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Premier Line – Golden Goat

AAAA Grade | Premier Line | Sativa | Organic

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Product Description

Golden Goat

Golden Goat is the product of a male Romulan pollinating a female Island Sweet Sunk. This strain is a potent daytime juggernaut. Abstract foxtail bud formations and showcasing an expert trim/cure. Happy and bright while flourishing fresh greens and vibrant orange pistils. Grown 100% organic in living soil by our friends at Skookum Cannabis. First smells are piercing and pungent while there is an underlying sweetness. Pine, citrus, fuel and pepper comprise the aroma. Spicy and flavourful in a joint and vape alike.

Hits with a strong immediacy that is jazzy and slightly stunning. Peppy and happy while focused and contemplative. Searing potency and effects that could rattle a fresh tolerance. Overall, if you’re looking for a stimulating strain with heavy potency, Golden Goat is for you!

Cannabinoids: THC- 27.2%, CBG-1.8%
Flavour + Aroma: Citrus, Spice, Conifer
Entourage Effects: Uplifting, Focused, Lively

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, overall we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. – The Truth is in the Burn.

30 reviews for Premier Line – Golden Goat

  1. Gruff

    This is very similar to the coffee shop cut amnesia haze.
    I love the high and flavour, this is a great plant and you should try it.
    5 out of 5
    not sure why the linage is what it says it is?

  2. niddy

    Fantastic stuff, all around. After vaping a small amount, head feels very clear & focused, in addition to having lots of energy. All key aesthetics are definitely on point.

  3. NinjaaMastaa

    Well, I took one hoot and I couldn’t move from the spot I was standing in.
    I sent a lot of silly voice messages to people lol! So great that I got my friend to buy some

  4. stickygorilla

    This is by far the best smelling bud I’ve ever held.. or smokes great, the flavour is great/smooth. This is legit top shelf bud. I’ll be hoarding some next payday.

  5. margaret bruce

    This was the first time I have tried this one ……..
    and it won’t be that last time either………..
    I just love small jars too…..
    I love it
    Thanks BudMail

  6. orlaspapa

    This stuff is serious!!! The smell is very ripe and intense, the taste is relly nice. It vapes really well – the cure on it couldn’t have been done better. And it is seriously strong! This batch is special. Totally worth the price. grab it while you can. Also – love the jar!

  7. greek toker

    Love the jars always amazing tasting and great high…trust me it takes lots to get me fried this strain is goood!
    I usually mix this with another good jar like gorilla Greace…iam stuck on my couchhh

  8. Kennedy

    I find myself wanting to save this for a special occasion it’s so good! Very potent, energizing, great high. I will be ordering this again for sure. highly recommend!

  9. Happy_Alice

    Intensely potent, “brain locked” cerebral high, but without the paranoia of a lesser strain. Creates an energetic alertness best suited for day time use. But even the most seasoned of us might have to change our plans for the day if we partake a little too much. Looks, tastes and smells incredible. Another great offering from Skookum.

  10. Safetosurfthisbeach

    Unreal! My first time trying any skookum product and it was amazing. Hits super hard and lasts a long time. I’ve smoked for quite some time and haven’t felt this high in years. Highly recommended! Product is so fresh, smells great and tastes great. I will be ordering again, not sure if I want to stick with the same stuff or try something new next time.

  11. Alchino

    Has that classic romulan sativa smell, but with a little kick. Great potency and busts down nicely. Taste was exceptional. I only got a gram to sample but it scaled to 1.2. Might be a little racy at times, so I wouldnt recommend huge doses if youre prone to anxiety/paranoia. Looks : 8.5/10 (Beautiful light green) High : 9/10 (A little racy) Potency (10/10) Longevity : (10/10)

  12. Gongshow

    This is a nice potent strain for those with a higher tolerance, certainly will be smoking other strains from this line. I have never smelled a bud with this distinct flavour before and was very impressed with the punch in the face high from the first joint. Rolls and fluffs up really nice. Highly recommended.

  13. Budman

    Golden Goat is an amazing strain. This one is a strong example. Previous order of Golden Goat was 22%.. this one is a whopping 27%!! The smell is great, smells sweet and spicy at the same time. The smoke is also great. Burns great and tastes great in a joint. The high is uplifting and strong! There was a bit of a burn out after tho.. but 27%!!

  14. SourCreamCreamy

    This strain gave me an unbelievable high that exceeded my expectations, I certainly did not believe the citrus aroma which sternly groped my olfactory system. The jar it comes in is pretty coo.

  15. poohtz

    Nice big dense buds covered with a layer of crystals. Very pleasant lemony and earthy smell. Taste similar to the smell. Burns well with salt pepper ash. Enjoyable functional high.

  16. Stonedtothebone74

    Picked up a half oz of this stuff… it was really good! Nice citrus smell, fairly big buds, nice and fluffy. I like the potency of this one, I have a high tolerance, and this one does the trick for me. Would recommend, great strain👍

  17. Mcdabber

    Very citrusy taste and packs a punch love adding some mazar Sharif to this for a wake me up come down stone(something I invented) try it some time will kick your ass

  18. Stonk

    Very strong – the effects take a really long time to wear off. Nice, clean smoke with a gentle citrus taste and smell. Premier line never disappoints.

