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Shatter (Cannacure)

1 gram for $20

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Cannacure Shatter

Cannacure was created through our passion for great cannabis, for great people. We take pride in only providing the best and the up most process for the best concentrates. We maintain the highest standards of excellence in manufacturing and quality control to ensure our clients are given a best-in-class product.


10 reviews for Shatter (Cannacure)

  1. KnuffPuff

    Purchased **Dark Star**

    Was pretty sticky upon arrival and had to use a mini scoop. I leave it in the fridge and it hardens so its much easier to deal with now.

    The high is quite nice. Very potent. Doesn’t make me anxious at all, makes me hungry af though.

    For this price, its very much worth it and would order again if its in stock

  2. SJW

    I reluctantly tried Cannacure shatter when I couldn’t get my usual brand and was quite surprised at the potency! I’ve tried 3 different strains now and all have been the highest quality and more potent than said usual brand. I would recommend this to anyone. Don’t be fooled by the low price – this is as good as the one I usually pay twice this amount for, perhaps even better.

  3. Dr.Greenthumb

    Ordered a gram of death star and really enjoyed it for being only $20, would definitely order it again. I have tried lots of shatter and this keeps up with the big names!

  4. CovertCaribou

    Tried both the Death Bubba and Stardawg. Both were quite soft and very sticky at room temperature which made them challenging to work with, but the taste and highs were comparable with any other mid- to high-quality shatter that other producers charge higher prices for. Both made me a little more foggy-headed than usual, but didn’t mind much as I use it for sleep. At $20 it does the job pretty damn well.

  5. C dog dinger

    Bing bang boom!!! ….what a steal of a deal fir 20$ a gram ,,few other sites are charging 40$ a gram for this shatter ,,different kinds though.. you cannot beat this strain of shatter ,the ” Stardawg”, excellent stimulating effect in my books,,, keeps my mind moving,, my body vibrating and my toes tingling …. Oh man ,,after that hit my toes are tingling ,, the heat generated within ,,keeps my toes tingling …. What a great deal,,what excellent shatter ,,, thanks again BM,,,

  6. GrimTroll

    I received the ‘Death Bubba’, and the ‘Stardawg’ – Honestly; for the price I was not expecting this to be very good shatter, but figured it was worth a try.

    So for $20, it’s pretty darn good for a quick dab or for company, nothing wrong with it; flavor is a bit gassy/diesely; more so on the Stardawg. The effects of Stardawg are pretty mellow, a tad cerebral with a mild burnout, but it’s not that bad. The death bubba has a nicer flavor, but is definitely the heavier/lazier smoke.

    Can’t complain, good value considering everything. (Consistency is sticky and icky, but a quick visit to the freezer works great)

    Thanks Budmail!

  7. jason420

    I got me 4 of these little bad boys and let me tell ya
    It’s a hit or miss with the consistency if it’s a hard dab your after maybe
    A good dab ya it might be runny sticky or hard and plyable dont matter your just gunna put it up in smoke anyways
    All in all not a bad taste decent stone for 20 bucks

  8. Marvelously Stoned

    I bought a few of these and am very impressed with the packaging and quality! Not sticky or hard to work with, found it very workable and great with my Utillian 5. Very impressed. Thanks Budmail for another great find

  9. Lucas

    It’s not what I was expecting not shatter at all stuck all over the paper can’t touch it without it being stuck all over you I won’t be buying any more of this thanks

  10. FrankieCdn

    Tried the Stardawg tonight, I must say I am very impressed. First of all excellent packaging, nicely wrapped shatter in parchment paper, first rate job. The odour was earthy and a bit dieselish. The taste is earthy with a sour diesel aftertaste. The effects were uplifting, energizing, pain relieving and I just wanted to listen to tunes and play video games. There seems to be a bit of a burn out factor but not terrible. The price is awesome, the product is awesome, thanks again BM!!

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