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Platinum Kush (Cream of the Crop)

AAA Grade | Indica

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Platinum Kush

Platinum Kush Breath is a cross of OGKB V2.1 with Platinum. Loud and musty as a kushy floral skunk perfume mingles with earth and camphor. Smooth and robustly flavoured.

Balanced and euphoric while it is a bear in potency. Assertive and hard-charging, a spacey haze first takes form. A calming undertone pushes forward that permeates throughout the stone. Sure to leave you happily baked!

Flavours: Fuel, Floral, Skunk, Earthy, Conifer
Effects: Spacey, Calming, Happy, Mellow, Body-High, Relaxed
Medical: Pain, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue

3 reviews for Platinum Kush (Cream of the Crop)

  1. TyZed (verified owner)

    Info is spot on. Fairly potent. Fairly sticky. Nice Smooth Dank Kush. 4/5 Overall. Thanks BM!……………………………………………………..

  2. Smac (verified owner)

    Just received my order.
    This Platinum Kush is incredible, nice tight STICKY buds
    I haven’t seen weed this sticky in a LONG time.
    5 puffs of my doobie and I had to put it out.

  3. Old school kush(real kush) lover (verified owner)

    For 220 an ounce, I was expecting true terpene profile but that was not the case. It need it to be flushed more. Dry buds, that means less potency and not much terpenes. When you smell the buds, it has sweet smell but when you hit it has unflushed taste.

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