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Refill Cartridges (Shhhhhhh)

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Product Description

The Shhhhhhh CO2 Vaporizer is a sleek and camouflaged design, easily mistaken for a typical pen, hiding in plain sight. Shhhhhhh only produces extracts from strains grown in their own facility, with each distinct terpene profile being extracted from their live plants for superior flavour and quality. All Shhhhhhh flower and CO2 extracts are lab tested at Anandia Labs.

Caution: Pen requires time in between pulls; heavy, quick usage may result in atomizer’s cotton wick burning off. Cold temperatures will impair function but do not use devices (lighters, etc.) to rectify.


1. On opening device, please fully charge if possible.
2. Inhale deeply, hold your breath as desired – and “Shhhhhh” – exhale!
3. Wait a few minutes before your next pull to get a feel for the strength to ensure that you’re receiving the desired dosage.

Pro Tip:

Shhhhhhh Vaporizers are ‘510’ threaded, making them compatible with Toko, Erba and Zen Refill Cartridges

12 reviews for Refill Cartridges (Shhhhhhh)

  1. Leiab

    I enjoy the taste of this product….i got rockstar….i have purchased this product 2x and both times felt like it delivered a smooth high, i do find that the shhhh seem to “burn” faster than the diamond disposables.

  2. stickygorilla

    I’ve had a few pens at this point. Consistent quality seems to be an issue with most. This cartridge and the pen have been great so far. Clean, tasty and hits big when charged up fully. I will keep refilling with this brand. Happy smoking 🙂

  3. Hey_buddy

    Super disappointed with this cartridge. I felt like it barely has worked for me, I don’t get high or maintain a high from it. It tastes kind of weird to me like cleaner.

  4. Cambby

    Pretty nice flavour and it lasted me a good amount of time but still doesn’t come close to a real dab. I would say it’s better than my toko gold oil that came with that pen. Would buy again but I’d get the 3 next time for a bit of a discount tbh.

  5. Patient Zero

    Also Ordered Pink Bubba refill cartridge.
    This is a much smoother smoke than the Rockstar.
    Taste is sweet, love this flavour.
    High isn’t as strong as the Rockstar but it has different effects, much better for the day and for socializing.
    Thanks BM! this is definitely a reorder!

  6. Patient Zero

    Ordered 2 refills with 2 pens aswell first review is on Rockstar Refill, amazing, has a harsh candy taste with a very fast acting clear high. Great for pain relief, and getting to sleep. Will Reorder Thanks BM!

  7. Leroys mum

    These don’t work with the Erba battery even though they say they do. The mango vape was extremely harsh on the throat – extreme coughing fit after every toke. Very unpleasant.

  8. 8Ball

    Tried the Mango Haze 1:1 and have been very satisfied; nice smooth high. Cartridges have a premium look/feel. Haven’t had issues with packaging as others have noted. Like this a lot more than the Zen Medical cart I bought (which isn’t bad either).

  9. KD

    Great oil as far as quality is concerned. Potency is great as well. 10/10!

    One star is taken off for packaging. One cartridge came in a mini box and the other one came in this little brown paper bag. The one that was in the paper bag ended up leaking half of it. Shoutout to budmail for the great customer service in regards to that.

    Another star was taken for the fact that this is not a discreet cartridge when it comes to smell as well as taste. My room smelt like straight tree for a while and the smell was still lingering around for a bit. Not a fan of how it tastes. It had a very metallic/burnt taste for my liking.

    With that being said, still a great cartridge. I feel like there should be a little more of a variety with strains but the Rockstar and Pink Bubba strains are awesome.

  10. F1fan

    Great Little cartridge very discreet and instantaneous effect. Depending on usage cartridge will last you about 3 to 4 days. I Like that I could use it in my other vape pens as well. Will buy again

  11. Leroys mum

    Great vape!! Fast, effective & surprisingly strong!! I’ve tried the toko golds and I find the effect to be kind of weak & wears off fairly quickly. This vape is pretty strong & lasts quite a while. Good for evening medication & appetite!!

  12. Gen Brock

    Ordered the Mango Haze 1:1 . My favourite refill yet. Delicious flavour and and a wonderful, fast effect. Lots of tasty vapour in each draw. Worked excellent with my puma mini and a ring. Pain relief and a full appetite in moments. Quality stuff.

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