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Premier Line (Skookum Cannabis) – Blue Coma

Premier Line | AAAA Grade | Sativa | Organic

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Product Description

Blue Coma

Blue Coma is a rare hybrid with mysterious genetics. Rumour has it that Blue Coma is Crystal Coma, Blueberry, and Nuken. Whatever the genetics, this is an oustanding example. The buds are colourful, sticky, and covered in crystal. Stellar genetics and tender care is evident in this example. Chunky formation while showcasing attractive/mountainous frosty peaks.

Initially, and in lower doses it induces sensations that are very chill and calming. With prolonged use, effects become more deep and stoney. Its name foreshadows a debilitating stone, however, we noted this to be happy, focused and productive while a soothing energy hums beneath. Overall, this is a throwback to an old favourite that is sure to impress! Grab it while it’s hot!

Cannabinoids: THC-16.7% , CBG-1.2%
Flavour + Aroma:
Wildberry, Floral, Tart
Entourage Effects:
Lively, Soothing, Cerebral

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, overall we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. – The Truth is in the Burn.

21 reviews for Premier Line (Skookum Cannabis) – Blue Coma

  1. BlackMamba lama

    First thoughts, the packaging was top notch, once I opened it I was instantly hit with the aroma which was a floral skunk with sweet tones.
    Grinded up beautifully, cloud kush feel, easy to pack a bowl. Once i lit my bong up,
    WOOOOOOOOOW! Blue coma hits you creeper style where you think “this is a nice high to melted in my couch slightly drooling (jk, but I didn’t move for about a solid hour)
    Makes you sleep like a baby and wake up wondering what year it is.
    Lil pricey but the bud quality is pristine, worth every penny.

  2. Soltz

    A great overall bud with a grat smoke and taste. The bud is caked with crystals that leave your hands sticky.

    Very strong buzz that allows you to relax and do what you do best

  3. Chris

    This is top notch, hits hard and heavy and is very aromatic and tastes amazing, I would highly recommend and will be buying this again, the attention to detail in terms of triming is great as well

  4. Fireflower

    This strain very much smells like a mataro blue I’ve smoked in the past. Great strain for ever day use but stacks nicely. The buds a fluffy and a nice even bust out the grinder. It lacks a bit in a joint flavour wise and smoothness. It Burns cleans and overall not a bad buy.

  5. Bud Master Kojer

    Total rating – 4.5/5
    Snagged this when it was on sale and it is some pretty nice stuff, i’m glad i tried it because it’s a good sativa with some nice hybrid effects and one that i will likely buy again.

    Bag Appeal – 4.5/5
    My 14g jar came with a few small nugs and a couple large beautiful chunky bastards. Buds are very colourful like in the pics and are quite dense with a nice trim.

    Smell – 5/5
    The smell is great: sweet creamy blueberry & fruit, hints of tropical & some muted floral notes, with a faint musty dank earthyness that comes across once in a few whiffs – very reminiscent of blueberry kush but more pronounced; i could smell it in the package before i opened the bubble wrap or the jar.

    Taste & Burn – 4/5
    The taste is also nice, mostly being floral and earthy with vague hints of fruit and blueberry. It’s a very smooth smoke, and it burns to a mostly white ash.

    High – 4.5/5
    This is quite a nice sativa with some seemingly-indica aspects to me. It’s more potent than i was expecting for the thc content, and brings a very nice mellow and relaxed high with the mental alertness of the sativa. It has some good hybrid effects and it’s one i would buy again because i like sativa’s that don’t cause any edginess/anxiety, etc.

  6. mw27

    I enjoyed the flowery smell and how strong it is when you first open the package up my whole house reaks after just wish the shipping didn’t take so long

  7. margaret bruce

    Yummy , I really really like this one ! It was a well deserved treat ! Lots of energy , Great taste and flavour ! As always , BudMail you have done an awesome job!!!

  8. Gittens

    Very potent smell, tastes as it smells, def an acquired taste , was expending better effects but did not deliver on that aspect, alittle pricey but interesting flavour.

  9. JKFC

    Wow! These flowers are perfectly cured and smell like berries. I received a nug that weighs 9 grams! Very impressed with this batch! Really impressed with Skookum!

  10. bigcomfycouch

    Really nice smoke, I had nice tight nugs and I got a very sharp berry/grapey/cheesy/fuel smell when I popped this one open. The taste comes through with the same flavours just a bit more subtle. Clean burn, great for a day in the sun or a bbq. This is my first skookum product and I can’t wait to try more. I can see what the fuss is about. You won’t regret it.

  11. TheStoutTrout

    Always love opening these tinted jars. The smell of berries and that nuken hits ya hard right where you need it. Smooth and deep flavours but they come on strong in a little while. Nice work Skookum! Aced it again

  12. Trevor

    I really love this pot! Incredibly nice smell and taste. I wish that I had a lot of this. It is the best stuff that I have had from Budmail so far.

  13. KushConnoisseur

    I ordered a sample as I wasnt sure about going into a coma, but this stuff is great! Extremely clean and potent, hitting hard behind the eyes, the blue coma is very satisfying to this indica lover. Deep floral smell with wafts of blueberries reminded me of the purple trainwreck upon breaking it up.
    Will be re-ordering immediately.

  14. Luckhouse

    Beautiful frosty nugs, love the taste of terepenes? Such superb product from you guys! Cant wait for the next order I place. Keep up the great work budmail

  15. Alchino

    VERIFIED FUEGO!!!… Blueberry & floral all over the pallete. Every puff has you guessing.. some nugs are more tarty and some have more blueberry more flavour then others. Very clean white ash burn, nice and slow. Got a huge top cola in my half oz jar it had nugs coming off the stem all the way around for a total of 7.2 grams. Really nice long lasting high thats good for chilling out. Got me nice and languid, hit my body a little and had me happy and cerebral. Smoke this while listening to some blueberry yum yum and cruising… This is fire.

  16. crazyperson1177

    Ordered gram stinks so good and the small jar love it will be ordering more of this stuff for sure Skookum some best stuff around i think every batch awesome always order more

  17. Towelie


    All I can say is I’m floored prettiest and best smelling bud I’ve had the pleasure of trying in a Long time Budmail premier line comes back with a vengeance and skookum knocks it out park! Sweet , sour , spicy, berries, tangy, it’s all there. A huge bouquet of flavours that are sure to satisfy those flavour chasers and connoisseurs alike.

    Pick some up before it’s gone!

  18. Rayzor

    I am such a fan of Skookum products. Always finely crafted and cured. Blue Coma, while it is very coma inducing, it’s hardly a blue one. An enjoyable high . Can’t wait to try more of there strains. Because it’s about quality not the quantity. Cheers

  19. Brammer92

    Beautiful buds that are obviously manicured by a pro. The aroma and taste of these buds is fruity and sweet. Burned clean and was great for getting the creative juices flowing. Good job Skookum!

  20. Bricky

    Been awhile since I’ve rated some skookum product! Really like this one even though I’m a indica guy! The smell and flavour of this one is truly beautiful! I’m a real blueberry and nuken fan! It’s a real nice berry and floral taste! Tastes oh so smooth and a real nice focused and calm high! Not a kickass but nice functional high! Hey anything from skookum is killer! Top craft growers for sure! Must try

  21. Jesse

    Wow this was a good strain nice taste and really nice looking buds. The combination of the different taste makes it worth cone to try. Perfect strain for relaxing and unwinding.

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