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Pressed Bubble – Do-Si-Do

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This hash was made locally in B.C. using craft cannabis. Do-Si-Do is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG. Deep carob/cedar in colour but bright peanut tones surface as it crumbles. Bits up nicely while under warmth the hash will press together and is nicely malleable. Loud and pleasant to the nose with a fruity sweetness and a creamy marshmallow undertone.

An excellent choice to sprinkle atop your bowl or mixed within a joint, or however you enjoy smoking your hash! While supplies last.

14 reviews for Pressed Bubble – Do-Si-Do

  1. sativa_lvr (verified owner)

    Excellent hash! Odeur subtile et sucré mais néanmoins présente, un peu comme de la guimauve tel que décrit. Il est savoureux lorsque fumé, le goût surpasse celui du tabac dans les spliffs. La texture est belle, ni trop mou, ni trop dur. Se manipule bien, même si devient collant avec la chaleur des mains. Brule bien, doucement, fumée blanche et épaisse. L’effet est très présent, un couchlock pas trop lourd, très relaxant et sédatif sur les bords sans toutefois être être un zombie avec une coulisse de bave.

    Surprenant pour le prix, je m’attendais à quelquechose de plus dur comme le bc afghani et de moindre qualité. Dommage qu’il n’en ait plus.

    Hope it will returns!

  2. e456uj4e5j (verified owner)

    Excellent quality product. Very soft and gummy, it leaves sticky residue to the fingers. Smells great and excellent flavor, and the smoke is not harsh.

  3. Jk (verified owner)

    I really like this hash a lot, it’s right up there with the Domestic Afghani “my fav”. Texture is awesome, taste is good and it sure does give ya a rip, I hope this is a product that can continue to be offered seeing how its almost gone. Thanks BM great job 👌

  4. ellieOH (verified owner)

    I’m into it, one of the few times trying bubble and it’ll be staying in my savings. can’t go wrong with hash as a keeper and this pressed dosido is absolutely no exception.

  5. WilliamP (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Bubbles and melts nicely, not full melt. Strong smell and flavour with great hybrid effects. Great all day smoke. Get it while it lasts this is a fantastic product that I’m sure I’ll be buying again and again

  6. buds ahoy (verified owner)

    Can’t quite pin the gas on this one but it seems very plant like in substance and quality with adequate effects, taste, and smell. enjoy, as I have with quality hash like this.

  7. robygoulet (verified owner)

    very nice consistency, almost playdoh like but kind of sticky. Smell is off the charts. Definate bubble when flame brought to it. Greatest bowl topper or stand alone.

  8. Turn (verified owner)

    A very nice smoke, reminds me a little of the Domestic Afghani. It didn’t burn quite the same as the Domestic Afghani but the taste and the buzz were both just as good. Try it.

  9. The dude (verified owner)

    Haven’t had hash in over 10 years, this stuff did not disappoint. The smell was very hash like, the flavour is sweet and earthy. Very easy to work with, will be buying this again.

  10. Mystical Mind (verified owner)

    Very excellent hash me and my girlfriend love it. Very aromatic smell to it the taste is even better very rich and flavorful wonderful hash flavor. The high is very nice and strong with few little pieces in the bong

  11. Magik (verified owner)

    This hash was pretty good. Had good potency and mixed with some weed in a joint i got a really nice focused high. I rate it 4 stars because it was potent but i’m used to the old school harsh hash.

  12. EDedNeddie (verified owner)

    Fantastic bubble hash like bubble hash should be. Probably some of the best I’ve purchased on budmail, very similar in quality to the white mimosa available last year. Oily, soft, easy to work with, and great hit.

  13. Jk (verified owner)

    Very gummie/sticky hash when at room temp, easy to work with for bottle tokes. It seems to work pretty good too, hopefully it will be another hash that will stick around on the menu. Thanks for the very good customer service when I was I guess too Impatient for my order lol. The 99 dollar ice cream zundaes ounce was a steal and thanks for the Sugar Black Rose 👍. Much appreciated

  14. Fathohms (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Bubbles and melts nicely, not full melt. Strong nose and taste with great hybrid effects. Great all day smoke. Get it while it lasts this is a fantastic product!

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