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Purple Candy



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Purple Candy

Purple Candy is a magnificent cross of Sweet Tooth and The Purps. This batch has small to medium sized nuggets, which display an abundance of frost. There are also purple flashes on the bigger colas. Musky grapes, honey and an earthy undertone makes up the aroma. Musky dank notes and sugar crisp cereal round out the flavour. The high is strong but pleasant, settling into a full body buzz that may leave you lazy and ready for bed. Overall, Purple Candy is best suited for evening use.

Flavours: Floral, Sweet, Conifer, Musty, Earthy
Effects: Body-High, Spacey, Relaxing, Mellow
Medical: Anxiety, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Stress

3 reviews for Purple Candy

  1. Old school kush(real kush) lover (verified owner)

    If this was fresh it would have been alot better. A bit too dry. When you smell it, its purple candy but when you take a hit its alot different story because dryness of buds. Fresher buds means more potent and more terpenes. Made some homemade hash using space case grinder. Fluffy buds, not my favourite. Calyx are very small, I like mine nice and swollen. Thc is clear for indica, I like my indica thc with at least %10 to %15 Amber color.

  2. Anaptyxis (verified owner)

    Went to a “hello weed” party yesterday and brought some of this stuff…my close bud said,”you didn’t need to bring a 1/4″, I said it’s only a 1/8!…nice fluffy buds, good stone, tasty and smooth with sweet tooth shining through…good sh!te BM!

  3. CoolHandL (verified owner)

    I was weary opening the bag, buds are fluffy (like
    AA not AAA) and not really compact, nose wasn’t as strong as I’d like, BUT when I rolled a joint it busted up nicely, nose was there and smoke /flavor was sweet and tasty like purple candy, smoked great, high was great (had a wonderful sleep). It’s a AAA hiding as a AA visually, don’t let it fool you. Bud sizes are small to medium large. I really enjoyed smoking this last night the breath was smooth and tasty.

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