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Refill Cartridges (510 Vapes)


1x 1.0ml Cartridge for $50

Oil Type: Premium Distillate

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510 Cartridge – 1g

Introducing the powerful 510 system. With its modern design and rapid heating capabilities, the all new quartz glass cartridge paired with high quality distillate, is guaranteed to elevate your vaping experience.

Hardware Features:

  • All Quartz Glass Cartridge
  • Replacing heavy metals, for a more natural flavour profile
  • 4th Generation Ceramic Coil
  • Rapid heating for increased vapour production


  • The exclusive Child Resistant case not only protects the cartridge during shipping but it also meets all the federal safety guidelines.

Please Note: For best results, we recommend pairing 510 cartridges exclusively with our (530mAh) 510 battery.

THC Oil Features:

  • Premium Distillate
  • Organic Terpenes
  • ≥95% Delta-9-THC
  • NO VG/PG
  • NO PEG
  • NO Diluent
  • NO MCT
  • NO Vitamin E Acetate

3 reviews for Refill Cartridges (510 Vapes)

  1. slewi52 (verified owner)

    Think so far best cartridge I have used. Great packaging great choices of strains. Highly recommend! Flavour and smoke very good. No clogging in tip. Great design.

  2. Buzzed (verified owner)

    Not sure because I’m old now or what, but 3 hauls on this and I was in another dimension! It hit me in waves, first were intense and after it was more relaxing. For me a bit to intense definitely have to take one less haul next time

  3. Mutt1108 (verified owner)

    Game changer! A unique vessel that pulls a rich, clean smoke. Just an amazing experience! The packaging is second to none. All this and great strains to choose from. I’m sold for life.

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