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Shatter (Diamond)

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Diamond Concentrates provides top-of-the-line concentrates & accessories to Shops in Vancouver, Toronto & across Canada. Diamond is Canada’s Premier Seed-to-Sale extract company. Everything strain we carry is grown in-house & extracted using state of the art systems. All of our extracts are tested for THC & CBD levels as well as various factors such as:

  • Aroma/Flavour
  • Appearance
  • Effect

In order to meet these quality standards, Diamond Concentrates reserves the most desirable source materials and everything we produce is Nug Run. This, along with premium purging methods to remove any impurities, is how Diamond Extracts is able to produce a completely pure concentrates with high terpene profiles. We grow Exotic strains that leave us with a 75-85% THC range in our products. Diamond Concentrates offers a truly unbeatable experience.

31 reviews for Shatter (Diamond)

  1. CB92

    Picked up Acapulco gold, Alien rock candy, and Space cookies.

    The Acapulco gold is awesome, buzz came on quick and lasted for a good couple hours with a great feeling. However, when I opened the package it was already cracked up into tiny little pieces, really not that big of a deal and more than likely caused by shipping/handling so I’m not too worried about it.

    Alien Rock Candy came in as one perfectly golden coloured layer of shatter, it looks perfect and I can’t wait to try it. The smell alone is super potent and very, very nice.

    Space Cookies came in very dark brown, gooey, very sugary looking, and extremely oily, soaking through, and sticking to, the parchment paper it’swrapped in. The last order of Space Cookies I got didn’t look anything like this and was a nice golden-coloured solid gram. It still smells great, just as the last order did, but it doesn’t look as nice.

    Acapulco gold itself deserves 5 stars, looking at all the pieces it’s a beautiful and very clear golden shatter that smells great, tastes great, and leaves you feeling uplifted and energetic.

    Alien Rock Candy itself just on presentation and scent alone deserves 5 stars, and I’ll go out on a limb to say that the buzz is going to be very nice from that as well.

    Space Cookies is a really good strain, I absolutely loved the last gram I had, but this one seems a little disappointing. Going by the previous, the buzz is great, the scent and taste are also top notch, and it was one solid amber coloured piece. But because of this batch being so, brown, oily and broken apart. From that, I’m left a little curious as to how the buzz is going to feel compared to the last gram. I won’t knock it though, for all I know it could just be heat damage from traveling through the hot weather.

  2. Hdollops

    (Death bubba) Definitely a potent concentrate. Nice smooth and flavourful hit. With a little extra heat or melt it will turn into sugar wax………..

  3. PeaJay

    I can only give the Colombian Gold I purchased 5 stars because of the packaging and the fact that the product was kind of sugary thus making it a little tricky to work with. HOWEVER, I would not let this dissuade one from buying this company’s products, the buzz was great and I found it to be smooth.

  4. Indicasmoker

    Really good shatter I’m surprised how good it actually was this stuff is some pretty potent stuff I’m glad I gave theses guys I shoot I would recommend

  5. Indicasmoker

    Alien candy is a pretty good hybrid thought it was straight indica but still got the job done for me was great for sesh with friends can be a good party favour

  6. Indicasmoker

    This stuff was really crumbly seemed like it melted in the package so I was really worried I wouldn’t like this but man it kicked me in the head hard

  7. Vapemaster

    TROPICANA COOKIES- Amazing strain, excellent quality shatter. Very potent, got friends and I very high, were seasoned with high tolerances and this still manged to mess us up.

    loses 1 star for parchment paper packaging

  8. Indicasmoker

    Batman og is another instant high quality wow again amazing stuff potent and sticky will order this stuff again this company knows how to make good shatter thanks BM

  9. Indicasmoker

    Wow this stuff is potent alien candy is godly I’m in love with theses dabs I will buy again and again wow amazing company that supplies heavy and effective shatter ❤️

  10. Brianaustin316

    The Batman of was off the hook. Great taste. Couldn’t ask for better quality either. It snapped liie it was supposed to and was a nice clear yellow. Definitely picking it up again

  11. queen bee hillz

    I have tried the Batman OG and I gotta say that stuff is the bees knees my gees but it is real smooth and you don’t cough up a lung compared to other shatter strains so I recommend this one but god damn what if they had Batmans arch nemesis Joker OG shatter strains!!!!! that be dope AF

  12. Baketree

    Got Acapulco Gold and Space Cookies. Found the Cookies to be fairly ordinary. Light cola colour with a decent taste but not one of my favs. The AG looks lighter and has a really strong taste profile. Both are fairly strong and have nice texture. More impressed with theses offerings from Diamond than when I’ve tried them in the past.

  13. 420Maiku

    Man.. little goes a long way with this Batman OG! I recommend that product! It’s okay if you’re a beginner you’ll get up sooner than you think rookies heheh, ordering more soon!

