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Refill Cartridges (KEYY)

1 KEYY refill cartridge for $50
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Product Description

Welcome to the result of years spent exploring multiple forms of cannabis oil and vaporizer tanks. We have developed a proprietary technique to distill cannabis oil that removes ALL impurities and co-developed a vape pen design that quickly vaporizes the thickest and most purified oil. (Not recommended for use with other pen systems.)

Ahead of the 15-25% flower THC content and 60-80% of BHO and Co2 Extractions, The Distillation process allows for a 90-99% THC finished product! Paired with a very clean extraction process, you can see why Keyy THC Distillate is becoming an industry leading product.

Contains: 0.8ml KEYY oil.

70 reviews for Refill Cartridges (KEYY)

  1. E

    I loved using these vials in the past, but if you smoke too much too fast (causing the coil to overheat) you will burn your coil very easily, providing an awful tainted taste. Which is why I recommend buying the 10$ empty white or black vials they have on here and putting the KEYY juice in that!! Hit as much as you like and no burning taste ever!! The 10$ vial even fits on the KEYY bottom piece , pretty awesome 😀 Great investment imo.

  2. Gill_Reviews

    So far I have tried about 5 different cartridges; my favourite is probably the Grape Fruit Haze and Green Crack God. I find the Sour Deisel makes me hungry and I huff the CBD all the time!!!!

  3. VapelordNord

    I got sour diesel, GCG and Mango. GCG and SD were great, mango doesnt really hit me as hard. Excellent carts ran out pretty quick tho, wish they lasted longer. Shoutout to BM for helping me fix the cartridges when I got them they did not work.

    GCG tasted good
    SD tasted Good
    Mango tastes good


  4. John

    I love the green crack God it’s the bomb I LOVE VAPES YEA BUDMAIL YEA!!!! It came quick and it is really decently priced for how long it lasts me it is well worth the 50$

  5. teflon_shawn

    Charlotte’s Web 8:1 is wonderful for daytime anexiety relief. I can slightly feel the THC but the CBD effects are the best of a vape cart so far. I have found these carts to be consistant and a good deal too. High quality and perfectly safe! 5/5

  6. teez1998

    Have tried all of the Keyy pods and they are by far the longest lasting pods I’ve come across. Blueberry, GCG and Sour D are the top 3 in my opinion and I’ve recommended this product to over 10 of my friends.

  7. lofibeatstosmoketo

    Harlequin is perfect, like someone said releasing the top a bit to let out the air bubbles does help the potential ‘burn’ taste. The effects are very real and took no time to put me into auto pilot and my body is feeling just right with the CBD mix. I’m gonna get more of these for sure with all these choices…This is what I was looking to get for day to day life man. Love it.

  8. Vape God

    I have used Key pens exclusively for about a year. Two things to note. Firstly, they work well and will get you high. I see a lot of comments about a “burnt” taste. This can 100% happen but it’s avoidable. When you first recieve a cartridge, more often than not there are air bubbles that have gone into the holes that the oil passes through to hit the coil. If you unscrew the top mouth piece slightly, the air bubbles will release out. For the first 20 or so hits, you should do this everytime you take a toke. Once the cartridge isn’t full to the top it generally stops happening. If you don’t, it will begin to tase awful and burnt almost right away.

    TLDR; unscrew the mouth tip after every hit for the first 20 hits and it wont taste burnt.

  9. Microdose

    The blueberry cartridge is really nice. The other types I tried were underwhelming. Grapefruit haze produced little vapour and little discernible effect.
    The blueberry tastes nice and has a nice effect. The others are really a gamble.

  10. SheHigh

    Tried mango for the first time. When I first got the product nothing would come out as I inhaled, I thought something was wrong with the cartridge, so I reached out to budmail customer service. They gave me some suggestions to try to clear the path of oil and it worked! Thanks, budmail customer service for being so responsive!

  11. SheHigh

    I love key products for ease and simplicity, but I have been seeing somethings online about the quality of the oil that has made me second guess this product. Are the additives in these cartridges safe? I hope so, I loooove keyy/flyte!

  12. Melowdrome

    So far have tried sour diesel and grapefruit haze. Both didn’t really taste like much. Quality product produces a good stone. Discreet and enjoyable. Eager to try other flavors

  13. KP

    Excellent stuff. Keyy cartridges do the trick nicely and taste great, most of the time. Seems like the burn rate is a bit finicky though as a bit too hot skews the taste.

  14. tokeyDAbear

    Great stuff I got the grapefruit haze refill and the stuff is awesome. Hits great and tastes pretty good. Although I think I prefer the Green Crack cartridge more, I would still recommend. But don’t forget to follow the original instructions where you have to dry puff the cartridge a few times first before using it.

