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Pressed Hash – Where’s My Bicycle

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This soft and malleable pressed hash was made locally with the Where’s My Bicycle strain, a sativa dominant strain from Karma Genetics.  It produces a cerebral buzz that is both happy and focused. Great for day and morning time use.

Flavours: Earthy, sweet, flowery
Effects: Happy, euphoric, relaxed, aroused, focused
Medical: Headaches, ADHD, pain, asthma


11 reviews for Pressed Hash – Where’s My Bicycle

  1. President310

    This is one of my go to hashes. Love the taste. Not too harsh, not too light. Nice buzz. Doesn’t give me couch lock. Definitely recommend this hash.

  2. Mr.boogedy

    Where’s My Bicycle?.?. This Is a Great Sativa Strain for Me!. This Pressed Hash is Exactly what i was hoping it would be, Soft enough to put in Joints as small rolled balls Or a rolled worn the length of the Joint. The smell is Beautiful(to me), it’s kind of a Sweet flowery herbal smell mixed with a Hay smell, mixed with a strong beautiful Hash smell. The effects are just like Budmail describes. 7 out of 7 Stars for Me, Super nice effects, Super Nice unique pleasant smell. Will order again.

  3. NickNuked

    Another very nice chunk of hash, nicely malleable and takes good. Burns really well, put a bug chunk in my galdalf pipe and went to the moon.

    Def worth a try peep.


  4. YungKratom

    really great hash. breaking a bunch up, cherrying a big pipe bowl and passing it around gets the whole room trunt! i love hash for a wake n bake, or before doing activity.

  5. LintThief

    This is a great hash, not ideal for using in a vaporzor because it is difficult to break it up fine enough to vaporize all the thc, but it great for smoking in a joint, or decarbing and adding to edibles. it does have a nice earthy taste to it. Would order again

  6. Goonies

    C’est la première fois, que j’essaie l’un de vos hash pressés et ça ne sera pas la dernière ! En plus, le nom de cette variété m’intriguait beaucoup !

    On en roule un petit, on l’allume et puis, je peux vous dire que les effets ce font vite ressentir ! Excellent goût et excellent buzz !

  7. Charlie & me

    Excellent! I really like this hash as it did not make me feel tired and took away my neck pain which I was not expecting! 2 thumbs up!!! I would order again for sure!

  8. Doyle

    I really enjoy this hash its a nice get up and go hash very nice texture good for doobies bongs pipes burns great cant go wrong with this stuff good stuff for an afternoon bike ride.

  9. Beaver Cleaver

    My bf orders all the time no complaints. So I decided it was time for me to try some after I had train wreck and this one is as good to me. I have bad pain in shoulder joint and numbness is hand and this was a very great experience. The pain was gone and numbness is not near as bad. I give this a 10/10. Great flavour and u don’t need much and it lasts for a while. Great hash!👍🤘

  10. Jk

    Not the best pressed hash on the menu just got a gram to try and probably won’t order again with so many better hashes available. Nice texture but not much of a buzz, I’ll stick to the Domestic Afghani .

  11. BobTV

    I like hash most. I try as many Budmail options as I can. So tried this hash. Smells good, looks good, breaks up good.
    Buzz?… meh
    So far Train Wreck remains my favorite.

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