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Pre-Rolls (Budmail)


Pre-Rolls from $5-$13

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1g Pre-Rolls

Do you like Budmail Flower and long for the day you could have one of our strains pre-rolled and ready to go? Check out our Pre-Rolls, including a .5g boveda pack to preserve that trademark Budmail freshness!

1g per Pre-Roll, while quantities last!

41 reviews for Pre-Rolls (Budmail)

  1. Smac

    I’m in love these pre rolls are the BEST!!
    The variety is great and always changing.
    This can sometimes be a problem if you find something you like, it might not be there when you go back to order more.

  2. cremedonut

    Mint Chocolate Chip – This smoke was clean, it burned evenly and the sweetness came out on the exhale. They are rolled beautifully with Raw papers. I like to cut mine open and smoke the cannabis in my bong – it’s usually good for 2 or 3 bowls.

  3. Bud Master Kojer

    Headbanger OG – 3.5/5

    Weed – 4/5
    Preroll- 3/5

    As I said in other reviews these things always seem to run a lot lately, but the Headbanger OG one was also kind of a disappointment for how good the strain was supposed to be. Despite the crazy terpene profile It didn’t have much flavour and it burnt quite hot and harsh, I coughed through most of it and that doesn’t usually happen with premier strains. However it still smelled amazing and was an awesome sativa high.

  4. Bud Master Kojer

    Mint chocolate chip – 4/5

    Weed – 5/5
    Preroll- 3/5

    As I said in other reviews these things always seem to run a lot lately, but the mint choc. chip one was weird and awesome and just a very good strain of weed. Potent as fuck with a very strange and oddly pungent odour and flavour – hard to describe as there’s alot going on, but definitely a unique stink.

  5. Bud Master Kojer

    Birthday cake kush – 4/5

    Weed – 5/5
    Preroll- 3/5

    As I said in another review these things always seem to run a lot lately, but the birthday cake kush one was still delicious and a very good strain of weed. Potent and just relaxing as fuck without being stultifying or debilitating. Liked it so much I bought 1oz of it shortly after.

  6. Bud Master Kojer

    Sad to give it the lowest rating yet but these are starting to be a bit of a disappointment. Bought 3 of their expensive premier reserve prerolls to take for Christmas with the family and all of them ran like crazy and was basically a waste. The last two canoed so bad I just ended up ripping the joints apart and put the weed in a pipe.

    Will still buy more because there’s often great weed at good prices, plus it’s a good way to try out new strains. Probably just won’t buy the expensive ones anymore.

  7. Bud Master Kojer

    Tried a rockstar one and a free banana haze they sent me. Both were great, banana haze actually smelled like bananas and had a nice sweet taste while the rockstar was of great quality and had that signature rockstar flavour. Only complaint is that these pre rolls run a lot of the time, and for the big 1g size it can create a giant canoe in the joint and be a pain in the ass while smoking. Bonus points for the mini humidity packs.

  8. Jubl

    Great as always. Good quality and decent smoke consistently. Will continue to pick these up in the future. I’d highly recommend trying out these pre rolls

  9. Royb

    I bought two 1 g of Golden Goat. What a fantastic smoke. Perfectly rolled. Ash is pure white. This is definitely some premium bud. I smoke a ton of weed, Golden Goat is a favourite and this is easily the best Golden Goat I’ve had.

  10. Dutchpassion

    Well rolled, perfect to try new strains or just to have on hand on when friends come over. The Japan was a good smoke as was the sherberts. Be nice to try some of the tin series strains this way. Cheers

  11. alexios

    I love these. I’ve tried most strains on this site through pre rolls. you get the try the premiere line for cheap and all the other ones you didnt buy a lot of. easy way to get you to free shipping. my girlfriend and I love these. we try one most night before bed and we see how the different weed affects us. In terms of quality its great. i would never buy a pre roll from anyone but BM. all the joints are amazingly rolled. the flower is always on point and yeah. I keep coming back. I think we’ve had 27 pre rolls for far. to date my personal favs have been jet fuel and banana haze. thanks you guys

  12. Resolution

    Finally a joint that’s not packed so tight that it’s unsmokeable.

    Much more happy with the Budmail version. It lit perfectly and tasted great.

    Had sunset sherbert.

  13. 11d11

    You can’t beat this deal. Nirvana one gram joints for 4 dollars. What a steal. It’s a nice Sativa that packs a kick. I like to smoke during the day when I’m doing chores around the house.

  14. SourCreamCreamy

    I got Japan, 1g!!! I love Japan, very nice. It smelt so sweet and yummy I could of masticated it but I smoked it instead. It was a very well made roll with no dents or bruising. I smoked it smoooth and felt immersed in energy which I focused on to my art. You will feel incredibly focused and want to serve you r pot lords. Peace bros! Have fun and stay safe

  15. TheStoutTrout

    Got the rockstar and Lindsay OG. Really looking forward to the Lindsay Og as I heard it has a wonderful stone. The js are always packed with a boveda and are rarely past their due date.

  16. Tokesbeforeblokes

    I love the budmail pre-rolls. I just ordered the zurple punch because I ordered a gram to try and absolutely love it! I’ve had many other strains and love the convenience because sometimes I just want to smoke one without having to roll one myself

  17. Justin123

    Love these. They are so good, the taste is amazing. The weed is really moist and yummy. This gets me pretty high. I love to share this with a friend it’s the best way to smoke it.

  18. TheStoutTrout

    Great tokes, never dry or stale. Always hits the mark. Just watch for your fav strains and even newly minted ones. Love the mixes with girl scout cookies! Keep up the pledge to Bob Marley!

