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Premier Line – Gorilla Grease

AAAA Grade | Premier Line | Indica | Organic

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Product Description

Gorilla Grease

Gorilla Grease (Gorilla Cookies x Green Grease) is an exotic cut that is sure to impress. Grown organic in living soil by our friends at Skookum. Chunky boulder formation in these lime green buds. Coated in frost while the cure and trim are optimal. First opening your jar unleashes a complex musk that is fuel forward, spicy, piney and dank. Smooth and gassy in a joint while it burns beautifully to a very light ash.

Gorilla Grease delivers the big calm. Strong immediacy at first, which is complemented by a warming euphoria. A heavy and relaxing slosh then follows that is long lasting and highly enjoyable. Best suited for evening use or long periods of focus/introspect. Overall, we’re happy to offer this small batch to you! Grab it while it’s hot 🙂

Cannabinoids: THC – 22.1%, CBG – 1.1%
Flavour + Aroma: Fuel, Pine, Earthy, Sour
Entourage Effects: Euphoric, Hazy, Tranquil

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, overall we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. – The Truth is in the Burn.

19 reviews for Premier Line – Gorilla Grease

  1. RubMyRolls

    First time trying skookum premier line and it didn’t disappoint. The gorilla grease buds I received ranged from small to large buds, all caked in trichomes. Definitely a sour almost cheese smell and the effects where relaxing, burnt white and was extremely smooth. Excited to try a variety of skookum jars when they come available.

  2. Safetosurfthisbeach

    This was the second premier line I tried, the first was golden goat which I think is gonna be tough to beat. Gorilla grease was good but not as good. I found there to be little flavour and little smell to the GG. It burns nicely and gives a nice high that lasts awhile. It is certainly top shelf stuff and I would order it again.

  3. SJW

    I am definitely a fan of Snookum’s Premier Line and the Gorilla Grease strain is definitely a favorite. It’s every bit as potent as advertised, but it’s also beautifully trimmed and expertly cured, which makes it a very fine smoke indeed. If taste and body are important to you as well as potency, this won’t disappoint. This is premium cannabis for connoisseurs.

  4. Fireflower

    Over all this was a good buy. Bud appeal was refreshing and I rate an 8/10 for appeal. Potency was there, But I expected the high to stack a bit more, 7.5/10. Taste and consistency was nice, no hot tones, stayed relatively smooth and cool throughout a whole joint, 7.7/10. Burned clean and well. Effects were as described.

  5. jimmyhat

    Tasty, chunky buds that will give your head a spin no matter how experienced a smoker you are. Smells great and packaged in quality glass jars that are easy to reuse.

  6. Jesse

    Very nice beautiful looking buds from the premier line like the big buds that came in the jar I got Five buds and the taste is definitely not bad at all. I would recommend for later to night time.

  7. cake

    This strain really impressed me. Big dense buds, completely covered in trichomes. Sticky and cured to perfection. Smells exactly as described, earthy and piney, slightly sour. Burns into a white ash while creating dense clouds of smoke. Strong body effects take over but noticeable in the mind. Evening and night time strain for me. The only negative is the plastic lid on the jar is thin and feels cheap in my opinion. Overall I’m very happy with this flower and would definitely order again.

  8. @djoutbreaksound

    Vary thick buds looks were perfect just like the pictures but wasn’t as stinky as i would have thought the high you will feel and the buds are soo sticky as i said the presentation amazing

  9. SJW

    This is a strain that very much deserves its premiere rating. It’s extremely potent but it’s also a very nice smoke that tastes good. Cured to perfection!

  10. Krssp

    Once again a beauty from the skookum team. Great nose dense glittering nugs. Nighttime strain as you feel relaxed but not couch lock. Overall you get what you pay for. Have yet to be disappointed with either jar or tin series. Reccomend

  11. Bermenheimer

    Very chunky lime green buds, highly frosty and resinous, wonderful cure, pungent gassy/pine nose and *full* flavour – very potent.

    Loving how this smokes in a joint, smolders on for a while and burns to a clean ash. I went back for another jar while this is still on the menu!

  12. Bird

    Dense, well manicured nugs. Smell and taste are A1. Effect was a bit overwhelming at first. The batch I received was a bit of a creeper. Have re-purchased. Highly recommend. An odd thing about my order was that I found four seeds in one nug, three of which look viable. Hermaphrodite perhaps.

  13. poohtz

    Nice big dense and frosty nugs. Nice gas and piney smell. Burns well with salt pepper ash. It tastes pretty good. Nice relaxing body high. Quite potent.

  14. JB

    Oh how I’ve waited for the day to order skookum cannabis. This stuff is amazing! The smell was instant right when the jar twists open. Clean burn, and white ash. The description listed is very accurate. I would underline the strong initial effect. Hits hard at first for sure. I ordered a 7g jar, and will reuse it. Definitely worth every penny you will pay. Five stars for the trim, and cure. It’s truly a work of art!! Bonus points because I found one seed. Looked like it might have developed in early flower, and became a ninja. One slips by the defence occasionally. I will sow this seed. So, I thank you for a great product.

  15. Zaleeo

    I love the little jars! They will be reused for sure.
    Gorilla Grease smells awesome, almost citrusy cheesy. Gives you nice calming high for the evening relaxation. On my would-buy-again List.

  16. crbcrowes420

    Never disappointed with the jar/tin series. Spot on description. Nice buds. The “sour” taste is certainly there. Love the earthy-ness of it. Effect is very calm, chill and a def evening weed. Great for movies…

  17. NinjaaMastaa

    I developed insomnia since my adrenalectomy in January and this helps me sleeeeeeeeep. I couldn’t be happier – no one like to have to take pills to get a good nights sleep. Zzzzz one hoot and I’m out.

  18. Bud Master Kojer

    So I ordered a little 1g jar to sample but I never ended up getting it.. Budmail seems to have messed up, but in the best of ways because I instead received a full 14g jar with a nice little 1g sample of mandarin haze. Not sure what happened there but it seems to have worked out in my favour.

    Haven’t even tried it yet as I have some others to get through first, but the whole jar is 4 giant, fairly dense nugs, perfectly manicured. The colours of the bud don’t even come through as they are all pale from a copious coating of trichomes. Nice smelling stuff too, fuel forward with a fruity/sour-pine twist.

    By looks and smell alone this stuff will be some top shelf shit, but regardless, 5 star rating for the free half oz of premier line bud!

    Darn, looks like we goofed that one! Enjoy the big jar on the house 😉 – Budmail

  19. Bricky

    Well I really liked the gorilla grease! It’s sure different with smells of fuel a little piney earthy! Tastes nice and smooth burns white ash loaded with Chrystal and site to be hold. Beautiful bud to the eyes and sticky resin and pretty potent! Another fine example of what small growers like the skookum boys can do! Really top notch bud once again! Thanks Keith

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