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Slurricane (Merry Jayne)

AAA Grade | Indica Dominant Hybrid

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Product Description


Slurricane is an exotic cross of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch. Grape tomato-sized and expertly trimmed buds. A vibrant purple and pale lime green plumage is on display while there is a sparkling layer of trichomes. There are doughy/dessert notes in the backdrop that are sour and palpable. Delicious in a joint and vape alike. Smooth on the exhale while showcasing a perfume-y and floral earthiness that lingers nicely on your palate.

Truly a delight in the effects department; Slurricane is becoming a favourite with our staff due to its happy and euphoric uplift. After smoking, you are left in a contemplative but focused stone. Breezy and mellow, a cerebral high without any racy edges. Perfect for a daytime session, creative endeavours, abstract thought or social outings! Overall, we’re very excited to share this batch of Slurricane with you!

Flavours: Floral, Creamy, Sweet, Complex
Effects: Cerebral, Euphoria, Hungry, Relaxing, Spacey
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fatigue, PTSD, PMS

38 reviews for Slurricane (Merry Jayne)

  1. Happy_Alice (verified owner)

    I was hoping for more from this one because it’s part of the connoisseur line. But it pales in comparison to other AAAA offerings. I select from the connoisseur line exclusively, and am so rarely disappointed. This is one of those times. Will not purchase again.

  2. Bird (verified owner)

    Beautiful flower. Well balanced in effect. The only reason I’m giving it 4 instead of 5 is due to cost when compared to, say, a lot of the popcorn buds. Overall great flower though.

  3. goldleaf (verified owner)

    One of my favourite strains, great hybrid. Smoke is clean and has a great consistent burn. Awesome for a early evening burn when you want to enjoy your high thought the night

  4. Trapstarr7o5 (verified owner)

    Great looking big purple-ish nugs as advertised, however i have had plenty different.. i guess you would say “grades” of Slurricane, one of which i have at the moment and the effects are way stronger and enjoyable for my tolerance level. Purchased cause i am familiar with the strain but I wasn’t very satisfied due to already having a Type of the Strain already that is stronger. Had to compare though. Probably won’t order again especially at that cost. Quads should be waaaaay stronger. It says euphoric in effects but its totally inaccurate.

  5. acrolix (verified owner)

    Beautiful buds, great smell, but it hardly tastes anything when smoked in a joint. With that said, I’ll obviously try another AAAA strain with my next order.

  6. SD (verified owner)

    This was definitely a slurricane on my lungs, rough intake but off the bat the smell of this is so nice probably one of my faves now. This gave me a pretty good buzz

  7. Gruff (verified owner)

    This is nice bud, bag appeal 10 of 10, good medium strength not much flavor. Imo I personally wouldn’t buy this again, but im sure someone will love it.

  8. TheGobertooth (verified owner)

    I bought it purely for its colour and I am extremely surprised by how awesome it is. Very dense and crystal-y with a vibrant dark purple colour once broken up. Happy with my purchase and planning to buy more.

  9. Zemr (verified owner)

    Was happy to find this strain available and even happier when I recieved it. The buds are incredibly in colour and absolutely covered in crystals, smells even better and is some even heavier hitting smoke.

  10. Budda- abuser (verified owner)

    I read a few reviews before I got Slurricane. Boy..They should have named it Hurricane.
    Creamy taste absolutely beautiful look. High is absolutely great. I recommend this strain when crave for sativa.

  11. ellieOH (verified owner)

    been waiting a long time to try this strain and was not disappointed. the buds color of purple over green is visually pleasing as is the scent. smokes easy and the buzz is certainly a thing to be remembered.

  12. Cosmic (verified owner)

    Mmmm this is some quality bud! The description is pretty spot on, I find it tastes creamy or something like vanilla and is very smooth smoke in a bong. Pictures are accurate, the buds I got were hella purple and had great bag appeal. Perfect smoke for a lazy Saturday.

  13. Delusions of Reality (verified owner)

    Definitely has the bag appeal. Absolutely beautiful bud, a lot of purple. The smell though! Everything about Slurricane is good. Definitely one of the best sativas out there.

  14. Jimmy jack jones (verified owner)

    It’s great herb ,, reminiscent of a strain I grew 20 years ago or so,, I think it was called Northern Lights X Fucking Incredible ,, anyways ,, amazing bud ,, Definetly gotta try this herbs ,, i hope to score another ounce in one way or another , go with 4 – 1/4 s if I have to ……
    Thank you Budmail BM

  15. JGro (verified owner)

    I really liked this strain. I didn’t quite get the hungry off it that I thought I might. I typically stray away from strains that make me hungry because I am already hungry enough. I like to enjoy as a pre-gamer before I workout and this stuff fit the role nicely, nice energy and mood boost. I would definitely get a large amount again.

  16. Serious smoker (verified owner)

    Purchased to see what kind of quality a discount strain would have and I was blown away! Loved this Slurricane, great gassy sweet flavour leaving sweet taste on your tongue. The ‘side effects’ had moments of energetic happiness ending 1-2 hours later with a great sleepy time feel! I’ll definitely be grabbing more in the future!

  17. hacketyapps (verified owner)

    OMG what taste and smell! Awesome pungent blueberry and hint of pepper. Smokes extremely well, so smooth and tasty and grey ash.

    Vapes really well too, flavor is awesome. Would definitely buy again for sure!

