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AAA Grade | Indica | Organic

1 Gram | $9

3.5 Grams | $30
7 Grams | $60
14 Grams | $115
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Product Description


Rockstar is a cross between Rockbud and Sensi Star. Grown living soil organic by our friends at Taco Farms. The buds are mostly smaller in size but liberally coated with resin, showcasing a forest blend of greens and ashy purples over auburn pistils. Cured and trimmed nicely. An aroma of spice and dank fuel greet you at first. Floral and musky classic kush notes are also prevalent. The flavours follow suit, imparting a sweet floral perfume, while expansive on the lungs.

A wash of relaxation takes over as this is smoked. The effects have cerebral qualities but are more likely to leave you quietly focused while happy and relaxed. Excellent for evenings with minimal plans. Overall, Rockstar is a flavourful strain with potent effects and full-bodied flavours.

Flavours: Earthy, Savoury, Musky, Fuel
Effects: Heavy, Dreamy, Euphoric, Calming
Medical: Stress, Insomnia, Pain, Lack of Appetite, Depression

Taco Farms is the name of the trusted growing collective we have long utilized here at Budmail.

We have built our reputation on the dependability of our vendors, and they have consistently provided trusted quality for fair prices.

Some of our loyal clientele have fond memories of strains like Premier Line Purple Chemdawg and Stella Blue. In more recent memory, one of our biggest in-house favourites, Strawberry Jerry!

Taco Farms are on the cutting edge in small-batch craft grows. The love and care gone into producing their strains is evident in the final product. Happy plants with impressive properties 🙂

Overall, we’re proud to carry their offerings on our menu!

62 reviews for Rockstar

  1. NickNuked

    very underrated AAA bud, tastes better and does more than your average AAA bud..

    Becoming one of my go to buds that i will always slap on an order.

  2. Twisted_Toaster

    Rockstar is as Rockstar does, this one hit pretty hard, wasnt the most amazing but much better then another item in my order. Gonna squish one gram into a couple rockstar dabs cause its super oily. very cerebral and sleepy.

  3. MasterVin

    So you wanna be a Rock 🌟💥 Great Weed deserves a 4 star rating, never had a bad Batch the Bud you can count on👍 probably said that before but it’s very true. I was a customer of budmail way back to 2013 under a different username, been back since early April when all the weed stores Closed. I sticking to my roots now with Budmail and loving all the great strains half are much better then government store’s 👌💥👍 so for this rant I had this Rockstar back in 2013 and now in 2020 great stuff as is always 99% of All Budmail Flowers Rock👌💥 Cheers Rock Stars 8/10.

  4. gmac

    Nice stuff for sure. Not mind blowing but tasty, good buzz and good burn. Smells nice. Very functional so also a good option for midday if the mood should strike you.

  5. Cyberstace

    This weed is a good strain for stress and being uplifted . Nice buds and taste is great. I have had this strain a couple of times and have enjoyed it when i get it.

  6. Twisted_Toaster

    This most recent batch was not a winner in my books, didn’t smell great or bust nicely, complete lack of everything from stone to flavour to toke ability, nothing like the last batch. Happy I only grabbed a bit to try.

  7. Smoke Anon

    This is one of my most favourite strains from BM. Nice cerebral high that lasts a few hours. Long time smoker here and I always grab this beauty when in stock. Highly recommend!

  8. MasterVin

    So you want to be a Rockstar 😎 this is Great Weed, the Bud you can count on👍 Nice bright Green Buds, very Stinky 👃 Hits Nice in a Bong or Joint 💥 Always pick this up when Available 👍😎

  9. Alwool

    I’ve enjoyed this so far. Was only able to snag a 3.5 for it but at the price it came at why not!! Budmail continues to offer high quality cannabis at affordable for all.

  10. MR.BS

    Just got a 1/2 ounce. A bit leafy and buds were small medium size. Smell, taste, and burn are decent. Good stuff relative to the price. I recently bought some AAAA Rockstar and expected the Rockstar Kush to be a bit more kushy when I ordered it, but when the bag came it was just labeled Rockstar AAA, so maybe the kush part is in name only. Either way decent stuff and happy with the purchase.