  15. TheStoutTrout

    Best taste out of all the flavours you can pick from. The grapefruit haze is number 1. It has a sweet onset with a floral combustion, nearing the end you find a tangy twist of citrus and dank!

  16. Akua420

    This is my go to! This time I got the grapefruit and the tank leaks quite a bit, so it only lasted a few days. Oh well, better luck next time! The high was really good, and I liked the taste.

  17. YesWeCanada

    Just got three refills of the Harlequin and I absolutely love it! Spicy and earthy taste. Really enjoy the 1:1 ratio. Can’t wait to try the charlottes web.

  18. Toker96

    This is my go-to distillate tank for vaping! Ive tried lots of the other vaping deals budmail offers but this by FAR for me as a very seasoned smoker, got me flyyyyinnnggg 😀 My fave one is GCG but SRDSL is also a favourite! Highly recommend getting these convenient little tanks. A little pricey but WELL worth it! And they work with any 510 thready battery!!

  19. dudeman

    Awesome stuff I got the grapefruit haze refill and the stuff is awesome. Hits great and tastes pretty good. I would still recommend. But don’t forget to follow the original instructions where you have to dry puff the cartridge a few times first before using it.

  20. tokeyDAbear

    This is my new best friend. I am officially on a taste of keyy tour right now and going thru them all. My favorite for affect ar grapefruit haze and sour diesel cuz I am a sativa kind of guy.

  21. Goonies

    It’s a goods products! I tried many variety of this CO2 oils cartridges and i was never disappointed! Very good taste and very goods effects! Thanx for this products!

  22. Tflop

    These things are great! Tried the Green Crack and it had a wonderful high. Its smooth to pull and has good potency. It worked well with a few different pens I had. Gonna try the 8:1 CBD next.

  23. SheHigh

    I ordered the blueberry for a night time toke and it does delivery. It is a light and yummy fruity flavour and doesn’t loose the taste after consecutive pulls. Super relaxing and great for a good nights sleep.

  24. SheHigh

    I tried green crack god for the first time. It was pretty good at first but after a few days it stared to have a chemical or burn like taste. Could have just been a bad batch or maybe just this strain.

  25. Nika

    Really great product with a nice clean taste and a great buzz. I ordered the sour diesel and so far it’s my favorite. I’ll definitely be purchasing it again.

  26. BlazaFatty

    Tried the Tangerine flavour using a joyetech evic battery running between 5 and 7 watts. The first 3 or 4 inhales are delicious, but then it starts to lose the flavour. This vapes very smooth on both inhale and exhale. The effects are great for socializing.
    4.5 out of 5 due to losing its flavour, but still has great effects. Would rebuy

  27. BlazaFatty

    Tried the Sour Diesel using a joyetech evic battery running between 5 and 7 watts. This produces nice clouds and no burnt taste. Very smooth on the inhale and exhale. I did find that it loses flavour after 5 consecutive inhales. The effects are potent and great for socializing.

    4.5/5 for the Sour Diesel, lost pts for losing flavour, but great bang for your buck in terms of effects. Would rebuy.

  28. BlazaFatty

    Tried the Charlotte’s Web 8:1 using joyetech vtec battery between 5 and 7 watts. The oil vapes smoothly and is easy on both inhale and exhale. The taste is earthy and fresh… not a real nice taste for a vape. The effects were nothing to write home about.

    Overall the Charlotte’s Web is a 3/5 and would try other flavours first before buying again

  29. Wilber

    After trying the godsgreencrack, grapefruithaze, sourdiesel, pineapple and tangerine ive concluded these are my favourite new thing! Discreet, good flavours and far less smell than bud. Cant go wrong, really. The ggc and srdsl were my favourites but they were all great

  30. Dirtochie

    It seems like a smooth transition of branding as these cartridges are just as good as the flyte version. I have topped up a couple of cartridges with “the clear” from phyto.

  31. mike

    had some sour diesel and it was excellent . let some friends try it and the felt a lift after a puff or two but I like to go the extra mile and have 8 or ten halls off the pen in the evening relaxing . stuff is pretty potent and does the job .

  32. Zram

    this is one amazing product, back to back orders for me ,I can smoke anywhere and get high ,the taste for green crack is like a sweet og kush, the high hits very very hard , thank you budmail.

  33. Pixxiestix

    Awesome little cartridges! No longer do I have to make a mess and waste anything now I can swap them out. The size is more then others I have used as well. I’ve tried the green crack god and the sour diesel and they did not disappoint. I love the variety as well and am looking forward to trying other strains and flavours.

  34. Slimthug

    Very good product works well better than the other ones I’ve tried no dry hits or burnt taste very sleek and easy to take with you Keyy is the only one I’ll buy..

  35. J Man

    Seriously by far the best kind of portable / disposable pens out there. I have tried dozens of these little guys from different brands and Flytee / KEYY brands are the best. They do seem to last a long time and regular use would still last almost a week for me. A great daily hitter that I can use while out and about. Highly recommended.

