musky
Effects: Languid, Mellow, Euphoric, Body High
Medical: Anxiety, Pain, Depression, Insomnia, PMS

9 reviews for Pink Bubba

  1. Abraham (verified owner)

    Enjoying the Pink Bubba I got in my last order. Cant go wrong in a bowl or blunt. I took some Nuken Rosin and blended it with this into a cannagar and it burned for hours.

  2. Louis (verified owner)

    Just the right type of high that I look for. A good mellow feeling that just melts away the anxiety and stress of the day. The effect is fairly strong and of I use it to go to sleep I’m out in minutes. Would recommend.

  3. Britt (verified owner)

    Love me a pink strain! This one is great for creativity and any time of the day. Grab it while it’s in stock as this product goes quickly! Great for social hangs (following covid guidelines with separate joints of course 😉)

  4. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    not too overpowering but it does the trick great body high for what ur paying mellow at first with a nice mellow body high what more do u want from a bud

  5. Uldinga (verified owner)

    Very good weed! Excellent price and the nugs are nicely dense. It grinds very nice and has an fantastic taste. I wouldn’t give it a perfect score but i would give it 7/10

  6. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    love these strains that have a body high in them ..not too overpowering but it does the trick if ur looking for a nice high and a nice bud thats not too pricy

  7. QueenB (verified owner)

    Very nice buzz, mellow and good for insomnia. Nice flavour and lasts quite a long time. Good value for the price A good overall choice that I will purchase again and recommend to friends.

  8. Catfishwill (verified owner)

    pink bubba does smell like bubble gum, but tastes like team beautifully dense nuggets…..burns slowly and is not as stinky as regular indicas,Great $ value

  9. gmac (verified owner)

    I always love this strain when it comes around. This batch is very good even though it was only given a AA rating. Tastes really nice. Burns well. Smells great. Nice buzz.

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