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Pressed Hash – Tropic Thunder x Congo

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This soft and malleable pressed hash was made locally with the Tropic Thunder x Congo strain. Two mostly sativa varieties. Tropic Thunder is a hybrid from an unknown strain of the Maui Wowie family, and Congo is a cross of two rare African strains, Bangi Congo x Congo #3 combined with Indian Chitral Kush. A fine choice for medicating during the day as it is well into the evening, you can expect to feel relaxed, mellow, and have the urge to smile with a buzz that is calm and even. Good for relaxing after work as it helps calm you down, but it will not put you right to sleep.

Parents: Tropic Thunder, Congo

Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing
Flavours: Floral, tropical, earthy, pungent
Medical: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Migraines, Mood Swings, Stress

11 reviews for Pressed Hash – Tropic Thunder x Congo

  1. Mickey

    I enjoyed this hash as the high was pretty smooth but I didn’t like the taste as much as I did with the blueberry flavor. It was easy to break up and roll into a j. with a medium buzz factor.

  2. MeowMix

    This stuff gives a nice mellow buzz. Not too overwhelming but still gets the job done. Good for daytime as you still have the ability to get things done after smoking it. Packs a punch, tastes great, would recommend✌👍

  3. thicchigga

    Amazing buzz, puts me in the focused zone fore sure, has a very nice softness and easy to work with, smells nice and hits and burns great like hash should!

  4. Milo

    Love this! I break some up and add it to my morning bowl or joints.
    Not too overwhelming, just a nice buzz. Will definitely be adding this to my next order!

  5. Telemaster

    Another great pressed hash! This one isn’t quite as high potency as the blueberry or pink muerte, but its got a wonderful hash taste, easy to work with, looks and smells beautiful. Great for the daytime, a rare hash I can smoke and get stuff done. Thanks again budmail!

  6. Mykhthrone

    This was the first hash I tried from this site. It had been years since I had hash and this was a great first experience for me. It doesn’t have a super strong buzz but for me personally that’s a good thing as I’m subject to anxiety if I over-indulge. It’s also great if you have things to do and you don’t want to get totally wrecked. Very little burn-out so you can use over and over and still get the same effect.

  7. Imafordman

    This is a smooth great tasting hash , easy to work with and nice glow after indulging. Has a subtle hint in its taste to black hash from way way back.
    Nice hash, I would recommend .


    Great product for a nice mellow daytime high it’s kinda like in between strong and moderate. Taste is good, smells great, and is easy to work with will buy again.

  9. Reeves Briscoe

    A very nice hash…breaks up nicely and a terrific buzz. Not an overwhelming stoned but a nice high.
    You guys at budmail have the best products! Will definately purchase again!

  10. WakeNBakeBG

    Budmail you have some of the most amazing hash we’ve had this one was a bit lighter than most but every time we love each one we get from you, Tropic Thunder x Congo was really nice we’re happy we decided to give it a shot even tho there isn’t that many reviews on it, we strongly suggest to try this if you’re looking for a light/mellow buzz!

  11. Geofast

    This hash was very nice, easy to work with. Crumbled easily with a little heat. The taste was fairly smooth & easy on the exhale. The buzz was a bit light but great for day time smoking. I’d buy this again, preferably if it’s on sale. Overall still give it a 4star rating.

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