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Pre-Rolls (Flowerpwr)

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Canada’s most trusted pre-rolls; straight outta Vancouver

All your favourite dankness, broken down and twisted up into the best damn doobie you’ve ever smoked. Made with BC craft cannabis, they’ve harnessed the power of 100% pure, premium flowers and pre-rolled them for you to light up anytime you need. Why roll when you could just grab and go?


Made from premium AAA+ grade flower, affordable, yet a step above the norm. These joints offer great quality since all of our joints are made with premium flowers; all buds and no shake.


The Gold Label keeps cannabis connoisseurs in mind with top-shelf AAAA grade flower. For those desiring boutique strains without the hassle of tracking them down, the Gold Label will be your answer.

24k Gold

Contains the highest premium grade AAAA+ flower in BC and rolled in 24K Gold Leaf Rolling Paper. These joints are the cream de la creme flower, aka boujee of them all.

65 reviews for Pre-Rolls (Flowerpwr)

  1. Tkins

    On the regular I like to roll my own joints. There is just something that much more rewarding smoking a nicely rolled joint that you just rolled. On the other hand I decided to give a pre-roll a try. Got vortex strain and I have to say I was impressed with all aspects of this hunt.

  2. Caper-di

    Purchased the pre-roll for the first time. Very nice flavour. Will buy again. Just enough of a high to get me to sleep and to calm my stress/anxiety…

  3. AndyG420

    Flowerpwr pre-rolls are my go-to joints. Don’t get me wrong, I can roll a mean doobie, but sometimes it’s nice to have that already done for you, especially after a long day in the office or out in the work-field, or simply because you just don’t feel like rolling one. I have nothing negative to say about them as they’ve always arrived fresh and nicely wrapped in their packaging. Some of my favourite ones were/are Ghost Dream, Blueberry Chemdawg, Candy Cane, Cotton Candy Kush, Mangolicious, Gelato, and Blackberry Kush – Sauce Dipped + Kief. I will continue to order these pre-rolls. I’ve been keeping my eye out for the Shine… Rock on, Budmail!

  4. Nads

    I did not like the packaging of these joints. Could just be me but the one .5g joint that I had was a pain to get into. The cork crumbled and broke off when I tried to take it out. When I tried to take the remaining amount of cork out it wouldn’t come out. I had to use scissors to get into the joint and by that point I had broken the joint in half. I preformed CPR on my joint and made it a little cast nursed it back to health.

  5. Randy

    I like the pre-rolls when I’m on the go or just before bed when I don’t have the time to prepare some in my pipe. Black Gelato is my fave before bed..

  6. EastCoast69

    So far all the flower power I have purchased left a very good high! Not over powering tastes. Smooth as it’s been a long time since smoking. (Not a smoker) the Lemon Haze leaves you feeling extremely mellow!

  7. NatashaEMC

    I loved this pre rolled Chem dog joint!
    I brought it to our Friends super bowl party And everyone loved it, great filter and great taste.
    What a hit!

  8. 420Club

    Blackberry Kush – Dipped and Dusted.

    Amazing little pre-roll, comes in a little tube for easy, Mess-Free transport.
    Crack the Tube open and this little sucker smells AMAZING!
    Burns Clean, Smoke is Thick and leaves you nice and toasted.
    For a “seasoned” smoker, it more than **does the trick**

    I try to add a few to every order.

  9. GoanGreenleaf

    Great for any occasion, emergency celebrations
    Ordered gold blueberry Chemdawg. Really fruity.
    Skittles taste the rainbow. Only through Budmail
    Thanks again Budmail

  10. GoanGreenleaf

    These are a super amazing first time ordering mangoliciois. 10 out 10 for presentation. Beautiful cerebral buzz. Great for on the go if you don’t have time.

    Thank you Budmail love the funky stickers.

  11. Fns

    Great joints. Broke open a vortex and it was very fresh and well grown. These are so much better than legal joints. You can enjoy the joint without your lungs dying.

  12. JT

    You can’t go wrong with these pre rolls. I’ve tried most of the indica strains and I haven’t been disappointed. I prefer the grams compared to the .5 because the gram joints coke with the bodeva packs

  13. moi

    I’ve purchased a lot of products from Budmail and I must say that the Cinderella (sativa) Flowerpwr pre-roll is probably one of my favourites ever. Very upbeat high and it certainly impacted my libido. I only consumed half of it and was impressed. The cost was higher than many of the other pre-rolls but was well worth it.