  19. Nogica

    Just received this product… when I opened the jar the only thing I could of smell was citrus…. absolutely amazing..the buds are nicely trimmed…2hr after smoking a joint…
    Smell – 10/10
    High – 9/10
    Taste – 5/10 (very odd and distinctive)
    For the Premium this batch didn’t give me a wow factor so to speak… overall a good product… thanks BM

  20. SUGARRAY204

    This is by far my top sativa. It has a nice taste and great citrus smell to it! The high is nice and strong… yet not overwhelming. I have yet to find another sativa to top this one!

  21. palybudman

    excellent product for 27.2%
    smelled great smoked great.
    pipe or bong : no worry
    smells like lemon and tastes similar.
    citrus like it says.
    i rate this excellent 4.5/5 price is pricey yes.
    quality is called priemier bc it is GOOD.
    thankyou Bud ! will buy again. :)))

  22. Medi514

    The best sativa I have ever smoked! Everything about the batch is an example of perfect bud. The smell is intoxicating, it’s sweet and citrusy. The beautifully trimmed buds are dense and sticky. Fury with crystals. Then you smoke it and let the overwhelming sense of happiness and creativity take over. 10/10

  23. JonnyMTL

    never like any sativa i order ever! this one tastes amazing smokes just as amazing and actually gets you nice and high. very pleased what a nice option to throw in to your daily smoke.

  24. Boog

    Cannabis de très haute qualité, profile des saveurs ce concentre sur la lime et le citron frais. Nous sommes très près de la perfection. Odeur extrêmement puissante.

  25. Jesse

    Golden Goat is a good and relaxing not overwhelming strain it has a unique flavour And high potency. I like the size and combination of the Romulan and Island sweet skunk makes for a good overall strain.

  26. Sly Cat

    First off, I love the bottle and the lable design. Opened up the bottle and the buds looked amazing. The bottle was packed full of nice sized beautifully manicured bright green frosty buds with light orange hairs. No stems or leaf. Very appealing to the eye.

    The smell is citrus all the way. Very strong citrus, I am guessing lemon, orange zest and pink grapefruit. I broke off about .6 to .7 gram from a bud, busted it in my Santa Cruz shredder, it busted up nicely thanks to the bottle being sold full with a Boveda humidity control included. As soon as I busted it the smell became very intense immediately. I placed it in a paper and rolled it up. It is very nice weed to roll, definitely the perfect amount of moisture in it, not over-dry at all.

    As I lit the joint, I immediately noticed very little ctrus taste. I could smell citrus in the smoke and my entire garage smelt of citrus but the citrus taste I was expecting from the smell just wasn’t what I was tasting. Instead it tastes like evergreen trees, not sure which species of tree though. About 3/4 of the joint tasted pretty good but the last 1/4 of it did taste a little more roachy than I would expect from a premium cannabis but by no means was it bad, just not quite what I expected. The burn was perfect. Not much more to say other than it stays lit perfectly, ash is perfectly clean, easy smoke to inhale, didn’t cough at all. Perfect.

    The stone is very nice. As soon as I took a couple hits from the joint I could start feeling it. About 20 minutes after I smoked the joint it was fully hitting me and it gave me one of the nicest body stones I have ever had. It made me feel happy, energetic and functional. But definetly stoned.
    Happy happy joy joy I love this stone!

    Overall this is smoe very nice smoke. I would buy it again because I really love the functional stone it gives me.

  27. cory trevor

    I didnt even want to bust this thing up. first nug i pulled out looked like a ginger-coated yaks beard on a snow covered pea. Good thing I busted it up cause its effects were the best I’ve had in a sativa, which made the price more bearable.

    It looks pretty but tastes and smokes very very clean with nice powdery white ash being burnt off a joint. The effects were great for brainstorming ideas the first hour or two after smoking, while still leaving me nicely couch locked through the burnout.

    Good stuff.

  28. Bricky

    Well this is quite a flower strain! First get the smell of citrus fuel kind of pine cone smell! Absolutely covered in Chrystal! It’s smooth and spicy burns nice white ash! This is a heavy hitter for sure not for beginners! Ha! Another unique flower strain grown with love! It’s a must try for sure. Thanks again to the skookum boys ans budmail!

  29. carl79

    tres haute qualité attention produit pour connaisseur seulement.super bien trimé belle buds et odeur de diesel tres forte.buzz 10/10.pas pour les débuttant lol.

    very high quality product for connoisseur only. super well trimmed, nice buds and smell of diesel very strong. 10/10 buzz. not for beginners lol.

  30. CRnorth

    The dopest dope, I’ve ever smoked. What a happy euphoric rush from this stuff !! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spun the lid off to a giant nug that takes up all the space in the 14g jar. Trimmed by an expert, they deserve a pat on the back. Truly potent and long lasting, with not a ton of crystal either. I can’t put a word to the taste, very herbal, like a green tea. Smells of pine & citrus combined. 10/10 absolute phenomenal bud. Everybody who’s tried it here agrees.

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