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Premier Line – Purple Trainwreck

AAAA Grade | Premier Line | Indica | Organic

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Purple Trainwreck (by Humboldt Seed Organization) is a cross of Trainwreck & Mendocino Purps. Provided to us from the Kootenay Kids, known for their small-batch organic craft grows in living soil. You like big buds and you cannot lie? You’ll be all teeth as you open up your jar. The buds are chunky behemoths that flourish royal purples and a glistening blanket of frost. The trim and cure are also very meticulous. The nose is a sweet and complex bouquet of muted berry and herbal notes over a sour funk backdrop. When chopped, the sourness is further unleashed. The flavour is sweet berry and spice while the exhale is impeccably smooth. Further to this, it burns to a nearly white ash and is a huge vapour producer. Purple Trainwreck displays tasteful balance and can be used at any time of day. The onset is a happy uplifting euphoria that is stimulating and engaging. A steadfast and blissful haze then churns onward with a long lasting potency. Overall this is a versatile connoisseur strain you don’t want to miss.

Flavours: Berry, Sweet, Spice, Smooth
Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting
Medical: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Migraines

11 reviews for Premier Line – Purple Trainwreck

  1. Grassimo

    Purple Trainwreck greets you with a strong blast of sweet Tropical Grapes and Berries that smell like a fruit drink. Some really big beautiful buds, sticky and completely covered in crystals, the pic doesn’t do it justice lol.

    Tastes exactly as it smells in a vape, tropical berries and very enjoyable. It produced tons of vapor filling a nice number of bags.

    The buzz is great being an even 50/50 Hybrid in effects I feel. With a 0.7g vape session I was very relaxed but non couch locked, very euphoric, uplifted and spacey but focused. Some moments I was forgetting what I was doing gaming while I was doing it, kinda trippy lol. Makes you a little sleepy too which can help with insomnia. Doesn’t give much appetite and its great for anxiety and mood disorders keeping you super calm.


    Ordered 14 grams of this stuff. Very nice size buds dense and sticky. Collects a lot of resin a lil harsh but not bad overall. Very crystally buds. Thanks BM

  3. JLo

    Wow my 1/4 came with a 6.5 gram nug. Perfect cure, the resin is sticky but brittle enough the trichomes snap of easily. Beautiful for making hash and sift. The high starts out all Train Wreck, lift off to happy land. Then the purple starts to kick in with hunger and finally a deep sleep. Can’t decide if I’m enjoying this or the Purple Space Cookies more. This is a bit more clear headed and has way more bag appeal but sometimes I like my mind shut off. Both great purple strains, and I’m not usually a huge purple fan.

  4. Yabba Dabba Doo

    This stuff is high octane medicine. Makes you happy and hungry then sleepy. Great for the evening and it lives up to the name. I would recommend this for folks dealing with chemo.

  5. Experimenter

    Bud quality, freshness and smell all top notch. Yet I just wasn’t particularly impressed with effects of the Train wreck. Dulled and tired and not in a good way.

  6. JJ

    Beautiful large green nugs that had an occasional light purple throughout. Not as sticky as I would have preferred for a premier line but I certainly wouldn’t call it dried out. Your blasted with a tropical fruity aroma instantly. High is a bit gentle for a premium weed as well. You shouldn’t be paralyzed.

  7. Bmow

    Okay to start the smell is unreal it’s like opening up a fresh can of fruit punch and it taste just like it smells, I ordered a full 14gs and it showed up in 5 large buds the biggest being 5.8 grams, the buds are cakes in crystal actually even the stem is caked in crystal, I don’t often but the premier line as budmail has other great deals I like taking advantage of but I’m glad I gave it a try, 10/10 would order again

  8. Mo

    Grabbed a Q of these babies and wish I got more…..The buds look beautiful, and the smell baby, gets you hooked, can’t seem to stop smelling the buds..Buzz is really nice.. Top notch and highly recommend…

  9. Thrashknar

    just got 7 grams of this stuff, holy smokes does it smell terrific, taste is on point, but the high is killer, 2 bong rips and I’m TOASTED!!! For sure worth the cash!!

  10. crazyperson1177

    Love this stuff stinky nice good high beautiful big buds this is my fav so far will be getting more of it smokes nice the flavour and taste are awesome bong hits wow 100% happy

  11. Mo

    Ohhh my I hope this doesn’t sell out, its notated as an indica but on the sticker label it mentions a Sativa but whatever this thing is its a beautyyy. I’ve never seen buds with so much crystals and beautiful. The high is incredible, your uplifted, happy, focus and the munchies even better, theres no couch lock sensation only after a few hours you can sense a fatigue and you sleep like a babyy, I keep ordering premier line and every time my expectations exceeds !!

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