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Sour Squares (Mota)


150mg THC per package

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Sour Squares – 150 MG THC

Sour Squares contain 150mg THC in the whole package. Each square contains 10mg THC. Perfect option for treating insomnia, pain, or to kick your stress or anxiety for the day.

Strength: 150mg THC

Weight: 50 grams

Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Water, Cornstarch, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Cannabis, Artificial Colour

Start with a small amount and wait 60-90 minutes to see how it affects you before consuming more. Check out other edibles from Mota on our menu!


154 reviews for Sour Squares (Mota)

  1. Eatmyswiss

    Not sure what to think about them …
    They taste great but don’t really feel anything. The hard candy mota i take one and im ok but those one never again

  2. MaudeV

    Very dissapponted no effect at all also my friend took 3 and felt nothing … gave 1 star for the amazing taste but that’s the only good point for me

  3. Linearthinker

    These gummies were a big disappointment. Typically with other gummy brands a 20mg dose is perfect for a gentle high, but with these I didnt feel anything at even 60mg. They tasted ok and had a nice texture, but that’s really all I can say positive about them. I gave some to a couple friends who also found they did absolutely nothing, so I know it wasn’t just a personal fluke. Would not buy these again

  4. C_baer

    little weak but good there good micro dose for my wife and da da da da da da da da ………………. .. …………………………….

  5. NewbHigh

    Got 2 bags. They are yummy but neither I nor my partner could get high on them. We are both total newbs, and got high on 5mg of caramelts consistently, but even 30mg of these gummies at a time wouldn’t do anything.

  6. Cari-Lynn

    I’m new at trying edibles, but I found these quite underdosed compared to the dispensary brands I tried (Aurora and San Rafael). It took “30mg” to feel anything. Good for beginners like me. I also ordered MOTA BLACK. Tried “30mg” of that today and it knocked me on my ass! Definitely a bigger bang for your buck!

  7. BlueMoonRocks

    One of my current favourites, especially since they’re 10mg each. They taste great and the sour flavouring masks any weed taste that might otherwise be there really well. Other reviews mention the dosage being inconsistent or not working for them, but I’ve worked my way through a few bags and I’ve never had one that I felt was weaker or stronger.

  8. FlashG

    Really nice taste and a good dosing. I would order this product again and recommend it to friends. If you are looking for a good product this one is for you.

  9. Smac

    These tasty little cubes are my new favorite.
    they are very flavorful specially the watermelon ones
    I don’t get super baked but they maintain my high while i’m out and about

  10. Jez

    I like these little cubes! Flavour is good – the different colours are all different flavours, all solid. The texture’s not bad, they can get a little stuck in my teeth but that’s partially because I keep them cold in a fridge. Dosage to size ratio is great.

  11. nebs

    Tasty, fresh and does the trick! I like how they are small sizes so that you can do a better job at scaling up the portion size to what best suits your needs. Generally for me, 2 squares seems to be the right fit, which results in 10 dosages per packages, great value for your buck.

  12. kspring

    I purchased 3 bags of these, thinking that I’d have lots of fun. Unfortunately, I often felt no high from these, even though usually 10mg is perfect for me. I’d have to take 2-4 pieces to feel anything and even then, it wasn’t really a body high and I’d just get tired. I found the dosage per piece very inconsistent. While the flavour was on point, I think I’ll stick to Twisted Extracts jellies instead.

  13. Sailor Gary

    I found that these had very little affect on me, I usually get the twisted extracts caramels, or the coconut oil, same dose but better experience. I think these were worth a try but I doubt I would re order.

  14. 2sheriff

    I took 2 gummies which is 20mg. When i tolk the 20mg gummies they really hit me hard, but these didn’t really do anything. They are tasty tho but they arent refined they dank of weed when you smell them so you know they werent purified as some other gummjes ive had you cant taste or smell the “weed smell

  15. Fuzzer

    These are super tasty but I find them low potency. I use them mostly to microdose throughout the day. They are great top throughout the day puttering around the house, and if you want an extra kick, just smoke a joint and you are happy as a clam

  16. kater

    I found these to be quite weak. I took 20 mg and felt nothing. If I take 20mg of the caramels I bought I have a nice buzz. These were a waste of money for me.

