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Premier Line (Skookum Cannabis) – Thin Mint Cookies

AAAA Grade | Premier Line | Indica | Organic

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Product Description

Thin Mint Cookies

Thin Mint Cookies is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies. It has garnered popularity for its exceptional balance, wintergreen flavour and frosted aesthetic. Grown living soil organic by our friends at Skookum. Mostly jalapeño sized with boulder-y formation. Tightly bound and exceptionally resinous while the trim and cure are optimal. Upon opening your jar an exotic blend of creamy dessert, wintergreen and mothballs charge into your olfactory. Undertones of spice and pepper are present on long inhalations. Burns to a clean white ash with a resin ring while the exhale is smooth and dreamy.

Versatile and potent in its effects while a shining star in a joint. Hits with a humming pressure behind the face which then devolves into a calming and focused slosh of high calibre. Thoughtful and centring but potent and stoney. Overall, we’re happy to share this beautifully grown flower with you. Limited quantities available!

Cannabinoids: THC – 23.3%, CBG – 2.4%
Flavour + Aroma: Wintergreen, Creamy, Floral
Entourage Effects: Hazy, Euphoric, Soothing

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, overall we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. – The Truth is in the Burn.

28 reviews for Premier Line (Skookum Cannabis) – Thin Mint Cookies

  1. Chuck2388

    So after trying Mandarin Cookies, Mint Chocolate Chip and this Thin Mint Cookies. This TMCookies is my personal favourite. Kinda harsh with big hits in a Hand Pipe. But worth every cough cause you feel like your floating after a bowl or two. Can’t really describe the taste but it’s a strong odour. Pretty sure my neighbors smelt this Stick Icky Bud. Ty BudMail and the Growers keep up the great work.

  2. rEVOLution

    The taste is fantastic. The bud was beautiful and coated in crystals. The little 1g container is cool as hell.

    Skookum and the premier line is impressive to say the least. Next up, Mint Chip Cookies!

  3. TheStoutTrout

    The lime and cream notes are intense on this one. It gives a great kick to your night and watch out in the day. Time will have passed you by whilst you were asleep on the couch all day. Munchies needed

  4. Allan

    Excellent quality, the flavour and aroma is wonderful. Very impressed with the trim and texture. Burned slowly and has wonderful effects, more cerebral than body for me. Not quite what their Blue Coma is but close. Thank you Skookum and Budmail, great work!

  5. nebs

    Great quality bud! It was nice and fresh, super tasty and delivered a nice smooth buzz that was not overwhelming, but instead, just right. Highly recommend Skookhum products, you can tell that they take their growing very seriously. Keep up the great work.

  6. CW

    This bud was better than expected, I threw it in as an add on to get the free shipping and it was a nice surprise. Not as good as the mint chocolate chip but this bud packed a punch and was nicely trimmed and dense.

  7. ThirdEye

    Perfect in every way. This bud looks and tastes fantastic. I really enjoyed this strain. This was the third strain I’ve tried from Skookum and they haven’t disappointed in any way. Top notch all the way

  8. Mrasstits

    1/2 way through first jar, just ordered 2 more. Super sticky tight crystally buds, knocks me and the misses on our assess after a long day. Don’t watch tv in bed is my only advice!

  9. gaz

    I am normally not big on the -mints but this had a nice smooth taste with a subtle mint flavour. I only ordered 1g jar to sample it. I think the jar itself should be seen as added value because its a awesome way to carry around some bud. I use them as emergency jars and leave them at the gf’s place.

  10. maatapudlat

    this one got me and my sis wrecked, enjoyed it so much. I will order again 😉
    so much fun doing stuff while high as f.
    good stuff 😋😑🤤😴😬🙄😒😏😶

  11. Billy

    One of the more clear headed cookie strains I have had. Nice cure and great to vape. I prefer the other premier stuff I have tried though. Not a knock at all just never been a huge fan of gsc strains unless they are more sativa leaning.

  12. Flashcro

    Lovely cure on this one. Would buy again for sure. Good clear headed buzz with little burnout factor after the fact and the taste was pretty great too.

  13. Blizzard

    Excellent quality overall. Terpene profile and resulting high was excellent. Only ordered 2g but the two nugs were sizable. Top marks to the grow and cure.

  14. AndyG420

    This truly is a shining star in a joint! I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Being a fan of GSC, I had to get this in the 14g jar, and I am not the least bit disappointed. Happy smokin’. Thanks BM & Skookum!

  15. LeBim

    Just amazing! Cured to perfection. Medium sized buds. The smell and the taste are on point. It’s burn smooth and clean. Perfect for almost any time of the day but especially for chill and gaming. Will get this one anytime it come back!

  16. SichuanPanda

    Not really a fan of this one, it tastes very bad in my opinion, like burnt pepper. The stone is incredible though, I just wish it tasted better. I’m not sure what is up with it but I just can’t stand the taste in any way, other people are saying its delicious so maybe its just me?