  11. Rendelicious

    Great tasting, and smelling. We got it on sale, which is always good.
    A very awesome bed time strain. I find this can put me right out after a long day

  12. Kingzeus

    The high is fantastic, super euphoric and relaxed and I was so happy by the cerebral effects and is now my new bedtime strain. Love this one. smooth great tasting smoke

  13. H3

    Whoops wrote a review on the wrong strain. Rock Star is one of my favorite strains, when I first tried this a few years ago I wasn’t expecting much and boy was I wrong. Rock Star is easily in my top 3 strains, great taste and quality strength. If you’re looking for a high quality and can afford the little extra cost this is definitely worth it. I will be buying again when they get more in stock

  14. H3

    Got this order on sale and it was well worth the price. Typical kush taste and strength for those who’ve smoked any kush strains this won’t disappoint. If you’re looking for a quality bud and not sure what to get pink kush is a good choice in my opinion.

  15. Nick Smith

    Small to medium sized buds. Very very leafy but smells amazing! Opened up the bag and my house reaked like Rockstar Kush for a while. Sticky buds that burn clean and pack a punch. Would definitely recommend this strain.

    4/5 – Would definitely purchase this again and recommend it to friends looking for a strong nighttime smoke.

  16. arrow39

    Stuffs decent little leafy smells great thou burns nice white ash good price point not my favourite from taco farms would buy again for the price thanks

  17. numberonebeckwoodscustomer

    The buds were fairly large, dense and looked nice. The smoke was wonderful in a joint and it is definitely a strong indica, I will be ordering again 👍🏼

  18. D

    I remember the first time I tried Rockstar several years ago and was like, wow.
    A personal favorite that never disappoints, I love the balance between happy, focused, and relaxed. I really like the effects.
    Well trimmed and cured, dense, and colourful.
    Nose is rich with fuel, earth , pine and other subtle influences.
    Taste reflects nose.

  19. Cris

    This stuff is great. This strain is really good for my sleep, anxiety and pain. Tastes pretty good, smoke is smooth, ash is white. Definitely more potent for me than a lot of other strains I’ve tried

  20. spaceman

    This is honestly one of the best examples of the strain I have ever come across, the aroma and high are crazy strong and matches the description on point. Trust me i’ve been smoking for a long time and 2 bowls of this and I had a full 12 hour sleep when normally im lucky to get 6hrs. The quality strains BM offers are some of the best weed in Canada imo.

  21. tomjentorhyd

    Smell is amazing, taste is sensational . Price is great as always. Buds where nicely sized and couldn’t of asked for a quicker ship. Love not having to wait weeks to get our vitamins.

  22. tomjentorhyd

    Smell is amazing, taste is great. Price is great as always. Buds where nicely sized and couldn’t of asked for a quicker ship. Love not having to wait weeks to get our vitamins.

  23. Smoke Anon

    Just got my ounce and it didn’t disappoint. Buds were medium size and smell was great. Smoke was smooth and a nice high lasting a few hours. Highly recommend.

  24. JLo

    I’ve been smoking to many desert strains. I was looking for something heavier and I found it. This batch definitely reminds me why I love Rockstar. It’s so terpy it had resin leaking through the filter. Stinky, sticky wonderful stuff. To bad it’s almost gone.

  25. Northview

    Great stuff 1 of the best I got from the bm it’s got a good long lasting high and its hard hitting strong high the stuff has a good kush taste, solid buds covered in crystal be grabbing full 28g forsure just hope it’s as great as last time !

  26. RebelYell

    The best tasting weed I think I’ve ever had! Sweet earthy grapey flavors but also a strong pungent diesel and skunk flavor as well. Smoke to much and this will put you to sleep!

  27. Cheezy

    Very potent and worth every dollar. This is always my go to bud for my end of the day toke as I know it always has the effect I want. Strong hits,nice buzz before it kicks in and knocks me out.

  28. Sirach306

    Been about a year since ordering last. I’m not just impressed, I’m Stunned(Very rare). Its so Terpy that it reminds me of the 7.0 Live Resin Tuna/Rckstar. WOW. Buds were small and medium. So sticky and resinous that you must clean your scissors halfway thru a nug. Excellent effects that hit instantly after first lung full. 6 out of 5 stars
    The MK Ultra looks better but i’m glad none left. I ordering more of this immediately.
    Thanks BM I loved the Boveda packs I’m 11/10 Satisfied

  29. CBD_KiD

    CBD_KiD here. So rockstar you do it every time ! But this is the first time ive ever had a organic sample and Oh My o_0 burns soooo slow but evenly & clean. Each puff is full of terps & Power beyond expectation . I use this for pain and sleep mostly but isn’t overly narcotic so it can be used for relaxing as well . Now mix in some CBD’s and lights out . ” pay respect to her and she shall show you the way “

  30. Jrose

    One of my fav Indica strains is Rockstar. It has high THC. The high hits you hard instantly(it’s a nice hit not overwhelming) that calms and relaxes you easing you into a nice lasting high. I smoke this strain anytime.