  17. Jonny Weedbags

    I ate the whole bag, they taste as good as they look.

    They were really soft and fresh and chewy and I got a nice relaxing high but it wasn’t too much. The fruity flavours are great and I was able to sleep and still felt clear in the morning. Great choice

  18. shadysister

    i really liked these! i had to take 2-3 of the gummies to feel the effects, but they hit quite quickly for me and it was a nice and chill high. defs would buy these again.

  19. AH

    A little less potent then some other gummies but sometimes it’s a good thing. My package had soooo many watermelon flavoured ones in it. (Just not my personal fav) wish it would have a few more blue ones 🙂

  20. Smac

    These little candies are one of my FAVORITE !
    I only need 4 and I’m good to go. They pack a powerful little punch.
    The watermelon one is the BEST!!!!!

  21. Scooter

    I found these a little hit and miss as I’ve taken 3 and felt a little buzz so I tried 4 the next time and felt even less. Plus I was surprised how strong the cannabis taste was for not being that potent .
    I’ll stick with the jellies next time, they are much better in my opinion.

  22. Ima gal

    I really don’t know what went wrong this time, I honestly think my squares were Non-medicated. I will start off my saying that I have tried these before, my sister had purchased them. My previous experience, I had 2 Squares (20mg) and It was a nice solid high. A few days ago after opening my own package, I ate 3 Squares (30mg) thinking that “hey I’ll eat one more than last time because I want to get a greater effect than previously” . I set a timer and went about my night. 3 hours later I open my phone and see my timer running. I completely forgot I had taken the Mota squares. I was not high AT ALL. Not even a little mellowness. NADA. Fast forward to yesterday, I decided to try them out again. At this point i’m convinced there was an issue with my batch. I take 6 of the gummy squares (60 mg!!!!!) which should get me blasted out of my mind. I can tell you all that I was not the slightest high. I could have driven and felt confident talking to a cop, had one randomly pulled me over. My tolerance isn’t even very high. Clearly these gummies are inconsistent. I’m sure some people get great batches, but this was a sure as hell disappointing experience.

  23. Hannah

    I bought these gummies twice now. They do have a bit of a weed flavor but the price is great and I love how small they are. I like the flavors of it as well and get a nice buzz from them.

  24. JLee

    These are my fave go to candy for when I want to be out & about, but not too high.

    A nice subtle body stone that will help you be productive. The many different flavours in one package is a bonus!!

  25. sucrebrule

    DELICIOUS and DISCRETE. I chop them up to make them last longer and sometimes mix them in with licorice nibs as a nice afternoon treat. A great way to stay moderately buzzed all day long and to regulate how much of a buzz I want to have.

  26. Winston p humphries

    Good stuff . Mota always has quality edibles. I’ve only had the gummies and the bhobots but their always good . Only thing was I should’ve ate the whole bag instead of two doses. Cuz I like too get realllll high

  27. Buds all day

    Mota strikes again with these little beautiful morsels. The 15mg dosing is perfect for the day time and a double order will more than suffice for the evening/sleeping. Highly recommended most anything Mota #GetYourMotaRunnin

  28. Gill_Reviews

    Great taste, loved how there are different flavours. High was great, kept me focused and high energy. Great come down, always had a good sleep after eating one or two of these.

  29. Hannah

    I love how small these edibles are and even though for me I could taste the weed a bit I thought they had great flavor and eating a couple I got a good high. Great flavor, and great price for how many pieces you get.

  30. mike jones

    These are nice tasting gummies and are very useful for topping up your edible dose for the day. I find 100 mg to be a good spot to hit, but other edibles sometimes only come to 80 mg. In these times a few of these sour squares help to put me over the edge. Will buy again, but only to go with a more potent edible.

  31. Grezzo

    These sour squares are a good addition to a night, not super powerful and the size/number of them helps you dose lightly and accurately. I did not find these too powerful but I have a high tolerance. I would definitely buy them again as an add on. I even liked the green apple flavoured ones in the bag and I normally hate green apple candies!

  32. theateam

    great tasting, I find I need to eat 3 to feel a high. They do not leave the yucky weed taste in your mouth which is nice because you can eat them wherever you are and not taste weed or smell like it

  33. Haley

    They are an all time favourite. The flavour is great, they taste like sour gummies. The high is good too. For me one does the trick, calms anxiety and puts you in a good mood.