  14. Kazzy

    Great smell and taste! 24k gold papers were surprisingly smooth. It had really nice packaging with alot of info. Can’t wait for more stock and to try new strains.

  15. johnnyboy

    The roll itself is bland but what’s inside is what really matters. There’s something about package appeal though that usually drives my purchase. Getting a deal on these or $6 for .5 is pretty decent, if you ask me.

  16. Marshall

    I loved these rolled joints I think they are some of the best pre rolled joints available on this site.Thanks Budmail you guys rock.Just buy them already.

  17. SourCreamCreamy

    I purchased Blackberry Kush. It was a smooth toke and got me pretty high. It was nicely rolled, no breaks or dents or clowns. I enjoyed this on my stroll and I think I’ll try a stronger one next order.

  18. tokeyDAbear

    First off let me say that I LOVE PRE-ROLLS….I have not rolled my own in almost 2 months
    I really love all the options here. My favourite right no has to be Master Kush

  19. TheStoutTrout

    Very nice taste on the G13. Got me quite rocked and was even smooth near the end . Usually prerolls are dry and smoke like a canoe, but these puffed really well ☺

  20. Bertold

    These rolls are perfect for the novice smoker. They burn well and get the job done. The 0.5g rolls should be sufficient for first-timers, granted you inhale properly. I always like to first suck in the smoke and keep it in my mouth for a few seconds to cool it down. I then inhale and hold it in my lungs for a second, and then finally exhale. It took me some time to perfect it, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it right the first time. 🙂

  21. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed

    I know that I have reviewed these before, but the 24K Gold line deserves a shout out of its own. These special occasion joints have replaced a nice cigar as the preferred way to celebrate an occasion.

  22. CassF

    I really love these pre rolls, I know I can always count on high quality herb! I usually make sure to add one or a few to every order. Most recently, I purchased Maui Wowie and I was really blown away by this one! Very fresh, the smell was incredible (chocolate, coconut and coffee!) and the smoke was smooth. Beautifully mellow high, took care of migraine pain very well!

  23. SmokeAnothaOne

    Good quality weed, as for roll quality it’s meh. The .5g rolls are alright. It’s the 1g rolls that are a lil shitty lol, some of them canoe over or you have to suck real hard on em.

  24. ActionCackson

    Wife and I smoked this together and honestly it was harsh as hell, got baked but paid for it. We usually never cough but I couldn’t help it and soon after I woke up in the morning. Kind of a waste, was looking to have a little more fun.

  25. NewfoundlandMan

    Wowie! Maui Wowie! This “legendary” Hawaiian strain has been on my bucket list…forever! I’ve never ordered a pre-roll before, but would have kicked myself if I passed up the chance to taste some of this herb! Really looking forward to saying “aloha” to her tomorrow! Cheers!

  26. baka

    expected more from this…
    cute packaging and all, great flower but way too overpriced for these papers. i want the entire pper to be shiny gold … or entirely black

  27. Patient Zero

    Got 24k Gold 1g Vortex, smoke was really uplifting, taste was excellent but mainly, you just feel baller smoking gold lol
    Will order 24k just not same strain, wanna try “Love Potion” 😉
    Also it was packed a little tight but im guessing thats because it slides around in its little tube during shipping :/

  28. mike

    bought a .5g pre roll to try it was good . but will get a 1 g for next time half a g wasn’t enough for two people to share . will definitely try again

  29. lostintheclouds

    The super silver haze preroll of this was really nice!! I like the 0.5g versions of these prerolls because they are the perfect amount and I don’t feel like i’m letting anything burn away.

  30. lostintheclouds

    Grabbed a 1g Moby preroll this time. It was my absolute favourite so far!! The high was absolutely perfect, split the joint with my sister and we both had a perfect chatty munchy high that wasnt too sedating.

  31. teflon_shawn

    I love these pre-rolls, they are great as gifts or to take to parties in general. They smoke well and the 0.5g joint looks small but it will surprise you with quality cannabis and get you nicely toasted. Also a good way to try different strains that aren’t on the menu

  32. Momo

    these pre-rolls are great. and the gas mask one was perfect for what i needed. Its a definite rebut for me. They are clean , smooth and great to have.

