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Super Silver Haze


AAA Grade | Sativa

1 Gram | $10
3.5 Grams | $35
7 Grams | $65
14 Grams | $125
28 Grams | $240

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Product Description

Super Silver Haze

Bred by the legendary Neville Schoenmaker, Super Silver Haze is Sativa dominant and best known for its ability to provide an uplifting and positive mood. The buds are olive green and showcase a twinkling appearance due to a frosty caking. The nose is very tell-tale haze, being rich and spicy with peppercorns and soft pine. This particular batch has a nose of lime zest that is sure to flare your nostrils. Its flavour is likewise pungently spicy, with sweet fruity undertones. The high is again very uplifting and calming, yet providing a steady stream of energy. Super Silver Haze is ideal for day-time productivity and enjoyment.

Previously lab tested over 20% THC!

Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy
Flavours: Citrus, Herbal, Lemon, Spicy, Sweet
Medical: ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, Stress

66 reviews for Super Silver Haze

  1. numberonebeckwoodscustomer

    This strain did not meet my full expectations. I ordered a gram and it was barely enough to even roll a small J, but besides that the smell of the bud wasn’t appealing. However, the smoke of the joint was nice for me and the high is potent, good for productivity or even socializing

  2. Aggie Morris

    Very good. Enjoyed it very much 😊
    Smokes good in a joint or even in a pipe or bong. Love to buy in bigger bags. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😁😁🥰🥰🥰🥰🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯Blow my mind.

  3. Ulysses666

    Pretty bad reminded me of the weed my brother grew the first time he ever tried (and failed) to grow his own bud has the exact same taste. The high is mediocre. Would not buy again or recommend.

    Hey! Sorry to hear you were disappointed, we reached out to you via email to continue the conversation.

  4. Selenium Sam

    Very tasty and does what its supposed to. Buds were well trimmed and compact although I ordered a 14g & a 7g and for some strange reason the 7g was a bit on the dryer side. Weird but still ok as I re-hydrated it a bit in my humidor and it was fine. I would recommend.

  5. Me123

    Bought some for my boyfriend he can handle his weed and he found he didn’t need much from this stuff! He loves it and gets a great high from it I would definitely buy again.

  6. Brian Boom Bap

    I would up this to a AAAA. The batch I received was beautiful. This is a perfect first thing in the morning Sativa. I find it very similar to the Skookum Acapulco Gold that I was so very lucky to grab a few weeks ago. Great cure, nice trim and a beautiful woody, citrusy, skunky smoke with sweet undertones

  7. Dez

    4.5 not the best but still does the job I would recommend this strain for anyone thanks budmail just ordered an ounce cant wait for it to arrive happy smoking tokers

  8. SwampsOfSnye

    i have always leaned almost exclusively towards indicas but the past few months of ordering from budmail have given me a deeper appreciation for sativas, so much so that i might actually prefer them now. SSH from taco farms is a treat. great buzz with no burnout, taste and smell from a joint is excellent. a nice, focused head high that makes chorin’ a breeze.

  9. John

    I dont usually like sativa but this one really got me. LOOKS NICE AND TASTES NICE. It hits you from the first puff. Definitely will make you laugh and giggle. Highly recommended

  10. Budman

    This is an ideal strain for day time use. This bud gives you a great uplifting high that allows you to get stuff done during the day. Doesn’t give you a burn out that makes you want a nap. The buds are very dense, doesn’t look like a sativa but definitely is.

  11. Dutchpassion

    Very good sativa. Typical haze type flavour and very nice smoke. Good for the daytime when you want stuff done. It is AAA but a little expensive for what it is. Would recommend but not rushing to re-buy

  12. RyanOkaitok

    Super Silver Haze is one of my favorite sativas this batch from Skookum is a little better than the last batch, not sure where the last batch was from. The buds are mostly medium to small not bad trim and a little sticky. Good cure clean burning light grey ash. Classic SSH effects

  13. vanzolini

    5 star for this one.
    this bud is not overrated or overpriced.

    great classic sativa , semi dense nug. a bit sticky. smooth burn
    would order again for sure.

  14. iliketrees

    This stuff was alright. I was very underwhelmed with both the smell and taste.. I found both to be rather muted. The buzz is decent- nothing out of this world but it is a nice uplifting high. Overall I would not recommend this batch- I think it is priced too high for what it is.

  15. hutch89

    I like to order a bit of this strain almost everytime I see it. It’s a great sativa that hits quite hard. Only got a gram but was worth buying. Nice taste and smell,good daytime smoke.

