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Premium Live Rosin (High Fidelity)


1 gram for $120

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Premium Live Rosin

High Fidelity represents top tier quality through and through. From cutting edge cultivation and production practices to the elite quality end products.

The fresh frozen flower used to make our solventless products is single sourced from an exclusive collective of elite craft growers and breeders. The genetics are sourced from the best breeders around the world and the seeds are carefully pheno selected for resin and terpene production by in house experts.

14 reviews for Premium Live Rosin (High Fidelity)

  1. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    High Fidelity Premium Live Rosin – MAC#1 is worth every dollar. I have been using it in my Puffco Peak during the daytime. This is an amazing product that hits immediately behind the eyes, drawing you in with a bright hum, and an overall sense of well-being and purpose. What’s $120 when you can feel this good?

  2. Kman (verified owner)

    Forgot to mention, the Rosin jar was my only complaint and it looks like they have a classy new one that does away with that, ensuring you get all out. Very nice.

  3. Kman (verified owner)

    I also procured some Tropicanna Cookies #5, during the Black Friday Blowout, which seems a long time ago. Brought it down to $90/g, which is a very fair price for this product I would say.
    Pricing aside, the product is amazing as is to be expected. The Trop #5 was off-white just like the new pictures, white! I relate white to purity and this is certainly some clean smoking Rosin. The aroma, absolutely delectable. Orange and cookies, more going on but that’s predominant for me. Stellar effects, perfect for anytime really, crushed anxiety and depression with ease. Tastes super as well, I could go on and on. Amazing.

  4. jjcappone (verified owner)

    Dammmmn that MAC#1 is some fire! Love high fidelity’s Live Rosin if your looking for that treat for yourself ,this is perfect! thanks again budmail you guys are stand up and have some excellent customer service.

  5. Kman (verified owner)

    Oh my, it’s back in stock!

    Got the Pink Kush as I wanted a heavy hitter. It certainly is. Pretty much looks like the pictures on here, with the best smell, concentrated kush. Had about 0.10g left, decided to just finish it in one big dab. I was medicated for 5-6 hours, no joke. Kept increasing in intensity for me, almost felt like an edible high of sorts. I required no other cannabis products, simply no need. Clean stuff, one gram of this left my banger cleaner than after a few hits of the Royalty Rosin. Definitely top of the line product, pricy but worth it since there just isn’t much to compare.

  6. bearded_traveller (verified owner)

    Up there with some of the nicest live rosin I’ve had. Very potent effects and flavour was great on the trop cookies #3 I ordered. I think another review said to think of this like a fine single malt, and as a treat on a Friday night this really made it special. Hope you guys keep stocking different high end live rosins as I always like to have a bit in the collection to treat myself or impress a guest. Thanks for another great product (the poncho farms garlic breath was also great too btw)

  7. jjcappone (verified owner)

    I tried one of each and wow! pure fire.. Expensive! but it is a very nice freat! Quick shipping also very happy with my order and I look forward to trying some new flavors when they come hopefully!

  8. heapbag (verified owner)

    I love scotch, more importantly I love a good well aged single malt. On occasion, I’m willing to treat myself. With that said, this live rosin is just that good. Don’t guzzle, just savour.

  9. snIPez (verified owner)

    I was looking to treat myself and wasn’t disappointed. I got the Tropicana Cookies #3 which is a sativa. The flavour is amazing and hits you hard. Definitely will purchase again.

  10. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    This is another amazing product that’s on the menu. I bought Pink Kush, because I LOVE the strain. I knew I had to try this one out when I first saw it. This has some clean burns and some nice flavour. And it hits hard. I had one of the most relaxing evenings and one of the most sedated sleeps I’ve had in a while after merely one dab. Sure its a bit pricey, but for a top tier product that is reminiscent of Horatio Delbert LHO 7.0, you can’t go wrong. I dabbed this product on the third highest setting on my Puffco Peak (which I bought on this site with their 5 free joints deal while it was still valid, Thanks BM!). To put it simply, I will be purchasing this product again depending on its availability. I would like to try out the Tropicana Cookies #3 and the Rainbow Driver, perhaps one, or both, will end up in a near-future cart of mine. Happy Halloween/Samhain & Happy Dabbing!

  11. Sativa Seeker (verified owner)

    Serious stuff! Got the Trop #5 and Rainbow Driver, very impressed with the overall quality.
    Out of the two though, I’m enjoying the Tropicana Cookies much more for the effects and flavour.
    The Rainbow Driver is good, but the buzz for me is a little one note.
    I’m excited to try more Rosin from High Fidelity.

  12. GDaddy (verified owner)

    Must say if you can afford this product it’s well worth trying sweet flavour clean burn I find it best to keep refrigerated until I use it mixes well

  13. KushConnoisseur (verified owner)

    Got the Pink Kush and Tropicana cookies #3. First impression is that both are of very high quality and the nose is strong.
    The Tropicana cookies is a blonde resin while the Pink Kush has a slightly darker and greener tint to it. The Tropicana cookies smells obnoxiously strong, reminding me of a Mimosa #4 (Bottle Rocket) offering from the spring – dank with notes of clementine and highly floral.
    This offering is right up there with LHO 7.0 and was recommended by budmail as the cream of the crop, and is extremely smooth, potent and clean. Certainly one of the best concentrates Ive ever tried.
    Saving the Pink Kush for a few more days but can say that the nose is a dank Pink Kush smell exactly what you’d be going for.
    High Fidelity ranks among the top concentrate producers Ive ever tried, and thats a lot! The only drawback is price point, which is likely a reflection of the slim competition in the premium solventless space and the newness of this technique.
    Well worth the money for the quality and solventless nature, as well as the preservation of terps and how clean the product is, likely originating from top quality flower, however would like to see the prices on these products go down over time if the process allows.

  14. rolled gold (verified owner)

    very very tasty and really gets you stoned

    but very very expensive

    reminded me of horatio delbert live resin….which is a complement

    will buy it again

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