  19. Dan

    This is the best thing since sliced bread….no other way to put it. Great value and always smoke perfect right down to the filter. Always throw a couple in with my order to keep around for company. They all come in a stink-proof case with a moisture pack to keep them fresh! Please continue to do us all a favour BM and keep these coming!!!

  20. Mrsjrm

    I love the budmail 1 gram pretolls they are perfect when smoking with a group or if you want to get messed up alone. I’ve tried dozens of them and am always happy.

  21. dabdaddylidell

    These pre rolls are legit. I don’t trust dispensary or even legal store pre rolls but I trust these because it’s the same strains you see in the top end of the flower category. These are also a great way to try a AAAA strain you might have missed in whole bud form. I did this with the Wedding Crasher #7 and WOW I will definitely be buying a few more of those. Half of one had 3 experience smokers hacking a lung like school kids from the potency cough

  22. johnnyboy

    These look fantastic! While I usually vape myself, there still is some great appeal in a beautifully rolled joint. I typically keep these around for BBQs and other social events. They look great and hit hard + it’s nice because they’re rolled in RAW. My fav is when BM throws a complimentary one in the order, keeps me coming right back here.

  23. Bud Master Kojer

    Got some Rockstar for a very reasonable price. Beautiful big joints, nicely compacted, dense, and rolled well. Bonus doob tube and bovida pack with each one. Smells great and is perfect for a small group or a couple puffs for the individual. No complaints at these prices.

  24. Filzflowr

    I like me a nicely rolled cone joint, went with the wedding Crashers and a chemdawg as well. The chemdawg burns nice, enjoy the single reusable tube they come in aswell. Good selection

  25. iliketrees

    I am blown away by these. I am a big fan of twisting joints up my self, but these are super nice. They are huge! They are also filled with good tasting product!

  26. parkdalekid

    These are fantastic. Perfect roll every time, great strains, fair price, and it’s nice to try a strain like this before purchasing a larger bag. Got some for a wedding and they were a big hit, just grabbed some more.

  27. Kal

    Love these prerolls. They always burn evenly and are a good bang for your buck if you are looking for a nice smoke somewhere you dont have to bring equipment. Will buy more for sure.


    Fantastic value if you want to try and sample certain strains if you arent great at rolling, always a nice variety to choose from, I am particular to the AAAA+ which are always a nice treat. Thanks BM!


  29. Alwool

    Just got an order of the lemon skunk ones. They were fantastic. Will definitely always add some of these pre-rolls to my future orders. I like the package they come in too. Re-usable!

  30. FuzzyFizz

    Better than expected. Amazing in fact. Perfectly packed and slow burning. Strain was as expected. Usual budmail quality. Having these around, one could forget how to roll.

  31. tokeyDAbear

    I truly feel like pre-rolls are one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century
    These pre-rolls from budmail are a great way to sample and try out various strains.
    These can even be easily put-out and re-lit later since they comein a container.

  32. Dmac

    Just got the purple candy pre till today……and I just smoked it and that was one of the best till jobs so smooth and burned really nice and slow …i feel pretty relaxed…has a nice sweet taste. Body feels good.

  33. Mrsjrm

    I love these pre roll joints! They remind me of my old favourite quarry prerolls budmail use to offer. I’ve tried purple candy, lemon skunk, Durban cookies and a few others and the quality is always perfect.

  34. SID

    These prerolls are THE BEST!!!! My most recent treat was Pine Tar Kush. SAVED ME when I was on the ground in the worst pain from an incoming intense period. It cut the irritability of PMS like a knife and left me giggly, giddy and ready to cozy up with some snacks in bed. I have quite a tolerance and this doobie got me good and stoned a total of 3 different times over span of 2 days. Was just fantastic and soo worth the price. Would purchase the Pine Tar preroll again!

  35. smokeypup

    Very nicely rolled as usual, The joints I got were lemon skunk, each being five dollars each so a great deal in my eyes. The joint burns nicely and has some very nice flavor.

  36. thicchigga

    Really nice price on these here prerollies nice cannon that comes with it’s own air tight tube toob, 2nd time getting these BM ones and they always deliver 🙂

  37. SID

    Wow, I know it’s a G but I wasn’t expecting such a beautifully rolled cannon 🙂 I’m so stoked that Budmail has their own prerolls now. This burnt sooooo nice! Not completely white but a grayish white and had an even burn.

    Durban Cookies:
    The high was super good, very euphoric and energetic at first but as I kept smoking it throughout the day (I’d put it out, go do something, come back, smoke), I began to get lazier and lazier haha. I ended up in bed around 4 or 5pm for a nap until 8pm haha. Mind you I had my period and I didn’t have any cramps after smoking so I was able to relax and nap which is probably good. Anyways, this was super worth it. I still have like over half the doobie and it’s stowed away for another day. So happy with this!

  38. Prince

    Picked up the banana haze to try, cheaper the the typical gram i guess. I have had problems in the past smoking the pre rolled, they were very tight and amost not smokable a 3/4 the way down. However the roll on this is great, the joint is nice amd heavy. The high is very relaxed and offers more of a body high then a head high for me. Already have some in my cart again

  39. NewfoundlandMan

    First time ordering Pre-Rolls and picked up a joint of Banana Haze…she’s supposed to be a sativa (Super Silver Haze X Banana)…don’t know much about all this “genetics” stuff, but THC level might be 20% plus…which is good enuff for me! I’ll be hangin’ round my mailbox tomorrow! 🙂

  40. Big Red

    A great bang for your buck. Have been enjoying THC snow and find it a great high. Well rolled and burns nice. Looking forward to ordering more if they are still available. Highly recommend.

  41. :)

    In my opinion there’s nothing better than coming home after a long day at work to an already rolled joint. And at 8$ a joint it’s the same price as buying the bud and rolling yourself. Excellent buy.

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