  34. Dwight

    Great taste and great high! They don’t leave the taste of weed in your mouth and have a great consistency. Love that its in smaller doses so that you can take one as the others start to wear off.

  35. parkdalekid

    I love, love, love these. These are the best value edible for me. I can dose as much or as little as I want, and they taste amazing! I find MOTA edibles to be very reliable on their dosage, and buy them again and again.

  36. Marty

    Great taste and texture! Not very strong in potency or flavour but great as a pick me up, or complement to other goods. Split the pack between myself and my partner and we felt a bit, but it didn’t knock our socks off! Great place to start

  37. MFG

    Tasty but not very effective despite the purported THC content. Eating 3 supposedly gets you 45 MG of THC – but they sure didn’t feel that way at all.

  38. L M N Tree

    I can never tell how many I need for these to work, because I normally eat the hole bag. One issue I have with these is they always taste So Good!! Not a problem you have to deal with. It only means I’m getting more. Thanks budmail!! I’m always excited for your package to show up.

  39. Nomad

    Great gummies, love the buzz. Take 2 to 3 of these for a nice relaxing evening. I would highly recommend these to anyone who doesn’t like to smoke…and the price is right!

  40. Mike

    Love these, great Valu for the mg you get taste is great too. Would recommend to anyone not much of a strange taste and the colors all taste a bit different.

  41. Uttsjs

    Very mild so good for sleeping, … a nice way to relax, perfect for someone who isn’t looking for a big buzz. Good price performer as well. 15 per bag I will be buying these again.

  42. Grezzo

    This is my second time getting these gummies and they’ve been pretty enjoyable! I eat a couple at a time throughout my evening and maintain a nice pleasant buzz. The flavour is nice, they have a hint of weed taste but I prefer it like that. Good texture aswell.

  43. Warslov

    Taste great, careful you don’t eat the whole package.
    Not super potent, great for easy going consumers that don’t want to go into zombie mode that fast.

  44. EatOverSmoke

    I have given this 4 stars, but it’s more like 3.5 stars. As previous reviewers have said, these are great for newbies or people who have a low tolerance. I will admit I LOVE the taste of these, however if you smoke or ingest on a weekly or more frequent basis, you will likely have to eat more of them to catch that buzz. I suppose it’s not a problem because you can enjoy more of them, but I have always felt that despite the 10mg dosage, they seem to be lighter than that. For newbies, I would still advise starting with just one and waiting an hour to see how it affects you.

  45. KB85

    Perfect little pick me up in between tokes or a great edible for a beginner. Like most Mota products, these are decent for taste. Will buy these again.

  46. Shwarmski

    These are very delicious, you don’t taste the THC. I love edibles but you need to know how many how many would get you too high. Sometimes I have 1, sometimes I have 3.

  47. Sunny

    Nice mild high and taste great. Came very fast and for the price they are awesome. Ordering a bunch again. So excited. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  48. Rose

    Absolutely delicious, I actually had to hide them from myself because they were so good. Unfortunately I have an abnormally high edible tolerance so I didn’t get high… But they worked wonders for my partner. Would recommend for sure!

  49. JKFC

    Really delicious, but not as sour as I would like. Can taste a little bit of weed flavor, but some flavors cover up the weed taste more. I’ve already purchased more after trying the product!

  50. Smac

    These delicious little morsels are jam packed with a sour punch.
    very flavorful !! mouth watering
    I like that they DON’T have CBD in them
    for a reasonable price

  51. V

    Amazing taste and the high can be quite light if the incorrect amount is taken. Need to find the right amount to get you the perfect high. I personally need around 5.

  52. Msbone

    Sooo they taste delicious, but I didn’t realize they were 150mg so they did nothing for me after eating like half the bag. Price is good but these are better for newbies I would recommend.

  53. SilverFox

    Taste is not too bad quite enjoyable sugar cubes but little to no potency at all. Half of the bag gone, one sugar cube you will not feel it, not even a tingle after taking three. I don’t know if I have a bad bag but would not recommend and will not go with this brand anymore.