  36. Sublime-haze

    I’m not too big a fan of these. I just find the flavour to be off, be it a flavoured cart or unflavoured. I will likely pass on ordering these again in future as i feel there are better options

  37. Brandon

    Bought the mint cartridge, taste is amazing, effects are even better. I have found it hard to really notice the effects of a pure CBD flower/oil, but a good pull off the mint cartridge, and you can definitely feel the difference between this, and other CBD products. Definitely recommended for anyone who wants a good CBD vape and struggles to feel the effects from other flowers/oils

  38. Sandman

    I have tried several different cartridges and strains made brands like Toko, Erbatip, Shhhh, Shatter Master, and another I now forget (wasn’t good). These Keyy cartridges are second to none. I won’t say too much about the taste or different flavours because we all have our preferences, but he potency is certainly above average. The packaging is great, easy to pocket without damaging the cartridge. It’s solidly built and it vapes very smoothly. Don’t go pulling too hard on those first tokes, or you’ll definitely feel it.
    I got it on sale at a great price and will buy again, no doubt.

  39. Mac

    I use the harlequin 1:1 and it’s perfect for when you require medicine but don’t want an overly psychoactive experience (IMO). I use this for my Crohn’s disease, it helps with the pain and inflammation. I am grateful for this product as it has improved the quality of my life.

  40. Hobobob024

    Absolutely love the flavors that this company makes, true to the strain and definitely potent, I’ll take this along on any trip or adventure for ease of use lasting effects and overall good quality product

  41. Noodle

    These are my fave! I love the flavors, they are so discreet and give you a fast and effective little buzz! I have had good success with these cartridges and they do not get plugged like other brands. I will be buying these regularly 😉

  42. BudLover

    Purchased the Green Crack God for nighttime use. Holy moly this stuff is potent. Tastes great and is as described. Relaxes my muscles and makes me tired ready for bed!

    Purchased the Sour Diesel for daytime use. Very potent as well. Tastes a little stronger than the GCG, and the effects are great to get me through the day.

    Will purchase again.

  43. corytrev

    These cartridges are great. I’ve tried almost all of them now, except for blueberry and peppermint. I highly recommend tangerine, pineapple and mint CBD.

  44. gogetyourshinebox

    I love these cartridges. It’s so worth it for the money alone….these cartridges are the same price as all the others except you get 0.8 ml of oil rather than 0.5!! I only tried the God’s Green Crack so far and have yet to try Grapefruit Haze (also have). So far these cartridges pull great and provide solid vapor volume. Loved the high, super potent!!!

  45. :)

    Shipping is so fast an discreet. My first flyte cartridge. Happy with the price and the product. Flyte came highly recommended to me and I like the variety in choices they provide.

  46. Tucker

    Good taste, hits hard, shipped quickly and discretely.

    Flyte pens are definitely for people a little less experienced with vaping oil, but still pretty good.

  47. shazgod

    tastes great. hits hard with the flute pen. mixing it with other batteries is not recommended burnt the coil using it on a stronger battery. baked tho, for real, good products.

  48. Dc420

    When I first started vaping I would always buy these Flyte cartridges they seem to do the job flavor is good thc is not bad bought this for a friend would much rather buy the syringes and refill my own carts these are for beginners imo

  49. Flying Panda

    Got the Mint strain and boy it was good. Good for day use and will give you a relaxing high with a clear mind and a smiling face. (5/5) I also had Sour Diesel and it met my expectation. Great for night time use and helps with body aches from a hard day. (5/5) I am seriously disappointed with God’s Green because it is my one of my favorite flower strain– and it was far from the original 5 star God’s Green. Please Flyte do something about it. all in all I am a satisfied Flyte user. Cheers!

  50. 420bobs

    Of all the vape pens iv tried, Flyte has by far been the best! The Sour Diesel I got had a great flavor and hits smooth with a good amount of vapor. Strong yet uplifting sativa high, great for during the day. Iv been using this pen daily for almost a week and still have close to half the cartridge left. 2 good pulls and I’m feeling good, usually have a few more though to get nice and ripped haha. Hope Budmail gets more Sour Diesel in stock soon, definitely will be ordering again!

  51. D.ave

    Great product, hits good and tastes quite nice, got the sour Diesel and am enjoying it quite a bit, great head high and very uplifting, would definitely order more.

  52. mochi

    Are these all fake reviews? This stuff is garbage. Tastes burnt and gives a shitty shake like buzz. Did I get a bad batch or what? Not at all impressed!

  53. mochi

    Tastes like burnt plastic and gives me a headache. Absolute trash…………………………………………………………………………………..

