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Rosin (Royalty Rosin)


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Royalty Rosin 1g Jars
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Made for the health-conscious consumer, rosin is a great alternative to concentrates like shatter, budder and live resin, which are extracted using butane or other solvents. Using nothing but premium flower, heat, and up to 8 tonnes of pressure, this rosin is a solvent-free full-spectrum extract which faithfully captures the unique flavours and psychoactive properties of each plant, and provides a smooth, yet full-bodied smoke.

Fit for Royalty

 Our brand is Royalty, we grow AAAA organic flower and press it into premium live rosin and ice hash. We work exclusively with a small collective of BC’s finest craft growers and solvent-free extraction artisans, to offer only the highest quality cannabis products. From seed to sale, our passion for excellence shines through in everything we do. Created for connoisseurs who refuse to settle for anything less than the finest flower, edibles and concentrates, grown with love and fit for royalty.

27 reviews for Rosin (Royalty Rosin)

  1. Luke (verified owner)

    wasn’t a huge fan of this one to be honest, leaves a residue unlike others in my quartz banger and taste wasn’t all too pleasant either. not bad price for rosin but not one I’d get again.

  2. The dude (verified owner)

    Animal face like all the others I’ve tried was fantastic, excellent flower flavour and high, leaves a decently clean banger. I will buy many more of these

  3. KRONIKA (verified owner)

    Have tried a few strains of the rosin, including wedding cake and grease monkey. All have a had a earthy flavour and a good punch for high. Will buy more in future.

  4. Justin (verified owner)

    By far one of my favourite concentrates on the menu. Rosin is the way to go if you like solvent less pure grade dabs. Smooth, tastes great. Good smoke. I would buy again, and again.

  5. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a couple strains of Royalty Rosin, with my most recent purchase being Donkey Butter. I used my dab rig to dab this in a quartz banger, it was easier to clean up the chaffed glass afterwords. As usual, the smoke was smooth and left me with a potent high. Best used for evenings or nighttime, because it has a nice body high that makes you want to unwind and drift into the couch. I’ll purchase this brand again when there are more strains to choose from, because I can see the list has dwindled greatly.

  6. The dude (verified owner)

    The island pink smells super skunky and sweet, and translates through to the flavour quite well. When dabbed the smoke is smooth and thick. Good indica high on this one

  7. The dude (verified owner)

    Wedding cake was tasty, looked and smelled great as well. For the price these are amazing value, I can’t wait to try more. It left the banger a lot cleaner than other rosins

  8. Josker (verified owner)

    Got the Master Kush. Method of smoking is twaxing. Peanut butter like texture, taste is as expected, that extra kick it adds to your already filled kush-joint just makes it perfect. For the price this seems amazing. Nothing harsh, can easily be spread on the pape.

  9. Jesse (verified owner)

    I tried the La Kush kake and I got the Gelato and I also tried the Lemon 🍋 G still have not tried the lemon g as it is best for the morning based on the description. The La kush kake is great very good taste especially if u mix with different options the different effects u get from the rosin is fantastic. The Gelato 🍨 is great to if u like sweet taste look no further.

  10. 4c (verified owner)

    A nice bang for your buck ! A couple nice size dabs in a water rig and thats sufficient for any seasoned smoker I think. Its a nice size glob so it lasts.

  11. TokingJones (verified owner)

    Scooped the biscotti sundae and I have no complaints. Doesn’t chaz my banger much, great appearance, texture, and taste. Good high, would buy again at $40/g

  12. Jesse (verified owner)

    The Rosin I got was the Wedding Cake 3 and Hippie Crippler both were good but one weighed more on the scale then the other one still very nice Rosin clean potent nice flavours and I like that it is a solvent less extraction.

  13. Sasquatch (verified owner)

    The Lemon G is good, same with the Purple Dank. Both taste good and give a nice high. Ive found they mix well with other stuff as well. I had CBD isolate and will add some to my shaterizer with some of the Lemon G and it works to calm almost right away and then the high lasts from there.

  14. D1 (verified owner)

    I got the Lemon G and was thrilled with the creamy texture, the sweet scent and the mind numbing high. I like to mix it with some Super Lemon Haze in the bowl of my Volcano. It’s lovely!

  15. Kman (verified owner)

    Got the Island Pink. As others are saying, consistency of thin peanut butter or a very thick oil. Smells absolutely amazing, classical gas and kush with some lemon notes.