  54. Cas

    They taste pretty good, can barely taste the weed. They’re not strong at all, I usually have 2 and will smoke a joint after. Highly recommend for beginners.

  55. Prappa

    If you pop two of these you are set and in for a nice light buzz. not much of a weed taste to them if you are picky about it. also, im a bigger dude so that is why i’d recommend taking two. also, there is a variety of flavours in the package.

  56. Sheila

    Great value for a decent high. Slight weed taste. These are our regular go to edibles. 2-3 gummies seems to be our regular dosing. I find if I’m already tired, these sometimes send me to bed a little earlier than I’d like.

  57. Marvelously Stoned

    These are great and you get a great amount for what you pay. I play mostly with flower and concentrates so edibles are iffy for me but having a nice one then another shortly after, maybe a couple hrs, and I’m just mellowww. It’s great, I was a first time buyer and got three bags! Really great purchase

  58. Brew

    Love these! They’re usually very true to listed dosage, great value per mg of THC, only a slight weed taste on them and super convenient for microdosing or dialing in your perfect dose.

    They will definitely be a regular purchase for me!

  59. YesWeCanada

    Ordered these for my girlfriend as she doesn’t like to smoke but loves getting high. We both ate 50mg and were surprised at how great these tasted. The high was intense and long lasting. Can highly recommend these.

  60. Littlestonersav

    Loved this one. Lots of different flavours only dlwn side is a bit of the taste of weed which is expected, but its not over powering. I would buy this product again

  61. Shorty

    These are my second best favourite edibles
    I only have 3 and wahoo we are good to go
    Some squares are a hit or miss though so it’s a gamble
    And the price is right

  62. Leiab

    some of my favorite edibles…i have purchased this kind several times–i keep them handy in the fridge for a quick on the go type high/micro dose….i find mota to be a decent product–sometimes priced a bit high but i guess i cant complain.

  63. Shorty

    These are the best edibles, only a couple of them and your good to go.
    Awesome price, I would recommend these edibles to anyone.
    Great taste and variety

  64. Lithia

    That was a good product, good quality, nice size and amount, Nice flavour, Even though i am not a fan of and that it took me the whole bag to get something of it

  65. Bonezzz9

    Rebuy really enjoy the buzz from 2 pieces nice tasting sour flavour. These convince size. Bold colours and burst of flavours. Shared with a friend, she enjoyed the sour squares

  66. SGoode

    These are excellent value for your money. Not only are the flavours distinct and delicious, they are quite effective. Great for chilling, relieving pain, and eating anxiety. I actually tend to cut them all in half, and they last me quite some time.

  67. Bonezzz9

    I love this juicy square candies. Very taste, good , alone or mixed with one hard candy. Great pain relievers . Soft and chewy . The different colour square are truly , amazing help with the pain! Will buy again!

  68. Bob

    One of the best tasty sour squares I ever had , could eat them all day long. The potency is a little weak compared to other brands. Good for a day you don’t want to get to high.

  69. RoxNroll

    Gotta love Mota’s products, easy to dose, tastes gr8 and feels gr8 also! They taste just like real candies. I definitely recommend if you want a nice high and have a good time!

  70. eyebrows

    These are my household go to candies from budmail. We find them incredibly consistent, and the buzz is always mellow, happy, and great. Highly recommend.

  71. Zaleeo

    I love them! They taste good & look like fun. They great for beginners to test the waters I’d say.. start with one & see how you go. Nice little buzz!

  72. combeng

    Taste really good and a full bag was solid, but I don’t get the same buzz off a full bag of these as I do other Mota edibles with less THC. Not the best value at the new price imo.

  73. MR.BS

    Great product. Tastes amazing. Didn’t work well for me as I have a bit of a tolerance and need half a bag or more to get a noticeable buzz. I’ll stick to the Mota cube or THC tincture.

  74. Ash

    Tried these as my first edible containing thc, didn’t feel much at 1 gummy. Gave some to my bro who smokes and does the occasional edible. He said 2 was a bit better

  75. Rose

    Love these little guys! Mota is my favourite brand in edibles I’ve had so far! Just wonderful tasting lil sour cubes that pack a punch with flavor and a nice high! I eat about 2-4 depending on what im doing 😉
    Keep up the yummy treats Mota!

