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Shatter (Sovrin Extracts)


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Sovrin Extracts Shatter - Corleone Kush
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Sovrin Extracts Shatter

Sovrin is a brand known for quality and we carry that reputation strong with our shatter lineup. We believe that quality matters more than quantity so we don’t cut any corners when it comes to our shatter. It is fully de-fatted and de-waxed and is fully purged before it’s packaged, leaving you with what you’d expect from our brand – a pure, clean earthy smoke guaranteed to get you medicated. We are very happy to carry Sovrin Extracts Shatter on our concentrates menu here at Budmail!

Sovrin Extracts

Sovrin Extracts is more than just an extraction company. We’re a lifestyle brand that was forged through a passion for the healing properties of cannabis. Striving to create the most potent, cleanest and enjoyable cannabis products on earth. We use only the best parts and starting materials. With decades of experience growing medicinal cannabis, we ensure that every run meets our production standards. We strive to make sure that every puff you take tastes and feels like quality.

Simply, we strive to provide the best products to the cannabis community because we are the cannabis community, and we hope you love our products as much as we do.

The below is a flyer from the Sovrin Extracts site, please note that the strains on our site are the ones we offer!


30 reviews for Shatter (Sovrin Extracts)

  1. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I enjoyed Sovrin Shatter each time I ordered it, trying many of the available strains; my most recent being Golden Goat. It is a bright, soaring, and uplifting high that is much needed during this extreme weather and nights that are longer and darker. What I like most about Sovrin Shatter is their consistency in texture, potency, and the smoothness on the exhale. Another favourite is Granddaddy Purple. Thanks!

  2. The dude (verified owner)

    Really loved the golden goat strain, shatter was super smooth on the inhale with a great cookies sort of flavour to it. Will be buying this one again.

  3. RancorDaBs (verified owner)

    I had ordered about 10 months ago and was not entirely pleased with it at the time. I hear good reviews so maybe I just got a sub-par product/ experience. I just really dislike when I receive concentrates that appear dark or opaque . Not my go to

  4. Moneyview (verified owner)

    For the golden goat is an 10/10 , effect 10/10 , taste 10/10 , consistency 10/10 perfect effect 10/10 , price 9/10 … good flash with pretty effect . S

  5. Moneyview (verified owner)

    Awesome terpene profile. Packaging 9/10 , effect 10/10 , taste 11/10 , consistency 8/10(some are not solid) effect 10/10 , price 9/10 … colors are nice too. As good as green gold but the Green gold was solid…

  6. Hobbes (verified owner)

    I received the pineapple trainwreck, some of the nicest shatter I have found recently and would certainly continue to order this brand and try other strains with confidence.

  7. mimi (verified owner)

    only got 3 different kinds the first time, but if i knew budmail would often run out of stock i would have bought more. easy to manipulate, nice taste and really noticeable and good high effect, would definitely buy again and its really worth the price

  8. 420m (verified owner)

    This is my favourite brand of shatter and I’ve tried plenty – always tastes clean and always consistent! The strains I love are always available and the sativa strains are perfect for daytime

  9. Funky Munkey (verified owner)

    Very high quality extraction methods and flavors. Handling this concentrate can be a little difficult but is made up for in the exceptional taste and effectiveness

  10. Adam (verified owner)

    It’s pretty good shatter, but it’s not the kind of shatter you can break with your hands it is pretty soft, I’m not sure if that’s because of the heat and shipping but overall it’s not bad for the money

  11. mln_1969 (verified owner)

    I really love the taste and smoothness of this. A really great high too. It is pretty sticky, and not the easiest to work with, but I am very satisfied with it nonetheless

  12. Critical Theorist (verified owner)

    A nice rich, effect that hits you right away. The lighter turpines of the Super Lemon Haze give the expected creative high, while the deeper, richer Durban Poison recipe delivers a heavier droner buzz. Sovorin shatters have been a consistent high quality, but are sometimes superceded by cheaper alternatives.

  13. SJW (verified owner)

    This may indeed be the stickiest substance known to man but the potency packs a serious whollop! It’s surprisingly not as harsh as one would expect from a concentrate this potent. I held back one star because of the difficulty in handling but I am very much enjoying it.