  17. Billy

    Not the best bag appeal but it’s a nice spicy cookie taste. It almost tastes more like Durban Poison with the mint flavour. The high was surprisingly more clear headed for me.

  18. C dog dinger

    Loveing this hard hitting batch of thin mint cookies ; smoked so clean,, tastes so ,,,exceptionally flavourful,,and hit me nicely after 2,4 nice puffs off of a joint. Keeps me going /moving throughout the day at my normal pace with ease and pleasure in mind ,yet calms my mind .
    and keeps my mind focused ,, focused on the matter at hand ,, and focusing on the positive things in life and possible future events..although times may seem darkened,, I try to shine through the darkness that surrounds me ,,and my life ,, although things are not as bad as they may seem at times …

  19. Tinta Dawn

    Excellent stuff. Huge compressed light green buds. Smooth cool flavour, Slow burning in a joint with no after burn out feeling, for me this is a quality I revere, as I can’t afford a dull headache before bed. Very pleasant high and worked very well for stress and anxiety. Definitely worth trying. Enjoyable to share as you are going to get some extremely positive responses. All around good quality enjoyable weed that you are not going to go wrong with and will purchase again and again.

  20. Bakered

    Definitely one of the better premium flower options. This high THC level flower is exactly what I was hoping for. The price point is also on the higher end but worth it!

  21. GoanGreenleaf

    She is a keeper. Love at first sight. Beautiful smoke clean ash. How do they do it? Was so happy to be able to grab acapulco gold while it lasted.

    Thank you Budmail and Skookum.

  22. Kman

    If I could revise my prior review I would, this is indeed some very beautiful looking stuff. It’s hard to compete with the Crunchberry Kush in that aspect. Again, this is some potent stuff. Getting another jar while possible.

  23. Kman

    This is some good stuff, so good I think I’m liking it over the Crunchberry which honestly blows the TMC out of the water aesthetically. This is good looking but nothing too remarkable for $165/14g. Where it shines is the buzz, so potent yet quite engaged and balanced. I agree with the review stating this is great gaming weed, offers great focus. Really reminds me of the Birthday Cake #4/Ice Cream Cake with the musty, bowl of Froot Loops aroma. Highly recommend this strain.

  24. Satchmo

    Well, this was an unexpected treat. I’m usually not a huge fan of the ‘Cookies’ genetics for some reason. The smell and taste of these strains usually don’t do anything for me. This stuff though was a hit and I’m happy I went for it.

    My half consisted of all 1.5-3.5 gram buds. Smell was slightly minty and earthy. Taste matched the smell but with a bit of a vanilla/dessert flavour on exhale. Ash was the signature white/ grey that everyone expects from Skookum. Oil ring was present on a joint and I also found that this produced oil patches on the paper similar to the Crunchberry Kush I reviewed the other day.

    High was strong and excellent for lounging about. Not couch lock, actually pretty similar to the effects of the Crunchberry Kush but without the munchie factor. This is an after work/ evening strain for me but what I love about it is I’m not completely written off. It provides an excellent overall stone and has very little to no burn out effect on me.

    Quality: 9.5 out of 10
    Value: 9 out of 10

  25. Towelie

    This is some fire stuff right here. pretty dense light green nugs with bright orange hairs. Very musty pungent funky smell with a bit of cream to the nose. Its a weird smell in a good way that keeps ur nose in the jar longer than youd like sometimes 😛 On to the taste… in the vape this stuff has an awesome creamy sweet kush funk to it. tastes super creamy and super good. The flavour keeps hitting too… very, very nice. Treat yourself if you want some dankness,,, The high is awesome too. Very mellow, soothing, no anxiety. This stuff surprised me, great job skookum and BM

  26. alexios

    bag appeal 4/5. not as nice as other premiere lines. the crunchberry looks way nicer. I received both in the same order. smells alright, but nothing special.

    smoke 5/5 very good. burns white in my joints.

    high 4/5 good, not amazing. very enjoyable but I’ve experienced many similar strains. its not going to stick out in my memory as anything special or that I need to buy.

    satisfaction 4/5 this is good weed, but at an expensive price. I probably wouldn’t reorder unless on sale. the crunchberry blows this one out of the water in comparison. the CB I rate a 5. the hidden pastry is also better than this one. I liked fatso more as well. its good, but not as good as the other premiere stuff

    overall great and thank you.

  27. numberonebeckwoodscustomer

    I really enjoyed this strain, the smoke was great and not harsh with white ash. I did find it to be a strong strain so this is definitely for seasoned smokers. I’ve been a fan of cookies for a while and this strain is just another reason!

  28. Bermenheimer

    I cannot stop reaching for this jar. Smokes to a white ash, nose is creamy/musty and it is divinely smooth. Highly potent, though I would say it’s suitable for any time of day. Great video game weed, sure to leave you ripe. Can’t recommend this enough.

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