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Live Diamonds (Poncho Farms) HTHC/HPE

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Live Diamonds

These live diamonds are produced using AAAA flower that has been flash-frozen to preserve the plant’s biological integrity. Poncho Farms has made a product with exceptional flavours and aroma, which creates a complex combination that blankets all the senses. The finished product contains outstandingly high cannabinoid levels, remarkable terpenes, flavonoids, phenolic amides, and sterols.

Created by a fascinating scientific display via heat press extraction (HPE), heated plated are used to form the crystalline structures, leaving behind only the purest and most potent type of extract: THCA diamonds.

High terpene full-spectrum extracts (HTFSE) and high cannabinoid full-spectrum extracts (HCFSE) describe the two fractions that occur when a full-spectrum extract is produced from cured bud. HTFSEs contain lower amounts of THCA (<50%) and anywhere from 13% to 40% terpenes. While high cannabinoid full-spectrum extracts are roughly 90% THCA, there isn’t exactly room for much else. Terpenes are outright purged from the final product through the extraction process, leaving the tasteless concentrate behind. Typically you will see diamonds or crystals that have been mixed into a terpene “sauce”, thus pairing incredible potency with equally incredible terpene profiles.

While the spectrum within an HTFSE or HCFSE is not the same as that of a live plant, it is still a full-spectrum extract because it has captured all of the plant’s available compounds.

Poncho Farms

Based out of BC, Poncho Farms are a collective of growers specializing in high-quality flower and top-shelf full-spectrum extracts such as live diamonds, badder and diamond sauce.

After a thorough vetting, we at Budmail are happy to carry their supremely tasty and potent products on our concentrates menu!

18 reviews for Live Diamonds (Poncho Farms) HTHC/HPE

  1. AndyG420

    The Strawberry Guava Live Rosin is a delight. I love taking bigger dabs of this stuff because it is full of flavour and the potency is greater in large portions. The potency is definitely there in smaller portions, too, but I just prefer bigger dabs with this Live Rosin. It is smooth with an immediate high that hits behind the eyes and floods the mind with calmness followed by introspection. Later, in the high, there is a slight dreamy-sense to reality. I would buy Strawberry Guava again and I am currently eyeing some of Poncho Farms’ Live Diamonds. Dab safely 🙂

  2. mellowtheriault

    I have sampled many a concentrate. Poncho farms produce quality extractions. I have enjoyed the Strawberry guava live resin, Pink kush and hot Rod hthc.

  3. Kman

    Site descriptions are always so spot on I don’t review often but I got the Garlic Breath Live Rosin. When I found out the source material for this Rosin was full-melt bubblehash I had to jump on it. Easily handled, gorgeous buddery stuff, looks just like the picture of course. Smell is incredible, concentrated gas/pine. Taste is likewise amazing, couldn’t stop chasing it. Effects are potent and hefty, quite focused and happy but not really productive. Good for a lazy day or evening. Smoked in a cheap banger but it seems solid enough to use on a bed of ash if in a pinch.

    I’m quite happy with the purchase (though I hope the price stays down) and I will not hesitate to order more from Poncho Farms, even though the logo is admittedly a bit at odds for the product on offer.

  4. king

    Had the strawberry guava tasty sheet … worth the extra couple bucks deff gonna try out a few more ! If you been hesitant just do it lol you’ll be happy u did I was

  5. OgLoc

    Melon diamonds and sour Chem are nice clear diamonds. Good buzz and bang for your buck. Small diamond pieces, sometimes you get big diamonds from OGx in comparison

  6. bigcomfycouch

    It was my first time trying Poncho Farms and I am very pleased. The Hot Rod HTHC/HPE has a unique nose, extremely gassy. I’m getting subtle berry flavors and a very smooth and clean dab, reminds me kind of like a fine distillate but more flavorful. I am definitely interested in trying more from these guys.

  7. Serval

    Nice flavor, very clean smoke. I like to spread a bit on a paper and then roll a joint, it’s a nice little boost. could be a little stronger, but that might be my tolerance speaking…

  8. KushConnoisseur

    This has become a staple brand in a stash filled with the highest end concentrates. Dont let the logo fool you, Poncho Farms are producing some extremely high quality, full spectrum concentrates which are clean enough to be used medically for this very chemically sensitive individual.

    The orangeade sauce was some of the most sharply potent, clean and flavorful concentrate ive ever tried, and the badder was potent and clean as well, although less terpy.

    The congo haze was an excellent example of the strain while remaining very, very clean. It produced a pleasant, full spectrum focused energy while oozing a mouth watering citrus flavor profile.

    The melon comes in for slightly less praise but was in the form of large, well purged diamonds big enough to dab, had a very sweet candied citrus terpene profile and a nice potency as well.

    The albert walker was also a top, top product. The effects were sharp and immediate, leaving an intense focused rush of energy which was very long lasting and productive, while remaining clean and respectful of the respiratory tract, and at the same time came with a full spectrum, complex and gassy citrus type flavor that I couldnt get enough of.

    Overall Poncho Farms are producing some really nice products, and while I havent tried them all, I have tried enough to know they are using a solid process with high quality starting material in the examples ive tried.

    Looking forward to trying this latest batch!


    Melon diamonds looks great, I had a few big diamond and a the rest were a perfect size for a quick dab. The melon has a nice citrus flavour. Definitely a good buy

  10. bostoncreem

    I’ve tried orangeade and sour chem diamonds. Orangeade was incredibly potent, but seemed to be lacking in the flavour department. Sour Chem on the other hand, is both tasty and effective.

  11. DeliP

    I found the effects of this were good right away but didn’t last very long, which is disappointing because it’s more expensive than the concentrate I normally buy.

  12. KatlandKat

    Really helped with pain and will get again soon
    Found the easiest way for me to smoke it is on ashes on its own.
    Powerful and that is needed at times.

  13. Laurier07

    Great taste went with the cherry ice. Nice clean high. I smoke a lot and this stuff still did the job. Strong but hits smooth. Price could be a little better.

  14. kurtains

    For the price, Poncho farms doesnt compare well with other brands in its price class. Could be twice as terpy. Smooth clean tokes, and the effects were desirable, but there was a lot of flavour to be desired from something marketed as HTFSE.

  15. Dj mc

    Expensive but good the taste is there I had the kush mints batter….on point smells and tastes amazing….will be buying more soon…please get more power house strains thank you

  16. BiFröst

    Strain: Orangeade
    First remark: the logo !!! It is not at all attractive.
    This concentrate (badder) does not have a very diverse spectrum of terpenes. The flavors are present but lack finesse. The high settles quickly, it has a good duration however it lacks personality. It won’t become one of my favorite concentrates.

  17. OldJames

    Got the orangeaide diamond sauce by accident, meant to get the diamonds so I found this to be a bit wet. More sugar like than the horatioD thca isolate which I was hoping this would be more simaler to. Still a nice treat but the price is little high for the overall potency and effects.

  18. CheeeZ

    This is the best tasting concentrate i’ve ever had in my life. Smell and taste like fresh grapefruit.Really good head buzz. Good packaging with leak protection. Tried nearly all brands with HCFSE/HTFSE/Live resin available here and this is by far my favorite stuff. Hope new strains will be available from Poncho Farms.

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