  76. joeyallday

    Best bang for your buck, ~10mg/ square makes it easy to measure how toasty you’d like to get. Keep in mind the emptier your stomach, the harder these hit.

  77. Envycleopatra

    I really wanted to like these, but I must say I am rather disappointed. I found that the buzz actually left me irritable instead of calm and happy – and found that it did not last as long as most edibles. I enjoy the sour taste, and love that they are in 10mg squares for easy dosing, but I don’t think I will be buying these again as they are not a satisfying buzz overall.

  78. Ned

    These are a very tasty little gummies. Nice little bit size pieces. Convenient sizing for dosing and pacing yourself. They do taste a little bit more like weed than I would like, but it isnt too overwhelming.

  79. YoungBalsamic

    Very good tasting and I like how there is a variety for the different flavours in the pack. Need about 5 to start to lift off but the effects are stellar once you hit the right spot! Would recommend as they are cheap and good for sharing 🙂

  80. twisted

    These goodies weren’t available for a while…so glad they came back. There was a price increase which is why I gave only 4 stars. These are by far my most favorite edibles. I love the sour taste. Just two little squares and I have a very nice body high! If you like edibles, be sure to try these!

  81. Aulev

    The taste is awesome, it really tastes like sour candy. It really works great, the buzz is not too much, just perfect! This is definitely my favourite product in the site right now!

  82. trapgourd

    Probably the best value candy edible on this site currently. Taste great, reasonable single serving size, beautiful resealable packaging. They work. No complaints.

  83. k_duf

    These are a great price for the amount of gummies you’re getting. It is also nice that it is a mixture of flavours, some squares have a bit more of a “weed” taste to them. will definitely get these again, perfect for going out with friends.

  84. Kyla

    I think the price is really good for the amount of gummies and the taste is really good too. It doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste that I find a lot of other edibles have. I really like these

  85. Natedog

    Gummies taste like something straight from 7-11 and are a great price for how much ya get! I smoke every day and these things definitely get me pretty high! This is hands down my go to when it comes to edibles!

  86. Fugen

    The gummies themselves are great and taste like any regular gum with a mild ganja aftertaste, they are a bit inconsistent thou and the effects varied a little like a lot of reviews seem to say.

  87. BaconMasterXXL

    These taste pretty good. Wouldn’t recommend for a solid high, but I find that 1 every few hours seems to help with irritability/stress during the day.

  88. nes

    Gummies are tasty! They taste like normal sour gummies. Always good with Mota chocolates but I only got 10 gummies in my bag 🙁 Booooo. Maybe a one off but not sure if I’ll take the chance on my next order.

  89. Unit262

    Good product overall, the taste is awesome with just a hint of weed taste, it’s hard not to eat the full package. Buzz last for a long time and is uplifting. The only negative point is I find them half potent compare to other brand or home made edible but for the price you can’t go wrong

  90. Steve

    Good god these little devils are tasty. Be careful if your not paying attention you’ll down the bag before you know it. I would reccomend to everyone.

  91. Philly

    Amazing I love buying candy edibles and eating it once in awhile take like 4 and get blasted, also for people complaining about it not doing much of an affect its because your tolerance, either take a break for awhile then try more then the amount you did befor… Other then that Great product i love these !!

  92. tokeyDAbear

    Quick and easy way to take a measured dosage
    Or you can eat the entire bag at once, like I did, and spend $11 to take a LOOOONG and refreshing nap
    But I regret nothing LOL

  93. Phia

    I like these but you go through them like no ones business and they wear off fast. I want to have like 3 bags of these on hand at all times. One is a low dose that will barely affect you, two is a gentle high, three for me is a short lived giggly and silly but still functional high. They’re good for low dosing or micro dosing at work or in day to day life

  94. JohnDoe

    They’ve became super inconsistent as of late. I package 50 mg was fairly strong. Another time the whole package barely did anything. They need to get their production quality in order.

  95. Danler

    Pretty basic. Candies taste fine, little after taste, they do the trick (I have to eat a couple, but that’s expected with 10mg each). Great price for the amount in the bag.