  18. Etienne (verified owner)

    Very nice strain, perfect for a small smoker, not a big head rush, just a gentle yet certain buzz that goes to your ear and slurr beautiful love poems.

  19. Curtis (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic strain by Taco Farms, grown and cured well, has a great sweet smell with sticky fluffy buds. I wish I grabbed more of this than Sunday Driver because I thought Sunday Driver would be better but I find this is much tastier and more potent than what someone suggested to me. This is a solid batch

  20. Nick9 (verified owner)

    First time with the slurricane and i am sluridosing quite beneficially. Vaped it, bonged it and wrapped it in paper. She burns great, like the fires of our primordial ancestors it illuminates the darkness. Uprising, and focused. Great for all kinds of social distancing activities!

  21. SID (verified owner)

    This is SUCH a nice strain!!!! It lives up to it’s name more than any other strain I’ve smoked. Your motor skills are truly effected, but not in a way that’s too invasive, you just feel a little more “slurry” haha. My partner even was trying to review it to me last night after a big joint of it and he slurred “slurricane” hahaha. We were still totally functional though! Didn’t make us too lazy until an hour or two in, we were able to make a nice dinner and clean the kitchen up reasonably efficiently and then it left us feeling nice and relaxed. Overall A very Wellrounded smoke, this Slurricane is! Flavorful smoke and the effect is very nice and grounded. I love it!!!

  22. Franky 420 (verified owner)

    Nice smell perfect humidity burn so great super big bud in my bag very sticky gummy a lot of trichome the buzz is cerebral and perfect for the day tanks taco farms

  23. Soltz (verified owner)

    My Girlfriend and I enjoyed this bud quite a bit. Very fruity flavours matched with a nice buzz provided a nice evening smoke. We were laughing away while watching Tv

  24. Lady Di (verified owner)

    Great, smooth strain. Awesome taste and smell and huge buds. Relaxing buzz. Highly recommend. Good strain for low key activities but still keeps you present.

  25. Dez (verified owner)

    Just ordered slurricane the reviews look alright I hope this is a well made purchase thanks budmail I’ll be sure to let you kno how it is when it arrives

  26. Mic (verified owner)

    My order arrived fast, the bud was fresh and the quality is amazing. This is by far some of the best bud I’ve ever had. Dealt with customer Service and they responded quickly and were friendly and helpful. Will be ordering again and totally recomend budmail.

  27. Jk (verified owner)

    This weed was on sale during the April special they had which i did purchase and now it’s on sale right after. It’s not on sale again cause it’s shit weed, it’s solid bud that I would purchase again even if not on sale, Thank you BM and Taco Farms great job

  28. C_BAZ (verified owner)

    Nice size buds in my 3.5 bag.
    Tastes like a bowl of sunshine.
    I liked it in a Ziggy & through the water bong.
    I will admit, I destroyed a full bag of jerky & a pack of licorice standing in front of the fridge looking for something to eat.
    MUNCHIES are a real thing & you should prepare yourself & snack game accordingly before indulging with this strain.

  29. Djscar (verified owner)

    Definitely one of the best strains I’ve had n a while. Starts you off with a feeling of kindness and a smile… Ends you with total relaxation of your body and no desire to go anywhere. Even think I slurred once or twice. Will buy again.

  30. Dez (verified owner)

    Ordered 14 grams the smell is great the high is great I recommend this but it still doesn’t beat where’s my bike still waiting for that stuff to come back thnx budmail

  31. Loop (verified owner)

    Big buds that just reek like candy. Beautiful dry and cure makes for a pretty smooth and tasty smoke. As always from Budmail it’s a nice potent smoke 👌🏽

  32. pancake man (verified owner)

    i bought 2 oz on last day of sale and have to say I am definately impressed with this one, it is better than some of the can purchases I have made…get it while it last!

  33. Bic Mitchum (verified owner)

    Five stars hands down! Super crystaly and good size nugs! Bought in a sample pack but could easily smoke this by the pound! recommending to all of my friends!

  34. Deckard (verified owner)

    Meh , decent buzz , but a tad over priced I think.
    I got it on sale for 160/oz during 420, and quality is similar to the big ounce I got.

    Was expecting a bit more , also not sure , but I thought it was rated AAAA when I bought it. Could be wrong though.

  35. Nick Smith (verified owner)

    WOW! Slurricane by Taco Farms is one of the best purchases I’ve made. I highly recommend this strain. The item description lists it as a Sativa but it’s most definitely Indica dominant and perfect for evenings and at night.

    Nice big sticky frosted nugs with a sweet aroma. Burns clean and packs a punch!

    5/5 – I would highly recommend this strain or anything by Taco Farms

  36. Tkins (verified owner)

    I really like this strain. Nice sized nuggets and very nice smell. I caught a pretty wicked high from a gram sized joint so that made me very happy. Will try again

  37. Twisted_Toaster (verified owner)

    Slurricane is another big win from Budmail and Taco Farms. Nugs are not the largest in my particular bag but the sweet cake aromas that are released are unreal. I highly recommend stashing the Slurricane (or any nugs for that matter) in a jar to preserve those dank cake terpenes and punch flavour. Bit of a creeper with a long hazy finish perfect for drifting off to dreamland or binge a show.

  38. arrow39 (verified owner)

    Awesome herb the bag appeal is killer nice big buds nice sweeet smell nice taste to it too wishing I woulda grabbed more at this price point highly recommend

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