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Refill Cartridge (Pacific Gas) – THC Distillate


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100% THC distillate

The Pacific Gas Vaping Cartridge is a 100% solvent-free cannabis concentrate, unmatched in potency, purity, and flavor. Made from “The Clear”, and using PHO as the starting material, it is then extracted using fractional distillation methods to make it potent and effective in oral, trans-dermal, and smokeable applications.

Fractional distillation of the oil requires that the oil be heated to a high temperature under a reduced pressure created by a vacuum pump. This causes the THC and related cannabinoid substances to vaporize. The vapors are condensed back into an oil on contact with a cooled surface.

Using a pharmaceutical grade steam-pressure extraction method, they scrub all residuals from a solvent-extracted base material (with no trace material in the final product above parts-per-billion).

Ingredients: 100% THC distillate

* Each 510-threaded cartridge contains 0.5 ml of “The Clear”.

** Compatible with Toko Gold and Shhhhhhh.

7 reviews for Refill Cartridge (Pacific Gas) – THC Distillate

  1. Rated 3 out of 5


    Not the best-tasting vape cartridge in the world, but the nasty initial flavour some on here have noted does seem to go away after a few hits, leaving the rest of the cartridge largely flavourless, as advertised. The stone, while perhaps a little gentle for some (especially if you’re a heavyweight smoker such as myself), can definitely build and creep up on you after a few good tokes. All in all, a decent value for the price, just don’t expect the same quality/strength/flavour of something a little more expensive like a Toko Gold refill.

  2. Rated 1 out of 5


    “I bought few different refills for my pen.

    – Toko gold Durban Poison,

    – Vape pen oil – Anise

    – Pacific gas co.

    Toko gold is the most potent, honey oils was good for day time use and Pacific did not do anything for me.

    Would not buy it again.”

  3. Rated 2 out of 5


    So I’m not 100% if it was the product or if it was a faulty atomizer but barley had any product in veil when I got it and didn’t vape properly just a waste

  4. Rated 3 out of 5


    Not the greatest. No taste cheap tank. Strength 5/10

  5. Rated 2 out of 5


    -Would have given 2.5 stars, if it was an option.
    -Taste is not desirable, tastes like PG/Plastic/wick (but not burnt, just the flavor) 
    -Vapor production seems to be pretty good, but the effects are mild
    -oil is very thick, and looks like it wouldn’t wick well, so no chain vaping.

    -Biggest drawback for me is the flavor. I know it’s unflavored, but I expected some flavor from the starting material, at least. 
    -Biggest plus would be the fact that the cart could be opened and refilled (just a press fit mouthpiece), and the ability to use on a reliable modbox instead of gambling with useless disposable or cheapie batteries

  6. Rated 3 out of 5


    Pretty much tasteless. Worked with my Toko without any problem. I was able to use the whole cartridge, but I wouldn’t recommend it simply because filling your own is more effective in every way. It’s made with Pacific’s “The Clear”, and that stuff is pretty good. I’d rather just buy “The Clear” and dab it. 

    If you like the Toko refill cartridges then I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t like this, but if you fill your own then I’d stick with that.

  7. Rated 1 out of 5


    Broke first day. Worked fine at first, next day gf went to hospital and stopped working when we needed it most. Was bad day. It just stopped hitting. It already hit very lightly on the Toko gold. I ended up taking it back from her because she wanted to throw it out and it was a full cart I didn’t want to chuck. I got it worked kinda plugging both air holes on the side of the cartridge, while releasing one finger slightly the vape would turn on. However a few days later the stuff starts leaking out the air holes on the side of it. Its 6 C so its not because its too hot……

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