  96. Bondagio

    Not ideal if you’re a regular user- would need to eat at least half the pack to feel anything. Strong cannabis taste, but still an ok taste. These would be great if you’re just starting out, since you can manage the dose fairly easily.

  97. Phia

    I usually love Mota. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by their distillate products, but this seemed a bit underwhelming. It didn’t do much at one gummy, 2 was a nice low dose sweet spot though. Will repurchase, but not my favorite

  98. Patient Zero

    Got another 3 packs and am in love with these, awesome flavours but some have a strong taste of ThC more than others, and i do find the slight buzz doesn’t last for more than an hour on 1-2 cubes but for the price its well worth it! Could just eat the whole pack if you want a good long lasting high! 😉 Thanks BM!

  99. obc93

    First time trying the MOTA brand of edibles and I can confidently say I will never buy these again. BAKED EDIBLES are so much better. These are very low dose and not as advertised. Each candle is supposed to have 10mgs of THC and I have to take as many as 4 to feel even the slightest buzz. That’s 40mgs… to get just a small buzz. Whereas 15mgs of BAKED EDIBLES gets me nice and high for a few hours.

    Terrible product but they taste good. Not cost effective. Recommend BAKED EDIBLES instead.

  100. Patient Zero

    Love these little guys, was suprised to feel anything off just one because of other reviews, but they pack a little buzz, can easily stretch this high threw out my work day to take the edge off + mild pain relief but still function, till i can get home to burn. 😉 Plus they are great gifts! will be ordering lots more! Home Run with these BM!

  101. apple

    Tasty but they have a very strong cannabis taste even though the dosage is not that much. I found the buzz to be a very low buzz and would either need to eat more or smoke with it to get it going.

  102. Money

    Good if you need smaller dosages or for use during the day. Taste great. Just not potent enough. I find the Twisted Extracts more potent (At the same 10mg)

  103. GoLeafsGo

    These aren’t extremely potent but easy to manage your dose by having a few. I add them with every order because of how easy it is to keep a few on me and eat on the go. Great taste and good buzz when you have a few.

  104. B

    El yummo! Great price , not very strong but great taste! Took 4 to feel relaxed.
    Could really btaste the pllant . Good product for the cost………

  105. Thatonegirl

    Best tasting gummies yet. Mota definitely makes the best edibles. A couple of these and I was good to go. Also a good price for the amount you get in the pack

  106. parkdalekid

    I have always enjoyed MOTA products and these are just great. Super tasty and a good value. i love that you each square is only 10mg so you can control your dosage. Great product.

  107. Diamond

    Love love love these!! Perfect amount and the taste is so good. Definitely my favs 🙂 I always get 3 or 4 bags with every order I place! I highly recemend

  108. wassamhere

    One of the best value per mg for edible out there. I have gotten much higher off some packages than others, I feel like accurate dosing may be a challenge. Very tasty however and hard to notice any weed taste. 4.5/5!

  109. smiles

    Was looking for something I could eat. These are perfect sweet and discreet . Nice flavor and not too big and easy to figure out how much THC you are ingesting. Yummy!

  110. Mac

    These are some of our personal favourites. Accurate dosing is a breeze and the taste is great. 150mg for 11$ is a great price as well. I highly recommend these edibles.

  111. Nkel

    Honestly, I’m usually not a huge fan of edibles. Or I have always been very picky, until I tried these bad boys. I’m an avid smoker (3+ times a day), so I was thinking no way I would get my money’s worth. WELL HOLY POOOOOOOP, my sister and I decided to get cocky and down a whole pack each. DONT DO IT. Or do? Just in a good environment. We were stoned, and by stoned I mean a giggly highschool girl trying weed for the first time, stoned. So yeah, you could say I’m a fan and will definitely be buying more.
    Oh, super tasty too with minimal herb taste

  112. wassamhere

    Well I’ve been smoking fairly normally for 6 years now and decided to give these a try. I was a little disappointed compared to the other reviews on here they were very mild for me. I gave some to a lightweight friend and he was couchlocked though. Nice for guests

  113. Theredrooster

    Those gummy’s taste very good. the fact that they have 10 mg each make it easy for dosage. Can be just one and have a little smile or more if you want it more potent. And i have to say, they are very good for insomnia, wow!

