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Blunts (Pre-Rolled Co.)


1 Pre-Rolled Blunt for $18

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1 gram of AAA+ grade cannabis pre-rolled in to a premium blunt wrap for $18. Each tube contains a small boveda pack to ensure freshness.

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7 reviews for Blunts (Pre-Rolled Co.)

  1. NorthernONt-baby

    This blunts reminded me of the good old days with backwoods and I must admit the taste was amazing and smoked clean as could ask for, I wouldn’t mind them if the price was a bit lower

  2. GoanGreenleaf

    Ordered these a while back great for parties and celebrations. Highly recommend monkey mints. And silver haze. Actually grab one of each. Variety is the spice of life.

  3. Kingzeus

    a must buy whenever u see these come out online they are trully a blessing in disguise . its a nice yummy blunt that tastes amazing and smoke amazing .5/5

  4. gaz

    ok this was a little bit of a miss for me , i did like that it was a real blunt which is harder to get than weed now/ more expensive than the weed. flower was a little dry

  5. poohtz

    Pretty nice blunts. They’re of s decent size and fairly tasty. Definitely a good deal when on sale. I was expecting a tobacco wrap, but it’s a hemp wrap. I got the death bubba, the rockstar, the gelato, the mint gelato

  6. Dailytoker

    Got 4 of these and tried 2 so far. Burn so nice and the taste is never harsh. Did not give me the nicotine high i get when using a pom pom but they do have the taste. Flowerpwr are amazing but the blunts.. idk i think they are arguably better.

  7. Kal

    These are amazing. Grabbed a few when they were on sale and loved them. Smelt great, smoked well and definitely did the trick. Will order more indica for sure.

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