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Puma Mini-Vape Kit


1 Puma Mini Vape Kit for $50

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The Puma Mini brings a compact, discrete design to the vape world. This device is the perfect combination of comfort, fashion and vapour quality. The Puma Mini tank can be used for CBD, THC or CO2 oil and is compatible with 510 or 808 thread atomizer tanks; please note this model comes with a magnetic ring fixable to your atomizer tank for easy swapability.


  • Three heat settings
  • Lighted power level indication
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • 15 seconds auto-off
  • Low resistance protection
  • Circuit board high temperature protection
  • 5V USB micro-charging
  • Magnetic ring for easy tank removal


  • Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Atomizer resistance: 1.2 – 5 ohm
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Battery charging voltage & current 5V Β± 5% below 500 mAh
  • Battery type: 16400 battery
  • Three heat settings: 3V, 3.5V, 4.2V

Package Contents::

  • (1) Puma Mini Kit
  • (1) 1ml oil atomizer tank with magnetic ring

29 reviews for Puma Mini-Vape Kit

  1. R4

    Loving using this vape! Its not as easily concealable as others like the erbatip, but i enjoy the different voltage settings and the magnetic ring feature is nice as well.

  2. Gray8

    First time vaping anything other than weed, don’t know why I waited so long. I ordered some DSD to try it out, make sure you heat oil up first before trying to fill the unit. The puma is pretty easy to use and excellent battery so far!

  3. Selenium Sam

    An excellent little vape unit. Definitely worth the price. The only recommendation I would make is get a refillable tank from the Shhhhhh line and use that. I found the one it comes with problematic. Other than that a great unit (get a couple extra mag rings for easy switchouts)

  4. Halos

    Awesome little unit. I haven’t ever owned atomizer style vapes before but this is a good first experience. Especially since I tried using a Dark side Dabs syringe to put oil in. Ended up breaking the glass on the cart it came with. Was able to fix using some parchment paper and some ducktape and it actually sat in the “nest” even BETTER! Was able to vape all the remaining oil.

    If you are using Dark side Dabs or similar syringe highly recommend you CAREFULLY warm the syringe before squirting it in. Do it slowly. I’ve bought extra syringes with tips that I will use to transfer it but it can be done with the syringe the oil comes in.

  5. Big Red

    I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this unit. Very well-made product. Easy to charge and the battery lasts forever. I originally refilled cartridges but have been buying refills for months. Cheap and easy.
    My only complaint is that one of the bottom screws comes loose every month or two and I have to tighten it up with an Allen key. Other than that I have no complaints. If this thing ever breaks I will buy another one.

  6. TurtleDuckin

    I’m really happy with this vape. Previously had the toko but it didn’t handle the thicker oils very well. Also with the wax atomizer i’m excited to try out some shatter.

  7. Hurthle

    Great little battery with adjustable heat settings. Mine didn’t come with instructions but it isn’t hard to figure out. The only problems i’ve had are with the oil atomizer. It’s always hard to hit after sitting for awhile. Sometimes while trying to get a hit oil will come up into my mouth or into the mouth piece.

  8. Zoggle

    I’ve owned pretty much every vape pen product offered on this site and the Puma is by far the best.

    – Very sturdy ,well built and reliable
    – Great battery life
    – Not too big
    – Easy to swap container whether you like wax or oils
    – Great price

    – The magnetic attachment for the container can sometimes be a little finicky. Sometimes you have to put a little pressure on it while inhaling for the electrical circuit to properly connect.

  9. Momo

    First time using a vape for concentrate and i love this mini puma, its great and the size of it is great. worth the buy simply for its size. only thing i do wish is it came with some sort of instructions. Especially for someone who is new to concentrate vapes it be nice to have a manual to know instead of having to go online and search.

  10. wassamhere

    I’ve been using this vape for two weeks now and love it. Tinier than I expected! The battery will last all day with Heavy use. I’ve been using this with the Dual Quarts Atomizer sold on here with shatter and it performs wonderfully. I had an issue with a missing piece upon shipment which budmail worked with me very quick to resolve. Fantastic customer service and quality as always.

  11. Wazoo99

    Everything I hoped it would be! I’ve been avoiding buying this because I had spark pens and just wasn’t sure it would be as flexible and as robust as I needed. It’s worth every penny. 1000 times better then bulky but functional spark pen. I need adjustable voltage, for ORO honey. This is perfect. I also fill my own concentrates…. Just perfect

  12. 420bobs

    This vape is the best vape I have owned! So compact and easy to use while on the go. The battery lasts for days, I find I hardly have to charge it. Iv only used it with Cherry/Honey oil and it vapes the somewhat thick oil fantastically!