  114. Flyaway77

    This was my first try at edibles and was so pleasantly surprised. It gave a nice all over effect and lasted for quite some time. it wasn’t overpowering which is what I worried about. Great product for those looking for a nice edible that has excellent taste.

  115. Cran.xo

    These are honestly my favorite edible on this entire site I usually buy two or three bags at a time they taste great and only 1-2 flavors have a notice but not strong weed taste. Also it only takes 2-3 for a good uplifting energetic high.
    The price is amazing & the bag comes with a decent quantity of gummies.

    100% would recommend!!

  116. Jon&Annie

    Great flavours and nice and soft. I like the fact that contains 15 x 10 mg pieces show that you can usually get it correct dosage. Great for the first timer.

  117. Guitarded1

    Great anytime of the day. I like to have one with a beer, 1 sour or 2, very pleasant high and really keeps you level. These aren’t going to sit you down on your arse as a super high, but a quite pleasant buzz, even keel. Relaxed and in control.

  118. snicklefritz

    One of my favourite edibles, these are the best bang for your buck even eating just a few of these i can feel the effects. I usually eat about 5 or 6 however just 2 pieces put my non smoking girlfriend on her ass

  119. Curtisdabsolot

    Love love love these!!! Despite other reviews i found they had a nice fruity taste and the high was fantastic! And $11 for 150 mg you cant beat that! Ordering more as we speak!

  120. Mariss

    Great feeling from these squares. I enjoyed these during the evening as I wasnt sure what to expect. They allowed me to feel relaxed and took away my anxiety. The flavor wasnt too bad this is where it is losing a star for me as they lacked a bit of the candy flavour I had hoped for but mde up for it in effect.

  121. Leiab

    These are a good bang for your buck- having tried almost ALL available candies from this site- these are good – it takes a few of them for a seasoned stoner like me – but sure to do the trick.

  122. nachoman

    I love these candies so much! They are a great deal for what they are. I like them for a bit of help sleeping or to just feel a little, little, tiny bit high for several hours during the day.

  123. Mrsjrm

    I love these candies! They taste great! My favourite thing and the reason why I give them 5 stars is because for $11 you get 150 mg of thc that are measured in 10 mg doses-it’s perfect for the beginner or advanced users.

  124. Torontovo

    3 stars from me because they taste good and my girlfriend enjoyed them, but these didnt do much for me.

    After reading a few review on these, i decided I started off with 2 gummies (20mg), just to be safe. I waited about 2 hours and felt no effect. I took 2 more. I didnt feel high…Just a little tired. The next day I tried again. This time I took 4 gummies (40mg) at the same time. Still had no noticeable effect. My girlfriend on the other hand, she took 2 gummies and she said it was a nice high. I spoke to a friend about these squares recently and he mentioned that he takes about 80mg at one time to get a nice high.
    I’ll go with something more potent next time.

    Taste is great – different flavors, easy dosage. Just wasn’t strong enough for me.

  125. TWeedy

    By far the best bang for your buck on this site. I don’t have a super high tolerance so these squares work perfectly for me! Going to order again and again.

  126. Leroys mum

    I wish these were a little stronger but they are great for beginners who need to micro dose and the taste is fantastic!!! Anyone with a high tolerance would have to eat the whole bag😀

  127. Lani

    not my favourite edible but still very good. I prefer the cola bottles and blue sour sodas but the plus side of sour squares are the 15 pieces (10mg each) vs the 10 pieces on many of the other edible options. Would buy again, but prefer other methods

  128. TheDean

    Love all the Mota brand edibles but these are the best bang for your buck and easy to share and dose in specific quantities. Taste great and gets the job done. I’ll be ordering these from now on

  129. Isjadp01

    At the top of my list for favorite gummie candies. Ive yet to get the body buzz promised from gummies but guess I havent found the right dose yet. Good taste without strong weed taste. 5 stars for price and amount

  130. Catlady

    By far one of the best tasting edibles candies I have tried. You get many flavours and the quantity is one of the best bang for your buck!! Defo garb a pack. You won’t be disappointed 😎

  131. Jrose

    These candies taste great(do not have a marijuana taste at all). You get a lot in a pack so it’s good for beginners or those who want to dose small. The high is nice!

