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Refill Cartridges (Secret Garden Extracts)


1x 0.5ml Cartridge for $45

Oil Type: C02-Extracted Distillate


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Secret Garden Refill Cartridge
Price:   $45.00
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Secret Garden Extracts – Refill Cartridges

Independently lab tested at ~77% THC! 

Secret Garden Extracts is a company that specializes in various botanical extraction methods which produce the purest natural alternative to traditional treatments. They hope to continually build upon their work and allow those to benefit from the best holistic treatment modalities to date.

Available in a wide variety of strains, cartridges contain .5ml of Secret Garden‘s CO2-extracted distillates.

“Activated” concentrates are created by a chemical reaction known as decarboxylation. The high pressure, and resulting temperatures of the CO2 extraction process decarboxylates the cannabinoids at the same time. This converts them to their active forms.

Check out the Secret Garden Extracts facebook page here. Overall, we’re happy to carry their products on our vaping menu!

54 reviews for Refill Cartridges (Secret Garden Extracts)

  1. EDCF (verified owner)

    Picked up the Laughing Buddha and it’s really good! Definitely going to re-buy this one! Just get ready for a great time and the flavour is great as well!

  2. EDCF (verified owner)

    Have been enjoying the the Secret Garden brand a lot! It became our go-to when the Daily went out of stock. Grabbed the Super Man OG and am super excited to go hiking with it!

  3. EDCF (verified owner)

    When I saw the Ghost Train description, I got so enthusiastically excited about it! If it comes anywhere near an Ayahuasca trip, I’ll definitely be ordering this one again! This brand is just great and very clean!

  4. EDCF (verified owner)

    Snapped up the Lemon Drop! Anything lemon, lemonade, is just great for a good time! Truly just keeps our moods great! We definitely enjoy this one on our night walks around the community!

  5. EDCF (verified owner)

    When I saw the Pink Tahoe, I knew I had to grab it! I literally will order anything with the word “Pink” in it because it’s right up my alley for pain management. Great for a body numb for dealing with issues like eczema. (definitely on the way to healing!)

  6. Rachpuffs (verified owner)

    I got the laughing buddha cart. and it was so delicious! Perfect price point, and felt like high quality ingredients. I normally get headaches if I hit it too much but not with this one! will be ordering more asap.

  7. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite products. The vape cartridge lasts long, and they are pretty strong also. There are many great choices to choose from, but my favourite is the wedding cake. The flavours of these cartridges are great as well, highly recommend!

  8. King (verified owner)

    First time buying a vape pen and cartridges, I ordered a sauce cartridge, vape pen and a ounce, then got another cartridge and thc iced tea and hot chocolate, but it came before the pen, I screwed it on to my yocan evolve plus xl and it works on the battery, I got Ghost Train Haze, it’s really good

  9. Dirlewanger (verified owner)

    I have tried many of the Secret Garden strains! I haven’t had a bad one yet, so far all the strains I have tried are true to their bud counterpart. I am currently enjoying the laughing Buddha cartridge. Perfect for daytime use.

  10. bearded_traveller (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed these. Very smooth hits with solid taste. Effects were on point. Also enjoyed the quality of the cartridge. They can clog a bit near the end like any cart but preheat takes care of this for the most part. Overall a great buy.

  11. Sandilicious (verified owner)

    Very much enjoy these carts, I’ve tried the Pink Diablo Kush and the Rockstar and both were very clean, delicious and potent, all around nice oil. Rockstar is one of my all time favourite strains and I wasn’t disappointed by the effects and taste. Looking forward to trying more strains!

  12. n. (verified owner)

    Gorilla Cookies is one that I tried and really enjoyed by this company. I would highly recommend it. I had a very relaxed evening and the buss grew gradually over time.

  13. OW and Chill (verified owner)

    LINDSAY OG You can really taste this one! was cool and potent! perfect for the quick highs and feel goods! Keep up the good work! love trying all the strains

  14. OW and Chill (verified owner)

    GODS BLUE CHEESE was a perfect hit and be able to function strain for me! just the right mind set and motivation, loved it and love the 0.5 to 1ml sizes! try and out and save some money with the big 1ml tanks! Keep it up!

  15. Red (verified owner)

    Purchased my first SG cartridge. Grabbed the 1ML Monster Cookie Strain. It had a musky chemical flavour and was sharp on my lungs. I unscrewed the cartridge and took a closer look at the distillate. It wasn’t very sticky like a normal oil that requires rubbing alcohol to clean up. It had a greasy consistency and easily wiped off my fingers.
    I think something went wrong in the manufacture of this cartridge.
    I threw away the half-full cartridge and won’t buy this brand again.

  16. sweet420 (verified owner)

    Purchased the superman OG and death bubba. The cartridges feel high quality, used with the silo battery, and the palm works perfectly! Both very tasty and very smooth!

  17. beedub (verified owner)

    Ordered the Shishkaberry and Pink Kush. TOP NOTCH! Loved them. Tasted great, too. I will be buying again, no doubt about it. Feel like I felt these almost instantly compared to many others.