  13. Jeff

    Wow this thing rocks. Just tried some terp sauce in the wax atomizer. Unbelievable clouds, taste, a must buy for concentrates. Can’t wait to try my shatter

  14. :)

    Got this as a replacement since I ordered 2 Tokos that were defective. I love it. Small powerful. Does the job. Really happy with the recommendation and the service πŸ™‚

  15. Biohacker

    This is by far the best battery that i’ve ever used for my co2 oil and distillate oil filled CCELL TH2 carts. I bought one several months back and it’s a tank so figured i’d grab another to have as a backup. Just got it today, great except for the fact that they now include a different magnetic collar/ring. It’s not what’s in the picture or sold as spare collars. It’s a bigger beefier collar that restricts airflow more and causes your cartridge to stick out more. Fortunately you can still buy the old slim pro collars for $3.

  16. kushkingston

    This is my first vape and it’s really great.
    Small,discreet and super convenient.I use mine with Flyte pre-filled cartridges,it’s perfect!
    produces a smooth, flawless toke everytime.As long as you don’t screw the magnetic ring upside down, i was trying so hard to figure out why it wasn’t working at first LOL took me a while to figure it out.Thank you to the BM customer service rep that recommended me this one, loving it so far.

  17. Growers Rent

    Amazing product. Solid build quality, and works great. Having 3 different power settings is awesome. The quick change magnetic ring makes smoking a few different chambers at once a breeze. My only problem with this unit was the included chamber. It doesn’t seem to work very well, however that could be due to the oil I put in. I also wish this vape had come with one or 2 more magnetic rings because I know I will lose it after a good session lol
    I highly recommend this product. Especially when you get the Dual core Wax Atomizer with it πŸ˜‰

  18. Luktcha

    this is my second vape and i find it much better then my others one, and the tank is great , this mini puma is a good investment the battery last longer then many other vape, Nice product BM

  19. Mrw

    I’ve had a cpl different vapes since ive started,this is the bet so far.stay away from The toko gold it only lasted me a week before I was out and The battery died almost compelty a month after I bought it. The battery in the puma mini last a long time and it works pretty much instantly,couple hits and I’m good to go. I use this thing everywhere lol.

  20. Christine

    I love this! Small, discreet, refillable! It’s perfect. The charge lasts an extremely long time. The draw is really smooth and I found it wasted literally zero product.

  21. Kalkarthain

    Only just recently bought this, thus far it is a decent little machine. Doesn’t produce massive clouds, take that as you will. If you don’t really care about big clouds and just want something that works, this works wonderfully. I haven’t tried filling the tank yet since you can just use other pre-filled tanks, I used an erbatip tank of Trainwreck and it is doing quite decently.

  22. Novascotian

    Great little vape. Tricky to add the oil from the syringe, but works very well

  23. Tatto

    Mine would have been 5 stars but my led lights don’t work right. My unit only has green lights. There’s no red, blue or white lights on my unit. Only green lights. So I can’t tell what setting its on? Low med hi ? But the unit still works very basically, 5 pushes turns it on and press the button and it glows green while inhaling. Push 5 more times,it turns off. There is no other lights no matter which way you press the button. I filled the tank with phyto distillate 2.0 and was so pleased I didn’t waste all of the product in my brand new malfunctioning puma mini vape unit. So I liked vaping it was my 1st time vaping oil ever and if my new unit would have functioned right, I’d say it be a 5 stars but I don’t even think I can return the puma mini vape kit cause I’ve loaded the tank. Anyway I got a brand new malfunctioning unit and its kind of sucks. I hope it doesn’t happen to any of you. If it worked correctly I would have been very pleased. I wanted to love it. F*CKIE

  24. hanso

    Check out my Full Video Review Here and Subscribe And Hit That Notification Bell

  25. TommyCannabis

    Love it, had a hard time with Wax Atomizer tip BUT Toko Gold Cartridges work on this Puma Mini and It enabled me to smoke both space queen and Girl Scout cookie from 2 seperate Toko gold catridges, :))) and that is why i Give it 5 stars lol πŸ˜€ happy Blazin’

  26. Buds4All

    It does what it’s supposed to do, and quite well. The only suggestion I could give is that Budmail have a small plastic attachment on their vape oil syringes to make loading it easier. It’s a very careful process. But once you get past the learning curve, the entire unit is great, and does what it’s supposed to do – it gets you high.

  27. baconandbeer

    THis worked great until the second time i had to fill it. Now the oil just bubbles up into my mouth instead of vapour. I have waste an entire 1ml refill without anything to show for it. Had high hopes but now thoroughly disappointed. Instructions with the product would also have been nice.

  28. Perryl

    “I bought this and the Spark at the same time and I have used the Spark significantly more. So, I can’t say for sure if I really do like or dislike this unit. That said, I think I gravitate to the Spark for a reason.

    One thing that I really, really like about this unit is the quick-load function. Using those little gold rings you can swap around your atomizers in a second. It’s literally plug-and-play. I also really like that both the Puma and the Spark use the same atomizers. If you don’t like one of these units you should definitely try the other.”

  29. FrIedBacon90

    I absolutely love this vape. Sleek and small and works awesome.

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