  31. TomFlry337

    I don’t have anything bad to say about this strain. The buds were nice and big…full of crystals, the smell is out of this world and the high is simply one of the best….overall 10/10

  32. Sublime-haze

    Order # 2 small oily nugs, burns great, flavour is amazing. Consistent so far. See earlier reviews or the forum for more detail.

    This one is a must have.

  33. flaminglips

    In this lovely strain you are treated to light green, resin coated buds with a mild kush/fuel aroma. Upon grinding the aroma goes through the roof. Smoking is a pleasure, burns well to a white ash and has a classic kush flavour. I found this weed to be extremely relaxing and excellent for sleep. Well worth the price.

  34. kushcoma

    Sensational! I love this bud! I’ve collected this flower a bunch of times and it’s always spectacular. Nice big nugs, great flavour and high potency makes this one of my all time favourites.

  35. Coreos

    Fire strain must get again next order the bud was quite big and I only got a gram and it smoked so well I quite enjoyed it. Five stars would definitely get again

  36. XtremeC

    I order 7 different strains, 3 premier and 4 AAAA 10 dollar ones. This batch of Rockstar is amazing, it is my favorite one out of the 7. It kicks my ass every time I smoke it. It has very poor bag appeal, the poorest out of the 7 lol. Buuuuuut was the only strain out of the 7 that made me go WOW on taste and high.

  37. LisaJayne

    I’ve had Rockstar a few times now and I must say this time it was top knotch. Burns very smooth and has very little to no burnout. Great for pain. All around great bud day or night.

  38. TomFlry337

    So this is the second time writing all my reviews and I am guessing it is because I just wrote all the same thing for all my reviews. Well this is one of my favs here at Budmail and the smell was sooooooo goood, buds were rly nice, taste was amazing and the high was bare none. 10/10

  39. Steve

    Amazing quality, good solid buds, definetly good for at night leaves me feeling like a couch cushion like a good indica should i didnt find it very stinky out of the bag but when smoked definetly stinky

  40. TomFlry337

    As always this and everything I received in my order….were all too quality, fast shipping, well packaged and clearly coming from the best in the business .

  41. Piper7

    Excellent, will purchase again. Helps a lot with the pain in my hands from RA and anxiety. Gives you that I don’t give a shit attitude. A nice relaxing feeling , worth trying.

  42. spaceman

    This Rockstar provides a blissful experience. We found it to get very versatile, it’s relaxing but not gonna lock you too the couch. Great with friends in the evening, if you indulge too much the couch lock will settle in. The high is strong and lasts 2-3 hrs, high potency and beginners should take it slow. Thanks BM! Yet another unbelievable strain. Also is helpful for ptsd! 5/5

  43. Towelie

    Wow! Very terpy, very tasty. A good representation of rockstar. Has that funky smell you can’t mistake. Sweet, kush, piney,fuelly goodness that comes through in the flavour. Very smooth. Very potent. I believe them when they say it’s 25 percent THC. Nugs look like they do in the picture, nicely trimmed, although they were all pretty small. Thanks BM great product, great cure too. Would order again

  44. SID

    I can usually smoke heavy indicas on BM like Black Mamba and Pink Bubba and still be quite functional but this stuff…..this stuff right here knocks me on my butt completely and utterly. My sleep has improved tenfold since I tried out a gram of this. That’s right – I’ve been milking 1 g of this for like a week now, I smoke joints all day of BM premium Sativas/Indicas and all you need is 1 little bed time bowl of this stuff and you’re out like a light. It’s not immediate which I love, the high is nice and stimulating if you have last minute stuff to do and then slowly your body melts into your bed and you’re falling asleep 🙂 This is true insomnia medicine.

  45. RebelYell

    I really love this strain but when I pay 125 for a half Z I expect top notch trim job and a mix of big and small nugs. This bag had no bud over 0.5 and there was almost 2 grams of pure shake at the bottom. Im feeling a lil ripped off and I think the pricing here at budmail needs to be more consistent. I ‘ve ordered flowers for 180 an oz the were as good or better then this Rockstar(mk ultra, GDP, pink kush) so theres something wrong with the grading and pricing going on here

  46. c00p3r

    worth grabbing! I’m surprised this is not a premier line strain. the pungent kush smell is overwhelming and absolutely amazing. easily made its way in to my top 5 strains with out any question. 10/10 BM

  47. Hazytown

    Wow this kicks like a mule. This is really top notch goodness. The smell and taste I can only describe as kushy. Beautiful bag appeal. I found the high to be very relaxing but very much still able to do things. Thanks BM for another great strain.