  18. rob (verified owner)

    Just got the Blueberry cartidge. Its a classic for a reason. A nice, chill, fun buzz. The delivery time was great. The cartidge tastes abolutely amazing too. I will buy again.

  19. Jake (verified owner)

    Shishkaberry in a BC Trees pen (offered by BM); 95%

    WOW, you feel it almost instantaneous, very nice taste, didnt feel any couch lock but i imagine if i kept taking tokes id be zonked. will add this to the repeat list

  20. Jake (verified owner)

    Blueberry kush –

    Came in at 95.35%, beautifully well packaged, nice feather tip on the cartridge, fits perfectly with the bc trees pen offered by BM,

    Nice taste, good smoke, great effects

  21. SheHigh (verified owner)

    Pretty legit!! I stopped smoking oils after the whole vitamin-e/death lung thing so it has been over a year or so. I looked into this product and made the plunge. It smokes smoothly, and not too much flavour (snookimberry?)

  22. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    First time buying Secret Garden vape cartridges though I am a big fan of their distillate so I was expecting good things and boy I was not disappointed. The taste alone is better than most vape cartridges I have tried but the smoothness, man it’s so smooth, like glass. I would highly recommend any strain, the two I tried were both 95.35 THC which is far higher than any vape cartridge I have bought up til now with most I have had averaging 85. Keep on keeping on Budmail! I will be buying this again.

  23. Jdose (verified owner)

    Second time buying this strain and love it. Smooth mellow and calming. Great taste and very chill high. Would definitely recommend this one for a chill night out on the patio this summer.

  24. Diesel (verified owner)

    Excellent cartridge, smooth and hits hard. Easy to refill if you want to refill too. Will definitely buy again, want to try all the different strands.

  25. Buddy Dev (verified owner)

    Top shelf extracts with all of the flavor of real bud without the harshness of smoking. Would definitely recommend to a friend. Secret Garden extracts continues to deliver!

  26. Dan (verified owner)

    These are my favourite cartridges by far. while each flavour is different the quality is consistently great. not harsh, great flavours, strong and potent!

  27. Dan (verified owner)

    These are my favourite cartridges. each flavour obviously is different but overall I have found this company’s cartridges to be excellent. they arent harsh and have a great taste

  28. Jdose (verified owner)

    By far some of the best quality distillate iv’e head the pleasure to try. I purchased the DARTH VADER which I found very strong and potent. Give’s you a very good head high. Smooth and tasty. Highly recommend and will buy again!

  29. Fun (verified owner)

    These are my favourite vape cartridges. The pink kush seems to be the purest. I find the flavour to be right on point and it hits pretty smooth. It doesn’t give me the same tickle in my throat that I get with a lot of other vape products

  30. Agent 47 (verified owner)

    There’s better to be bought. At this price it’s aight
    Kinda has a fake flavor to it
    Likes to jam up making it hard to inhale at times
    Great selection of strains tho

  31. OW and Chill (verified owner)

    I am loving the 1ml cartridges. Lasts a long time, hardly any coughing and they all have their own unique taste. Monster Cookies is my favorite so far. Ordered a bunch more to try out

  32. OW and Chill (verified owner)

    I got Death Budda and Monster Cookies. I found the Monster Cookies gave me a better high feeling. Death Budda was good but was a really deep slowing high 🙂

  33. rk1994 (verified owner)

    Great product, I really didn’t think it would hit the way it does. Got me nice a buzzed everytime and lasted a long time. Would definitely buy again, sad that it is out of stock 🙁 Wonder if I can get different company cartridges and still work with this vape?

  34. Quarrels (verified owner)

    We got the super lemon haze, and shishkaberry. The lemon haze was a little harsh but also good and strong. The other one wasn’t as strong but had a nicer flavour.

  35. Sheila (verified owner)

    Ordered two of the 1ml cartridges. Gorilla Glue was a great high. The other strain was Orange Cookies. That one doesn’t feel like it had any THC in it. Barely a high off of that one. Stopped smoking it because it does nothing for is. Maybe a bad batch? For the value, it’s worth trying again but with a strain I’m more familiar with.

  36. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    I have purchased the Secret Garden distillate before for hot knifing, hot knifing is using a burner on your stove to heat up a knife and then you burn some oil on it and suck up the smoke through a “hooter”, for all you young ones. These cartridges are hot knifing in the future for an old hippie like me but I do like them and see lots of advantages to using them. I bought the White Widow as I have bought and like the flower before and having now tried the Secret Garden extract of it I am impressed. It’s taste is excellent, the stone is as expected and long lasting and because it’s BM I know it’s a quality and safe product! I will buy it again.

  37. combeng (verified owner)

    Really nice, and as others noted 95% THC not 77%. Haven’t tried too many distillates but this hit nice and tasted good. Price is a bit high though, would like to see this come down and I would be a repeat buyer.