  132. Eyes open

    We love these… great for me to fall asleep as I suffer from insomnia, and just one gives me what I need to dose off and wake up rested. My husband finds if he has one before bed he doesn’t toss and turn from pain all night and then gets a good nights sleep. They also have a great taste!

  133. iliketrees

    These gummies are amazing. The flavours are fantastic – This tastes as good or better than any other gummie (medicated and non) and that I have ever had. The effects are great – I find they make me more sleepy than stimulated. They are perfect for bed-time 🙂

  134. BigChr

    These are a must have for people starting out with edibles. The 10mg per piece is awesome and you get 30 mg more for the same price as other mota products, although no CBD’s. Flavours are great…

  135. Doctor Skeleton

    Full marks, love these. Great deal for what you get. If I’m home for the night, or day, and have any aches or pains, I take them like you would a Tylenol. Nice relief and also puts me a much better mood, and a bit sleepy. I ate three in a more party situation, nice mellow buzz carried me through the evening. Great edible for new users, easy to measure your amount, good price. effects aren’t crazy either. Highly recommend to anyone.

  136. BigChr

    One of my favourites due to the mixed flavours. You guys have expanded my edible horizons. Can’t get enough of your gummies BM. For anyone looking for a medicated sour candy, look no further.

  137. BDD

    Squares taste great but I found that they arent very potent. I’m not a heavy smoker nor do I eat edibles often, but it took 2 to really feel something.

  138. DuckingKian

    Best deal out of all the edibles. you get 150mg of THC for 11$. they will fuck you up don’t give 2 squares to a first time edible/smoker because they will not enjoy how intense the high will be.

  139. Towelie

    Tastes ok, pretty strong tbh, but the affects are good. Like others said, some flavours are better than others, and more stronger tasting as well. Consistency wise they are nice and soft.

  140. Em

    Great product. The candies don’t taste like weed, and I found 3-5 perfect for a nice comfortable high. Each bag contains about 15 squares, so you’re guaranteed at least 3-5 highs per bag. The price is definitely right.

  141. B-radley

    These taste great. With that said some candies had a much stronger taste of thc than others did. Seems to correlate to the effect you get from them. Good price, you may have to eat alot to get good buzz.

  142. Mr.Dank

    They taste great , i had to took 5 pieces to feel a buzz. ..

  143. Cran.xo

    So good and you couldn’t even tell it’s an edible!
    Not very potent I had to eat like 3-4 to feel anything but the thing I LOVE about these is that it wasn’t a head high it was a body high which made me feel clear headed and energized I ended up cleaning my whole house and there was no “blah” burnt out feeling when it wore off.
    Highly suggest these amazing sour squares !!!

  144. BettyWhite

    Tastes nothing like weed. The blue raspberry squares are especially delicious.

  145. Red

    Very “weedy” taste, took 3 and didn’t get much of a buzz. Relaxed though and clear headed.

  146. Blond high

    Great little candies Very strong and great flavour. Perfect for someone with a sweet tooth 😋

  147. Anonymous

    2 or 3 worked quite well for me. Def worth adding to your order at the low cost. Thanks BM

  148. Anonymous

    Some of the best tasting edibles – very potent as well. 2/3 to deliver a great buzz

  149. kushkingston

    Affordable,potent and tasty!Lately i’ve been eating 2 or 3 squares at work,or when i’m out&about and don’t have time to smoke
    Perfect buzz at low doses,leaves me really clear-headed and functional while still feeling really nice and medicated.This is sorta my first time trying edibles, and I gotta say I really like the high!a different experience,feels more therapeutic..

  150. Kit-kat

    “Although these have the most cannabis flavour out of all the candy options, to me.

    I loved these, only 2 or 3 needed so you really get a bang for your buck.”

  151. Goldpony

    These sour squares are very delicious. A couple squares and your in for a nice warm buzz. Order these every time I can get my hands on them. Thx BM!

  152. MAL

    I was silly and ate the whole package… wow.. 
    I was still high in the morning

  153. Sml230619

    Ohh yeah these taste amazing ,buzz is A++ love these highly suggest buying

  154. bender2377

    Great tasting, excellent way to medicate. Two does the trick. Price is right.

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