  54. Klazina_11

    Great bang for your buck here! I ordered grapefruit haze and wowsers!..great taste and hits hard! Also love the clear cartridges so u can see when u are running low and need to order;)…

  55. Charles B.

    Bought my vape a few weeks ago and LOVE IT ! Hits great and tastes good. I tried Green Crack God and Grapefruit Haze. Both are different, but I like them. I recommend them !

  56. Jake28

    These are great and long lasting. My favorite is green crack god for the morning to get me going. The charlottes web is a must have. The only complaint I have is the battery life, If your a daily smoker. So always carry your charger when going out

  57. DW99

    Wow to grapefruit haze. Strongest stuff I have used. Best value for refillable cartages. $50 for almost a gram. The other products are at most .5 for more money

  58. thedave420

    After purchasing almost everything on this site, I’ve come to a halt. By far one of the best items on BM.

    As for the pen: I recommend purchasing the erba tip. It’s $15 and you cannot go wrong with its simplicity
    As for the cartridges they last a while once you get used to the way they hit you. A few must buys are Grapefruit haze, Sour Diesel, Harlequin, and blueberry just for the flavour alone.

    There is a chance the cotton in your cartridge can get burnt, take slower hits at first.

  59. kushkingston

    I’m totally in love with these cartridges.Don’t even want to bother buying any other brand.I really appreciate the CBD strains too.

    I use these with my Puma Mini.Very high quality and affordable compared to the other cartridges… and contains MORE oil than Toko cartridges,which are actually more expensive?

    Harlequin and Charlotte’s Web are my favorites.Can’t get enough….Please keep these around forever!haha Thanks BM

  60. Thatonegirl

    Can’t even get myself to buy other ones because I love these ones the most. They always come full and taste great too. So discreet and convenient to use.

  61. rodz

    I just got the harlequin 1:1. I also got the grapefruit have. Both are fantastic. These cartridges never cease to impress. The Harlequin cartridge is most impressive, very nice clean high.

  62. BigL

    Great flavour. Very potent. Overall great buy. It’s nice to have something to discretely use in public or at work. Great for pain relief. I have the gods green crack and the 1:1 thc CBD one and I love them both.

  63. Lani

    I was pleasantly surprised with this cartridge. Larger than the toko or erba tips, very good taste, discrete, and still hit plenty hard. I use these with the toko gold pen and don’t notice them being used up any quicker than any other cartridge. I still like having a strain selection, and enjoy toko’s tahoe OG the most, but I’ll buy peppermint flyte again to switch it up.

  64. rodz

    This is by far the best refill cartridge I have purchased. The quality of the cartridge not even the product inside is impressive. Tiny pulls for big hits,its glass and also works on any battery where settings can be dialed to 5.0w or 2.8-3.5v. I got the sour diesel. Fantastic uplifting high. I would like to be able to purchase a 50/50 thc to cbd content cartridge from flyte.

  65. Growers Rent

    I absolutely love the flyte pens. They are very good for on the go. They have great flavours. This order I got Mango, Pepermint, and Pineapple. My favorites are still the God’s Green Crack which are herbal flavored. Sadly they were not in stock.
    Order arrived very fast. Budmail’s customer service team was incredible in recommending me similar products. I am definitely looking to order these again, and expand my experiences with the products they recommended.

  66. LanceUppercut

    I absolutely love the Flyte pen and cartridges! I’ve tried them all and personally prefer the Peppermint, but all the flavours/strains are great…you really can’t go wrong with Flyte. Very good value, hits quick, and it doesn’t stay with you for too long. It’s perfect for a couple of quick hits when you’re on the go, or for just hanging out on the couch…plus it’s almost odorless, so it’s also great for times when discretion is needed.

  67. Macsauce

    ordered Blueberry and tangerine. There were air bubbles stuck in front of the intake that I could NOT get to move that caused me to burn my first coil and the taste was off for the remainder of the tank. I found by simply twisting the top lose and allowing some air in, the bubble would shift. Once I figured this out there were no issues with the tank and I loved it. Very small, very sleek, hits hard and fit right into my other ecig devices and worked great.

    Blueberry tasted great and was great for nights. The tangerine was great fo daytime and wasn’t as paralyzingly as the blue, perfect for staying busy. Will order again.

  68. Thatonegirl

    These are my favourite vape pen cartridges by far. Get lots of product even for the price and they taste great and get you nicely high. Definitely recommend.

  69. Thatonegirl

    I got the blueberry one and the sour Diesel one. Both filled all the way and tasted great! Love it I definitely recommend this as I was looking for good stuff online for a while.

  70. bluntman

    Great stuff I got the grapefruit haze refill and the stuff is awesome. Hits great and tastes pretty good. Although I think I prefer the Green Crack cartridge more, I would still recommend. But don’t forget to follow the original instructions where you have to dry puff the cartridge a few times first before using it.

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