  38. Dfraser (verified owner)

    They were strong but I have realized vaping isn’t
    My thing but for those who enjoy it grab these now! Super good flavour and potency! Perfect for on the go

  39. R4 (verified owner)

    good quality distillate and vape cartridges. However the cartridges seem to gum up after about half use, but they taste great and don’t burn. Compatible with the mini puma and not with erbatip

  40. yeloot59 (verified owner)

    My first time buying ‘Secret Garden’ products, and from now on will be my only vape cartridge used.
    I bought the Death Bubba, and it’s superb, so can’t wait to try their other varieties . At $70 for a one gram cartridge , it’s also the best deal going.

  41. YoungBalsamic (verified owner)

    recently purchased the Laughing Buddha cartridge
    has a very nice flavour if you like the natural taste cannabis vape; 100% cannabis oil so you know its good quality
    can get you pretty zooted pretty quick, definitely a heavy hitter
    price is a bit high as others have mentioned but the quality/effectiveness is worth it over other brands in my opinion

  42. numberonebeckwoodscustomer (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite products. The vape cartridge lasts long, and they are pretty strong also. There are many great choices to choose from, but my favourite is the wedding cake. The flavours of these cartridges are great as well, highly recommend!

  43. sativa_lvr (verified owner)

    This review is for Laughing Buddha.
    This one is tastier, more vapor is created. It even surprised me because I tough it would not vape correctly (like the RC one).

    Oh and btw.. 95% thc.

    Thank you BM.

    Tastes like the flower BM had a few weeks ago! Buzz is alright also. Secret Garden is offering great and “uncommon” selection, I was lucky to get a LB cart, one of my top 5 sativas.

  44. sativa_lvr (verified owner)

    This is for Red Congo cart.
    High is on par with disty carts.
    I may have been spoiled with HVE HTFSE cart taste-wise, because I do not see the “tastyness” people report. It tastes lighthly, enjoyable but not “wow”.
    Buzz is there definately, when the oil is warmed to become more liquid. It feels clogged when oil is room temp.
    Good product, would like BM to stock HVE products/live resin carts.

    I may have f* my tolerance with those pens..

  45. Kat (verified owner)

    my review for the fire OG strain: its a really nice indica. I use it before I go to sleep and I get the best rest. as for someone with a high tolerance, a cartridge lasts only about 2-3 days for me so I wish it was cheaper

  46. Akua420 (verified owner)

    Very thick so you have to warm up before it will go into my vape cartridge. Very strong and tastes great! I love the way it vaps. I was worried it wouldn’t with how thick it is but I get great hits with it.

  47. Sixty (verified owner)

    Along with my new adventures into vaping, I decided to try the Laughing Buddha cartridges from this fine company. They are wonderful, the distilled essence of the Laughing Buddha strain. Pure sativa mind candy and tasty to boot. The only complaint I have is that they and all these types of cartridges are pricey. Understandably perhaps, considering how much weed is required to refine down into oil of this quality and purity. Not to mention the delivery system, which reveals medical grade engineering and development. Still it would be nice to see that price come down as time goes on.

  48. Schoenhals (verified owner)

    Got the Shishkaberry. Very nice flavor. I’ve been buying distillate a while so nothing new here, but great quality in both the extract and the tank it’s in. I’ve got quite a few vape pens so I really only got this for something different flavor wise to vape. I wish these were sold in the 1g refills not just the plain. Would love to fill my other vapes with this. Great product. I’ll definitely be getting more for my connoisseur collection…..

  49. tokeyDAbear (verified owner)

    So i have officially sampled all of the sativa dominant strains and now I am gonna
    get started on the indica strains. These are truly great. Secret garden is a very apt name.

  50. Sir Smokes Alot (verified owner)

    Smoking on the wedding cake cartridge right now and it’s really bomb. The taste is incredible, just like hitting a dab of wedding cake shatter on a banger and gets you just as medicated. I’ve tried the keyy and erba tip cartridges and these are by far the greatest option in terms of price, quality, taste, and potency. Highly recommend.

  51. JNo (verified owner)

    By far some of the best quality distillate iv’e head the pleasure to try. I purchased the white widow wich I found very strong in the potency. Give’s you very good head high. I also tried the laughing buddha I found this strain to be mild with a nice body high. It’s very good if your out during the day doing physical activity and don’t want to get burnt out or tired. Iv’e tried many distillates the last couple years and I find the secret garden to be much better quality and much higher hard hitting potency.

  52. tokeyDAbear (verified owner)

    I am loving these right now!!!………
    Soooooooooo many strains to choose from and each one comes with a description as well

  53. Corcor (verified owner)

    Darth Vader – tastes just like smoking shatter does in a wax pen. So this is the first distillate I’ve tried that truly mimics the taste of good BHO. Without unnecessary added flavours

  54. TRwriter (verified owner)

    These are fabulous quality. Known as the Cadillac of cartridges for quality. 95% TCH (description above doesn’t say that but the label on the package does). I tried the Wedding Cake plus Cookies & Cream. Both very tasty, smooth (no coughing). Hits hard.

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