  33. Stoned-Cold

    Can’t go wrong with these bad boys. If you’re a lazy stoner and don’t wanna roll your own joins just grab a few of these. TREAT YO SELF ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  34. JLo

    Won 5 of these babies on Twitter just before Christmas. I usually prefer to roll myself but this was a nice treat over the holidays. I had the Pink Kush, Super Glue and Orange Crush. They all had high quality buds with lots of flavour and smell. My only complaint was they would resin up and become hard to smoke half way through. The half gram ones are probably better. All around very impressed though.

  35. Kingzeus

    These are amazing Need to see some more variety.. taste is amazing love them mixed ones with Hash or budder .. can’t wait to see more in the future.. overall five stars all around

  36. lostintheclouds

    The Orange Crush preroll was a perfect balance. I didnt feel it put me on my ass like others have but more that it was a nice steady high that wasn’t too overpowering.

  37. lostintheclouds

    Absolutely love these prerolls and the different varieties they come in. Have grabbed myself a few. Just tried the Cotton Candy Kush and it was absolutely amazing. The smell was incredibly sweet and the high was perfect. Really giggly and fun, almost felt like I was back in highschool.

  38. Sultrathai

    Honestly had half the joint and it literally knocked me on my ass. I was mellow, relaxed, the high lasted about 4 hours and the last hour was a burnout feeling. Burns nicely, love how its predrilled, cause honestly I cant roll. Cant wait to purchase again

  39. SID

    I am NEVER disappointed with these prerolls. They burn incredibly and are always quite strong. The Cotton Candy Kush one absolutely destroyed me haha.

  40. Blocky

    Just got this pre roll with my order ..and all I can say is wow smokes amazing and the buzz last pretty long i was suprise will de definitely be getting more ..

  41. gogetyourshinebox

    These are currently the best pre rolls BM offers (for the price). I just tried the Strawberry Cough and I absolutely loved it! The smell/taste was incredible! My only beef with these pre-rolls is that sometimes they are rolled too tight and I feel like they go to waste when i’m smoking them because it’s hard to take a pull sometimes….although I find rolling it around in your fingers before smoking loosens it up a bit. Still waiting for The Quarry to have their pre-rolls back up on BM again.

  42. CptHwdy

    These guys grow very Terpy clean bud but as far as rolling goes….not great…just smoked a 1gram preroll of the strawberry cough and the smoke is incredible but I’ve gotta hit this preroll so hard my brain is shaking….I bought 5 other prerolls from these guys to compare them to medicine cabinet and by a land slide med cabinet hits the right way….I have high Hope’s for the others but I feel like the packer maybe isn’t awesome….I’ve never paid 12$ for a joint broken in half lol

  43. Nickos46

    Love the pre-rolls. Get the 1g’s instead of the .5’s you won’t be disappointed. Love the little containers they come with really handy and can be reused.

  44. Guitarded1

    Romulan & Afghani….Very nice complement to each other, the hash kinda creeped into the picture 1/3rd of the way into the roll as the Romulan seemed to dominate until we got to this stage…Nice smoke and a good high. Yup liked this product.

  45. Dan

    The romulan + afghani hash was excellent. Nice packaging , smoked nicely and got me high as a kite. 10/10 would buy again and would recommend to anyone.

  46. Fns

    Not enough good things to say about these. It isn’t about not knowing how to roll, it’s about all of these different strains that budmail doesnt carry. The 15 dollar gold I got was great.

  47. :)

    Not that anyone cares about presentation but this was really nice. Each joint comes in a glass vial with a cork top. Easy to transport, convenient if you either don’t want to roll or don’t know how.

  48. Mariss

    Love that these pre-rolls come in both .5 and 1.0g. I have tried quite a few and they do not disapoint and are rolled to perfection. Love Potion has been my favourite strain available in this pre-roll, comes in the perfect tube to keep the smell contained.

