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Pink Grease

AAA Grade | Indica

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Pink Grease

Pink Grease is a cross of Pink Kush and Bubba Kush, known for its potency and high resin content. The buds are all fairly small but generously caked in frost. Decently trimmed while expressing an internal nose of gas, pine and dank earth. Spacey and stoney on the forefront but the latter half is centred in the body. Considering this, we would recommend this for nighttime use or a lazy evening in.

Flavours: Earthy, Floral, Musty, Pine
Effects: Relaxed, Hungry, Energizing, Mellow
Medical: Pain, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Nausea

19 reviews for Pink Grease

  1. Cosmic (verified owner)

    I knew from the name that this strain would be good just by the name. I wasn’t disappointed with this purchase at all. Decent indica, has that distinct “pink” tasty aftertaste, and is pretty potent. Only problem I had was that the buds were a little dry, but still just a really solid strain.

  2. Herbivore (verified owner)

    Good strain for any time usage! It was quite dry once I got my shipment but I think that may have been because of Canada post taking a while to sort the shipment and get it out to me! Other than that, smooth not much of a taste (for me at least) but not too much of a heavy hitter and can do tasks once consumed!

  3. gmac (verified owner)

    This is a really enjoyable one. You can’t really go wrong with the blend to create this. Anything with pink kush is going to be a real pleaser. 🙂
    I’ve ordered this a couple times and intend to go back for more. Love the taste, the buzz and the burn. Also really functional so nice for any time of day.
    Speaking of pink kush it would be great to see that come round again soon! 😉 nudge nudge, wink wink 🙂

  4. TheGobertooth (verified owner)

    Good stuff. The buds are nice and dense and have a dark green and purple colour. Definitely a big body buzz from this strain. It makes me cough more than other strains, but not unbearably so. I would buy it again.

  5. Sambedamn (verified owner)

    Love the lineage behind the strain, and it shares a lot of the characteristics of its parents, but I was expecting this to be a bit stronger. Still fantastic weed (great smell/cure/smoke) just not the knock down high I was thinking of

  6. Melly (verified owner)

    It just crackles and pops in my vape and doesn’t leave me high. Lately most of the flower I’ve been ordering is doing this. It’s disappointing because it’s usually so good. Ill be taking a little break and hopefully it’ll get better in the future.

    Sorry for the disappointment – We’re happy you reached out to us at [email protected] so we could resolve this!

  7. Smac (verified owner)

    Pink Grease is top shelf. Nice looking, sticky with purple tint. Smokes nice, amazing taste and one hell of a kick to it. Definitely not for day time smoking if your looking to be productive.
    This is my third time ordering

  8. WilliamP (verified owner)

    Top shelf product, amazing taste and one hell of a kick to back it. Not for day time smoking if you want to be productive…I will be buying this one again and again

  9. The dude (verified owner)

    Nice looking, sticky with purple hues. Smells gassy and like grease/chemicals translates well to flavour. Smoke is decent, not too thick, salt and pepper ash.

  10. Timmy (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering this strain and it is for sure one of my all-time favourites. Really chill and gives you a positive fun high. Will absolutely be ordering it again next time.

  11. Sherms (verified owner)

    First time BudMail user and i will forsure be returning! Just as described.. very nice bud! I got the 10g Sample Pack and this was one of my faves forsure!

  12. Graziano (verified owner)

    Great bud. Smooth smoke and great looking bud too! The smell is satisfying when you smoke it. No lingering odors. Happy i got it and perfect to enjoy at night at the end of my day. Looking forward to ordering more of this.

  13. Randy (verified owner)

    I was happy that I got this strain and was thrown back by its first hit taste! Especially when it’s been a long day and I get to sit back and finally relax. This will hit the spot each time.

  14. Clyde (verified owner)

    The high his realy good, not harsh at all. Clean hit that hit you right in the soul, it’s nicely done. The only downside is the normal price, but worth every penny at 187$/oz.

  15. LadySweetness (verified owner)

    Wasn’t disappointed in this purchase. I used it in my vape and the first taste is very earthy and the high was a very calming and I had a very nice sleep. Will definitely buy this one again

  16. Annie (verified owner)

    At first the effect rise me high enough to energize me for a nice walk with my dog, helps me focus and meditate, and soften me slowly down for a good relaxation.

  17. Curtis (verified owner)

    I would give it 5 star if it was the only time I have tried this bud since the calming effects are amazing, but I have had better grows of it so it only gets 4/5, but I think it is a very nice indica, smooth smoke and a nice burnout to lull you to sleep.

  18. sweet420 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains from the variety sample 7g pack deal. Tasted great, had a nice energizing feeling in the beginning then had the greatest sleep ever! Did not wake up feeling slugish at all!

  19. Smac (verified owner)

    This bud was EXCELLENT!!
    Nice tight little buds that bust up soft and fluffy.
    The smell is wonderful, and the high is rather calming.
    will definitely buy again

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