  14. SJW (verified owner)

    This strain is really a beautiful smoke. Perfectly manicured and cured, as I’ve come to expect from all Skookum strains, Mandarin Cookies is sticky with trichromes and has a full, rich bodied taste as well.

  15. JAG (verified owner)

    Really good just it got too hot and ended up sticky and like sugary but was still really good hits you hard. I would definitely buy this brand again..

  16. NorthernONt-baby (verified owner)

    This shatter is mint and won’t let you down. The extract process is clean and burns cleans , you can’t wrong using this and price is perfect for budget smokers

  17. alyssalovesugly (verified owner)

    I had tried the sovereign vape pen cartridges previously so I was excited when I noticed BM carried their shatter. I snagged golden goat one of my fav sativa strains and I was impressed with the clarity and terpene profile of the shatter. FANATSTIC price too. Will try other strains for sure.

  18. RJ (verified owner)

    Not typically a fan of solid shatter, more into the buttery consistency usually, but the taste of this one more than makes up for that for me. Tasty as hell. Good high

  19. BlueChicken (verified owner)

    Did the job but there are better options on BM for less money.

    I took a dive on a sale and bought five grams (GDP, Corleone Kush, GSC, SSH, Blue Dream) and none were great. The flavours were all muted but there was an aftertaste to all of them and a cough that lingered. The potency was there for sure and they worked but I will stick with BMs other concentrates.

  20. budking85 (verified owner)

    very good, flavorful, smoked nice! packaging was perfect, consistency was great…it stuck nice to my dabber and got me pretty high…i would buy it again for sure!

  21. Yellow (verified owner)

    Overall pretty good product. I wasnt a huge fan of the consistency but not much to complain about as the flavour is great, and the buzz was good as well.

  22. Gurf (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased sovrin extracts 5 times and they can vary in quality. This last batch was well made. For the price I would definitely say that they are worth it.

  23. junior666 (verified owner)

    I’m being super picky here so still 4 stars…..
    Great packaging and great product. Gets me high, super tasty .
    I guess I’ve been into so many different concentrates that I’m seeing the little differences between products.
    I like these in a dual coil vape pen. I find Shatters gum up the coils after a gram or two which is normal. Some shatter clean up nice with some alcohol, some leave residue and can’t really be cleaned off the coil. I find this brand middle of the road for that. Not really a complaint, just a review.
    Some shatter is super clear, this was semi clear.

    All in all, great brand.

  24. Gittens (verified owner)

    High end brand, beautiful and clear , very smooth , smooth aftertaste , effects sneak up and hit you good , tastes amazing will continue to buy, happy with product.

  25. Marvelously Stoned (verified owner)

    I got the Blue Dream and the only thing that wasn’t the best was the consistency for me- mine was more like crumble and didn’t really stick well together… I imagined it being more glassy but taste is decent. High is great but product wasn’t too workable for me

  26. Kppb (verified owner)

    Got the super silver haze. High potency, nice to dab. Felt really happy and relaxed. Would like to try other brands of shatter. But this for sure will get the job done if you’re looking for a nice chill high.

  27. 420Maiku (verified owner)

    Pretty good high potency I had a couple for myself and got me in the zone!
    Old school okay puffcopeak is the way to go! Would recommend for yourself and other with friends!

  28. Outthebay (verified owner)

    Ok… so I have just started experimenting with turning concentrates (shatter, budder) into vapable liquid. I bought a gram of this Girl Scout Cookies shatter and mixed it with a couple ml of Farm To Vape. WOW. Had to adjust the temp on my vape pen but…. wow. I will never buy another pre-filled vape cartridge again. Got about 4 ml of vape liquid from 1 g of shatter. Awesome

  29. Baketree (verified owner)

    Tried the GSC back before xmas. If I had been told this was rosin, I would’ve believed the person. Waxy, tacky and not in the least bit transparent. Modest smell and not a strong flavour profile when dabbed. Very generic tasting. Didn’t find it to be very potent but there was a noticeable effect. I would probably pass on this brand of shatter but since there are few options currently, what are you going to do?

  30. alex (verified owner)

    Packaging 9/10 , effect 10/10 , taste 11/10 , consistency 8/10(some are not solid) effect 10/10 , price 9/10 … color are nice too. As good as green gold but the Green gold was solid…

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