  49. Nigz

    First pre roll ever. I am a seasoned toker and always talked down on pre rolls as I like to roll my own. The art of joint rolling is lost a little but on a good note I enjoyed it. Nice way to try exotic strains and I dig the packaging aswell I tried key Lime pie. I would purchase again to try but still prefer to roll my own 😉 ty BM 🇨🇦👏

  50. That Guy Over There

    I ordered the Gelato hoping for something good to read with, and i have to say it was absolutely perfect for it, very nice buzz for what i wanted to do. nice roll as well as very nice packaging as well

  51. pheens

    Black Master Kush // 1.0 g. Not really a fan but as a noob I could be going about it wrong. I find the earthiness irritating/burning to the back of my throat and the taste lingers too long. I would describe it more as peat moss. It didn’t do much for me but it’s definitely a mellower high than the sativa I’ve tried, and it did pull the knots and muscle tension out of my abdomen and chest. I think if I were to try this again in the future it would have to be in a vape or water pipe, maybe it would tone the taste/burning` down.

  52. pheens

    Key Lime Pie/Afghani Hash//0.5g -nice, light, citrus-y, easy on my lungs (it eased my tight chest/silent asthma) & packed a punch. I also appreciated that it didn’t have any noticeable stank once lit up (very sour unlit) still wouldn’t smoke it inside, but I’m pretty confident at least the neighbors won’t suspect anything going on in the backyard. It does smell pretty off-putting when you first open up the box, but if you can get past that the smoke is pretty mild.

  53. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed

    These are simply great. Always fresh. Always well rolled. The 24K ones are great for special occasions. I’ve tried many of the flavours, and am yet to be disappointed. Love Potion with hash is the fav.

  54. Shorty

    These are in my opinion the best quality pre-rolls available here. On top of the product being top quality the packaging and roll quality are spot on. All about the experience!

    I am a daily smoker and don’t write many reviews. They are worth the price.

  55. Guitarded1

    I love these pre-rolls. The ones I’ve tried were all good and I have bought quite a few. The burn was good and even being 0.5 g was perfect little doobie. Neat packaging love the little vials “corked too! Moby Dick with the Hash excellent. I like that you can get a well done pre-rolled mix, Call me lazy.

  56. KOKO

    Pretty good pre-roll. The product tasted great and went down fairly smooth. I did find that I had to light this one quite a few times over the course of smoking it, which I wish wasn’t the case. Otherwise a fairly good product for a decent price.

  57. Clarkson

    I ordered the Love Potion in the 0.5 the 1g was sold out. An amazing happy high, smooth taste.
    I’m a social / weekend smoker and this was a good way to start off the weekend.
    Ive already re ordered some more. Wish the 1g was available though, hence the 4 stars.

  58. KOKO

    Great pre-roll. Rolled really well and smoked easy. I really enjoyed the filter, too! It smoked easy and the tube it came in made it easy to transport.

  59. Bob

    It’s one on the best joint I’ve ever smoked. It smoked perfectly, cause it burned evenly and slow. I’m really impressed by the way this thing smoked and will order some every time now 🙂

  60. Em

    Nothing but great things to say about these pre-rolls. I think they are my favourite to date. Very smooth smoke and burns well. Reasonably priced. Definitely recommend.

  61. Buds all day

    Forgot to mention that the flavour I tried was Afghan hash and love potion. Perfectly rolled, great tasting, the hash flavour and high are amazing, great stuff here, highly recommend. Would prefer the J to be in the 1.0 gram variety of possible for next time

  62. Buds all day

    Perfectly rolled, great tasting, the hash flavour and high are amazing, great stuff here, highly recommend. Would prefer the J to be in the 1.0 gram variety of possible for next time

  63. Jrose

    I ordered the black Apollo and uk cheese both in .5 grams. I enjoyed both, especially the uk cheese(will be ordering again). I really like how this brand offers joints in .5 grams.

  64. Sophia

    Got the 24k Gold 91 Chemdawg…very clean, smooth and yummy! Almost immediate total body/mind calming and stress just melts away. Great mind wandering experience. Good thing I bought a bunch as they’re almost sold out. Will keep my peepers peeled for more stock and definitely buy again. Makes a great little gift for someone special. Expensive but nice occassional treat!

  65. Hoopley

    These are delicious! I got the Strawberry Cough and the 24k Romulan. Both were clean burning and very tasty. Definitely will order again. Well worth the price.

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