    Super harsh stuff I found, irritated my throat for some time. This is not common for me. Burns dark, dark black in the banger with a lot of residue, even when considering the fact that it’s Rosin. Effects weren’t as impactful as I would of liked and felt fleeting. For the price of a gram of this, I think some AAAA flower would of lasted me longer.

    Lot of reviews state this is smooth stuff so I’m not sure what’s up there. Strain perhaps, but my first impression is not too favorable. It’s nice to see a diverse variety of strains in a solventless, but will only reorder if a special strain is up, and to see if all types are as harsh as otherwise it’s tasty enough. At the end of the day the price is indicative of the lower quality starting material likely used here.

  16. JaimeLesChats (verified owner)

    This is my first time buying rosin and I choose the Ayahuasca Cookie one. I don’t dab so I put a tiny bit of rosin in my blunt and it was good. A bit harsh for the throat but tastes good. Nice texture and seems like a good quality product. Will buy again.

  17. Totalrecall (verified owner)

    I recently got the Hindu Kush and wow! The pinene hits you so hard it kinda tastes like how pine sol smells, but not in a bad way if that makes any sense…LOL. The consistency was a bit of a surprise, it’s like a thin peanut butter as another reviewer put it. The effects are very pleasant and sedative. All in a great product.

  18. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I bought Cookies and Cream and Death Bubba.
    Both are a thin peanut buttery texture.
    It comes in very nice, thick glass jars that have a very slight child safety seal. I might just call it a press and seal, it’s really easy to open.

    Compared to other rosins, sauces and extracts. This is worth the price.
    It’s very tastey. Each strain has a distinct flavour.
    I dabbed it, and it really gunked up my rig. That’s OK, I expected it to, because it’s rosin and full of plant matter.

    If you are looking for a bowl topper, you can scoop, heat, drip, and toke.
    It’s potent. On par with High Voltage at the same price range.
    The High Voltage Sauce burns a bit cleaner in my rig, but is also a bit more expensive. This is pretty potent. I prefer these jars over HighVoltage. No mess.

    I also prefer ORO honey at ~80% THC… But that’s for dabbing clean.
    There is are distinct affects depending on the strain with this rosin.
    It’s nice for a change. I like having more than just THC as an active cannabinoid.
    I notice the difference!

    This is pretty good rosin. Not bad at all for the price.

  19. Kaibh20 (verified owner)

    This product was very enjoyable and worth the price. Good quality taste and easy to work with. convenient container and numerous flavours. Seems like a good solventless product.

  20. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed (verified owner)

    I have now tried 4 strains, most recently Tora Bora. For the price, these stellar g’s, each with their own flavour and buzz profile, are an unbelievable value, and I highly recommend them.

  21. King (verified owner)

    Got the watermelon cookies rosin, really good rosin, better than the first Gram of rosin I’ve bought from budmail, it was in a package on clear paper, didn’t taste good at all, tasted like Buckley’s, I could smell the watermelon cookies when I opened my package from budmail had a gram of rosin, sauce, and live resin in it

  22. Rocks (verified owner)

    All and all a fairly well rounded product. tasty relatively smooth, didn’t just conk you on the head but hits hard enough after two to keep you going for a bit. Nothing is perfect but it was an enjoyable smoke!! thanks, I’d do it a gain

  23. Jake (verified owner)

    I bought the Watermelon Cookies strain, for obvious reasons, lol, it has a nice creamy texture, a “baby s#it” green colour, and a fruity and sticky taste, i would recommend, i tried smoking and dabbing, both were smooth as silk, awesome quality

  24. 204Tokes (verified owner)

    Great packaging, the rosin is all sitting nicely in one pile on the bottom of the container, and the consistency is superb to scoop up in one small dab. I just tried the watermelon cookies, and the taste and smoothness is on the money. The aftertaste is classicly hashy and earthy, pine-sweet, and rolls out a stellar Indica buzz with a heady undertone.

  25. MarijuanaMonkey (verified owner)

    I ordered the Green Crack God and GMO Cookies. They both were very potent and got me stoned to the bone. However the GCG tasted like expired nuts and playdough. With the GMO cookies I have no complaints, superb!

  26. Thrashknar (verified owner)

    I got mimosa, peanut butter breath and gcg. they were all nice and potent, I was doing dabs with them, but I will say they kinda tasted like multi vitamins, except for the peanut butter breath it had a nice flavour

  27. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed (verified owner)

    Yes! Just pure, authentic tasting, full-spectrum extract! The strains all have unique flavours and colours (at least the ones I have tried) and they hit like a truck! Old-school smokers will love this!

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