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HCFSE (Poncho Farms)


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Poncho Farms are a BC based concentrates company. They specialize in high quality flower and clean extracts. Live Diamonds, Badder and Diamond Sauce are high cannabinoid full spectrum extracts.

High-cannabinoid full spectrum extract (HCFSE) is a type of hash oil that features exceptional flavors and aromas, creating a complex combination that blankets all the senses. The completed product will contain high cannabinoid levels, and exceptional terpenes, flavonoids, phenolic amides, and sterols.

Diamonds are created by a fascinating scientific display – once THC is reduced to its purest state, crystallization occurs, leaving large THCA diamonds. THC-A diamonds are truly the purest and most potent form of THC.

Where the crystals are nearly 100% THC , there isn’t exactly room for much else. Through this process, terpenes are outright purged from the final product, leaving the tasteless concentrate behind. Typically you will see diamonds or crystals that have been mixed into terpene “sauce” extractions, thus pairing incredible potency with equally incredible terpene profiles.

One of the many consistencies for cannabis concentrates, identified by its malleable texture that looks and feels like cake frosting. Not all Badder looks the same, and the appearance depends on the starting material and methods of extraction. Some Badder is partly sticky, leaning towards the consistency of Sauce, while others look more like Crumble with a bumpier texture.

Here at Budmail, we’re happy to carry their products, as they are tasty and potent.

4 reviews for HCFSE (Poncho Farms)

  1. Dj mc

    Expensive but good the taste is there I had the kush mints batter….on point smells and tastes amazing….will be buying more soon…please get more power house strains thank you

  2. BiFröst

    Strain: Orangeade
    First remark: the logo !!! It is not at all attractive.
    This concentrate (badder) does not have a very diverse spectrum of terpenes. The flavors are present but lack finesse. The high settles quickly, it has a good duration however it lacks personality. It won’t become one of my favorite concentrates.

  3. OldJames

    Got the orangeaide diamond sauce by accident, meant to get the diamonds so I found this to be a bit wet. More sugar like than the horatioD thca isolate which I was hoping this would be more simaler to. Still a nice treat but the price is little high for the overall potency and effects.

  4. CheeeZ

    This is the best tasting concentrate i’ve ever had in my life. Smell and taste like fresh grapefruit.Really good head buzz. Good packaging with leak protection. Tried nearly all brands with HCFSE/HTFSE/Live resin available here and this is by far my favorite stuff. Hope new strains will be available from Poncho Farms.

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