  48. InukSmoke420

    I am very happy I got this strain, makes me relax. Strong and good high. Also love how fast shipping is I am very satisfied with this site thank you bud.

  49. 420allday

    I totally enjoyed this bud, first time I have tried it and I was seriously impressed. I smoked one before going to the waterpark with my kids and it made the afternoon a blast. I am new to budmail and most of their varieties of bud so I have been sampling a lot of different ones and this is one of my favorites. Totally a get up and go buzz for me

  50. NickNuked

    This one packs a punch, smells a lot better than the Rockstar I’ve tried in the past. As described.
    So fresh and did I mention it packs an unexpected punch? haha

    ty BM

  51. Bongsesh666

    I have to agree! This is a deadly representation of Rockstar! Ive smoked lots of this strain before but never from bm… this quality is top notch. Medium sized, dense, frosty, nugs with a beautiful trim. Smell/taste is straight kushy goodness. Can definately tell that the thc level is up there, the effects are very nice. Will buy again. Thx bm

  52. Sublime-haze

    The reviewer below me just doesn’t want you to order it so they can get more for themselves.

    Fantastic representation of this strain, and my second 5 star review. Stuff kicks like a mule. It does take a little while to soak in. The potency is fan-fucking-tastic. I haven’t been couch locked this hard since over consuming mk ultra, however this is less “hypnotic”. I was hurting from a long day on my feet, not anymore. I hope they have lots of this in stock. I just tried a 1/4 j to try it out and I am wreck as a seasoned smoker. Mind your dosage with the bad girl.


  53. metnofal

    This strain is Garbage.
    When reviewing, please know wtf you are talking about, other people are counting on you. This strain is NOT as advertised. No way is it worth the money. Buy something else.

  54. Viral

    I got to try two grams of Rockstar and have had a really good experience with it. The high is amazing and relaxing, with the taste and the price, this is very easily one of my new favorites and will grab more in future purchases.

    Second review: Tropicana gummy by Cryonic. First off thank you BM for gifting me a little gummy treat in my last order! Your amazing group keeps this world happier and healthier thank you so much. This gummy (peach) had a very mild flower taste to it compared to other gummies i have had. One of the best peach flavors out there too, way better than regular peach gummies in my opinion. It was a 2 Dose gummy and found my self needing a little cat nap shortly after consuming (1 hour ish). Great before bed to help stimulate your body to want to sleep, relax and mellow out. Would rate 4/5 stars.

  55. Magicactus

    This is my second twenty eight in as many weeks… so sweet… so smooth, I almost can’t have anything else… for those who can, if you want a really tasty mid day treat… try a fifty/fifty mix of Rockstar and Stella Blue. This is truly Five star stuff… I am well stocked now for a while so try all you want.

  56. RebelYell

    This number is off the hook! The cold cure must be a great technique because the terp profile on this one is amazing. Skunk and earth with a blast of diesel fuel funk! The high is obviously mind blowing as indicated by the lab report…Keep this one stocked BM!

  57. Magicactus

    Budmail!!!!! Totally out of the park boys!!! WOW!!!! I open the bag and the sweetest kush hits my nose… very easy to burn in the bong… you do not need much at all, and that’s a lot coming from me. I am definitely on more of this in the upcoming week just to hoard a little… Potent!!… WOW!!

  58. Jake28

    Wow is all that comes to mind for this strain. Comes on very quick, very strong bit your still sociable, and the high lasts long. Great evening smoke, whether you’re staying in or going out with friends. Thanks bm, definitely worth every penny

  59. Grassimo

    Wow another 5 star. Usually I take my time analyzing buds and buzzes before I review. But this one was top notch. That really kushy like spicey citrus kinda bud. Burned well, greyish ash. Vaped AMAZING, super thick bags. The high is fantastic, super euphoric and relaxed and I was so happy by the cerebral effects and is now my new bedtime strain. Love this one. Oh, and I didnt vape the nicer/denser buds yet, just the tiny buds lol!

  60. tc48

    one of my favorite products. super tight buds, smooth great tasting smoke yet strong effects.

  61. necroblazer420

    Solid premium grade kush. Buzz sets in quick and is very chill.

  62. based

    Solid 4/5 – up there with some of the nicest premium I’ve had from the site. Taste is stone is there, only thing lacking is nose.

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