  14. Thrashknar

    Acapulco gold shatter was really nice, really chill high, but still hits ya behind the eyes. Look really nice, and clean, didn’t leave any gross residue behind after dabbing

  15. coldwhite

    Perfect shatter that was like glass, could easily break apart and use whenever I need to, really good high and definitely enjoy this brand and shatter thanks a lot

  16. Bakeddubious

    I got the Acapulco gold and the alien rock candy and wow love this shatter- i like how diamond puts it in a nice big parchment paper becuz i feel like i lose less of it when breaking it up both were very good
    Great high didnt disapoint!
    Thanx bm

  17. buddy

    this is the best shatter that I am aware of . Astroboy, Acupulco Gold, and Death Bubba are among my favourites. Excellent medicinal benefits. Beware of overuse.

  18. TRwriter

    This is really great for the price. The Space Cookies gave me a really nice, mellow, relaxing buzz. I’ve got some Alien Rock Candy and Acapulco Gold on the way, super anxious to try those.

  19. snicklefritz

    I got the acapulco gold and the astroboy. Both are excellent quality but i definitely think the astroboy is something special, had an even stronger smell and even clearer appearance than the Acapulco. Astroboy might be one of my favourite strains but i only got to try a few grams of it when budmail had it, what seems like a year ago. Been itching to get my hands on some again since then. (watermelon pheno from a few months ago wasnt quite the same) Great price especially with the discounts. Awesome packaging too!

  20. KD

    Pretty good but not as nice as the 91 Supreme but still good nonetheless. Fair priced as well. Taste is nice and very smooth. I would love to try some more of their strains to give it another chance.

  21. King

    The Space Cookies is amazing, I can smell cookies when open the package, I tasted cookie dough right away, this Diamond Concentrates is amazing stuff can really smell the strains and taste the terpenes

  22. King

    I bought the Alien Rock Candy, it is so good, I smoked it in the dab rig and and new Airis 8 dab pen I bought with it, smoked it with the Airis 8 dipper, really good shatter. I really like this Diamond Concentrates

  23. King

    Bought three grams, tried the Acapulco Gold first on the dab rig, really gold shatter, looks really good and smells really good, good price, will definitely get Diamond concentrates again

  24. beefy

    well i would say this is pretty good stuff, i got the El chapo me and my sis tried it and had the giggles for a half hour. only gave four star cause it was waxy

  25. PailerQueen

    I was impressed with this shatter. It was a quality product for a great price. The taste was clean, with a hint of citrus. The high is great, you definatly dont need to smoke alot of it.

  26. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed

    This is my new favourite brand of shatter. The consistency is perfect, the tastes are clean, and the highs are distinct and potent. With this at $35/g, it’s now my go-to.

  27. Patient Zero

    Last pack was the Death Bubba, This is perfect, Literally every as Advertised!
    Opened the pack to perfect glass even at room temp. The Taste was clean, nothing distinctive. Also semi smooth, left a little tickle, with the most plesent up lifting high, that turned around and brought me very quickly to a 9hr straight sleep! I usually get up every 1-2hr for 15-45mins all night so this was a pleasent surprise! Love This One Too!!
    Note: Avoiding using during the day, it definitely ruins your day by make you sleepy all day!
    Will Reorder definitely, Thanks BM!

  28. Patient Zero

    Second is Batman Og and just wow, if you wanna get wreaked this is for you lol, opened the pack and this was excellent quality shatter, can handle at room temperature and snap like glass with hands!
    Now the taste isn’t anything special because the high and hit are very hard, small dabs are recommended because of cough factor, I was expecting to get horny because of the “arousal effect” but I end up way to stoned and can’t feel my whole body! 😋 Love this one! Thanks BM!

  29. Patient Zero

    I was quite excited when I this Company’s product added, as i’ve tried it before from a friend. Was kinda disappointed when i opened my 1st out of 3 and saw it had started to sugar.. It was Acapulco Gold a Sativa. Once I got a wiff of it my thoughts went from oh no, to oh yeah! Truly citrus, fruity smell and taste, and very up lifting claming high! Also super smooth! Loved it, Thanks BM!

  30. Ktown92

    Halifax east coast edition – chocolate kush was a nice tasting, good heady indica stone. Good flavour and overall smell of actual chocolate once opening although the quality of the shatter was more like Budder. It was very soft but it wasn’t so sticky that it melted into itself- it still held a good shape. Just not hard shatter.. I still did really enjoy it though !! Great taste high. Just strange quality and the shipping went two provinces passed me then came slowly back to me. Good high.

  31. 25micron

    excellent shatter the death bubba was the best representation of that strain
    and the chocolate east coast edition was nice to try
    you dont need too much to feel relief

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