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Refill Cartridges (High Voltage Extracts) Sauce/FSE


1ml Cartridge for $50

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High Voltage Extracts – Sauce Cartridge

Potent, Terpene Rich Extracts.
Crafted on Vancouver Island.

Each cartridge contains: 1ml Sauce/FSE

Contains THC distillate.

High Voltage Extracts is based out of BC and offers a wide variety of high end concentrates. Everything on our menu is given a quality assurance assessment and overall, this product has passed with flying colours. We’re happy to carry their selections on our concentrates and vaping menu!

Full Spectrum Extract (Sauce/FSE)

The ultimate goal when creating a concentrate is capturing the essence of the plant from which it was derived. Oftentimes, through the process of extraction, a lot of the valued properties of the plant are stripped away.

This leaves you with a relatively tasteless and flat product. You may notice this with extracts like shatters and waxes that are lacking in their flavour profile. Often containing high levels of cannabinoids (namely THC), in many cases over 70%. As we understand cannabinoids better, we are finding that it is a combination of all of them together (THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, Terpenes, Flavonoids…) that dictates the effect.


Translating the profile of bioactive compounds that a cannabis flower contains into an extract is what is achieved in a Sauce/FSE. This includes not only the same ratios of cannabinoids to terpenes and flavonoids, but also the complete suite of other lesser-known compounds while also removing unnecessary components (e.g. fats, lipids, etc.). Full-spectrum extracts remove these elements, leaving behind only what is desired. A full-spectrum extract is about preserving the natural ratios of compounds within cannabis while removing the impurities that can compromise the experience.

High Voltage Extracts


Terpenes give individual cannabis plants different scents and flavour profiles. We use high quality, FRESH plant material for all our extractions; preserving as many unique terpenes as possible.


More than 200 different terpenes have been identified in cannabis plants. Each terpene has its own medical and therapeutic uses as well physiological effects on the user. This means each strain of Sauce or Live Resin is distinct and the consumer can choose products based on their own medical or recreational needs.


We are a small group dedicated to providing you with pure, potent medicinal extracts of unparalleled aroma and flavour. Our concentrates are made from flower grown on Vancouver Island. A small group are responsible for extractions, packaging and distribution. We are involved in every step in the path to providing you with unique, high quality live resins, sauces and cartridges; all made from live, fresh flower.

18 reviews for Refill Cartridges (High Voltage Extracts) Sauce/FSE

  1. AP2000

    I’m really pleased at how reliable these carts are, first of all. I haven’t had any clog even. That’s a plus right there. Buzz is excellent and potent. And great value too. These carts are larger for the $.

  2. six

    You get a whole lot for your buck that’s for sure ! Smooth and decent high but I didn’t find it lasted very long but well you get twice as much so I guess take an extra pull .. definitely worth the buy ! Try it !

  3. HappyCamperStace

    By far my fav Always great product with the best cart & tip ever… no product goes wasted with these.. they don’t plug up at all… excellent price. Tried once when my go to was put it stock… well, I have a new go to now! Mmmm 😋 THANKS BM

  4. G Funk

    Packaging and amount for price is decent, but personally found the potency lacking and a no discernable flavour profile, a little muddy even. Likely not a rebuy, although there are several new strains that are tempting

  5. Vapenaysh

    These are my go to carts, the flavour is always good and the potency is excellent as well. I think they are the best bang for your buck and hands down my favourite carts and I’ve tried a bunch.

  6. Dr.Greenthumb

    I ordered the wifi OG, and was plenty impressed with the taste and high. I have ordered lots of high voltage carts in the past and will always be a brand I continue to order as a nice treat.

  7. dudeman

    High Voltage was not disappointing! Tried out the blue guava and it was perfect. Smooth and got a really nice pleasant high from it. Worked perfectly with my current battery. Definitely best bang for your buck considering you get 1ml for 50$.I love the tip it doesn’t plug like other brand.

  8. Johnny

    Really good product. Not the best tasting but the high was better than most other cartridges I’ve ordered. I had the girl scout cookies. Ordered a couple others, hope they are as good.

  9. kurtains

    Best bang for your buck, 100%. Flavour profiles could be more defined, as I purchased 3 different flavours and found them all somewhat similar (Raspberry Cough, Hawaiian Punch, and Blue Guava). Clean, smooth tokes that dont leave you hacking.

  10. forkeg

    ordered amnesia haze, blue guava and Hawaiian punch and they all delivered very potent and clean highs. However, regarding the taste profile i found them to all be very similar. Definitely best bang for your buck considering you get 1 gram for 50$.

  11. Diesel

    First time ordering high voltage and very impressed with the product, will definitely order again. Only problem is I can’t figure out how to refill the cartridge.

  12. Outthebay

    This was my go-to vape juice for a while, one of the more economical choices on this site. The indica strains are very nice. Nice high with good flavor and discreet clouds.

  13. ClaireBear

    First time ordering High Voltage Extracts and was not disappointed! Tried out the blue guava and it was perfect. Smooth and got a really nice pleasant high from it. Worked perfectly with my current battery. Definitely recommend and will be trying their others.

  14. cake

    Price is reasonable considering the cart are 1ml. I don’t like that they are 50 percent distillate which isn’t advertised, and the taste isn’t anything like the strains picked. The three flavours I received also tasted mostly the same. Effects are short lived. Approx 45 minutes to an hour in my case. Very convenient for on the go. Smooth inhale but makes me cough after exhale. Overall nice vape experience, just wish it was pure full spectrum extract and had a better taste.

  15. Greenleaf

    I got death star, and purple candy, both equally good. Taste great potent. All I can say is that I’ve had 2 small pulls of each and I’m feeling good. Definitely a nice treat. Enjoy.

  16. C dog dinger

    Hello again , its C dog Dinger ,, back to leave another review .well,1st I got the black lime and strawberry lemonade ,, found this oil to be very potent,, especially the strawberry lemonade . Clean flavour ,, some tasty varieties available … soaring sativa effect from the strawberry lemonade ,, black lime put me in my place ,, one solid hit levelled me out on the recliner …2 Nd pck I tried the wifi og , nice n spicy rich full flavour … 3rd time I got some Death Star ,, very potent . Great deal for a beautiful cartridge of oil , thank you BM

  17. Modern_smoker.710

    I love these carts! I love that theyre mot distillate! Really terpy and you can tell its a qualoty product. I bought 3 more thats how good they are. Price wise theyre pretty good too! I love the strains they offer. I tried the strawberry lemonade, wifi-og and now im waiting on romulan another wifi og and a purple candy

  18. Vapemaster

    my other review must have been to harsh because it didnt get published lol.

    tastes just like lemonade and that typical concentrate taste. high is pretty awesome, i compare it to juicy fruit, very alert sativa high with great pain relief. Make sure you vape this on the lowest setting so you dont burn it.

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