  16. Funstoner

    This strain was GREAT for wake n bake and my afternoon puff! Buds looked/tasted amazing! I’m more of a sativa smoker also. I would recommend this strain to anyone!

  17. snicklefritz

    Got a gram to try, always a fan of super silver haze. Different than the last batch these buds are lighter in colour, tighter and very frosty. Strong high however i think this ssh has a bit of a burnout which i didn’t get with the last batch. Still a great product but wont be re ordering because theres to many other things i need to try on the menu right now. BM is really killing it at the moment!

  18. acara

    Great looking bag appeal with buds that are pretty sticky but still bust up really nice. Really really good day time stone. kind of picks you up and is pretty mellow! Super silver is always a go too.

  19. gogetyourshinebox

    YES!! I’m so happy this strain is back it is one of my all time favourite sativas. Beautiful lime green and frosty buds, with that typical peppery/spicy smell but this time with a backdrop of this fruity/candy vibe. It’s awesome and potent as hell. Perfect daytime strain, highly recommend!

  20. El Roacho

    Tried this in my very first sample pack. Really nice weed, kinda fruity smell when you open the bag..smokes great in a joint. Then you get some spicy peppery flavor with the exhale. Weird..so i ordered more lol. Its back again!! im hoping this hangs around for a few days cause i want to order more. im overstocked at the moment ffs. El Roacho

  21. lostintheclouds

    This was beautiful. Absolutely loved it. Super Silver Haze is a favourite and staple of mine and this grow was perfect all around. The high, taste and smell I love from SSH

  22. RyanOkaitok

    Clean burning nice dense buds perfect trim and not much stem a little sticky awesome sativa high good for wake an bake or anytime of the day thick smoke

  23. PeaJay

    This stuff is pretty awesome. I usually crank up a big joint of it after work and buzz along for a couple of hours. Smoked a joint of it while on some edibles and that was the first and last joint I needed for the rest of the night.

  24. Grasshopper

    Med-Heavy stone, that lasts a good 2 hours or more. It will diffuse your concentration and take your energy level down a notch or two, so don’t plan on being too active or focusing too sharply. Best for evening use and unwinding. Overtakes you fairly quickly and leaves you just chillin’, though not totally couch locked

  25. SID

    This is just some GRADE A flower! I’ve lowered my tolerance due to some mental health issues/issues with eating so am no longer smoking Sativa’s or really higher THC strains but holy moly, when I was – this was my absolute favorite. A fantastic grow of this highly esteemed strain! The terp profile is just beautiful and the burn is clean! The high is very clearheaded with little to no burnout.

  26. Theredrooster

    Bon, ça faisait longtemps que je voulais goûter a ce fameux super silver haze. je dois dire que le produit est excellent et a une belle présentation, Ses arômes sont tout aussi intéressantes, forestier, fruité, poivré. excellent

  27. lostintheclouds

    This was really nice. Always enjoy Super Silver Haze in general. Smell and taste is very unique but I really enjoy it. Nice daytime high that can get me out of bed on a rough day.

  28. CBDee

    Really enjoyed this strain. Beautiful dense nugs with a sweet citrusy earthy scent on the nose. These babies ground up beautifully, only after grinding can you truly see how densely packed the nugs are. The high was wonderful, energetic and creative with an all-around body relaxation.

  29. Moss

    Great stuff. Looks great on the outside and even better once you grind it. It’s got a strong hybrid effect that starts in the head and then turns into a couch locking body high.

  30. Shannn123

    Really enjoyed this one !! Doesn’t knock you out or make you feel spacey. Very minimal anxiety as sometimes sativas can do that to you. Would purchase again thanks budmail !

  31. LisaJayne

    Yet another great strain I’m happy to see return here. Great bag appeal, busts up huge and has a great uplifting buzz awesome day and night smoke. Definitely worth repurchasing

  32. nrw

    This stuff is great. Scent is peaceful, like walking into a wooden home. high was a productive one. Had a ton of fun experiencing a movie whilst stoned on this stuff.

  33. harry

    Nice smell and taste. Doesn’t knock you out, but lifts you up. I would certainly recommend trying this one. Thanks Budmail for the great products and service.

  34. stonedschoolgirl

    After trying this strain in Amsterdam, my father raved about how great it was. Of course, I had to try it — I was not disappointed! After smoking, my mood was uplifted and my body immediately relaxed. A added bonus was that I didn’t have hardcore munchies after, which is something I typically experience full throttle. Overall, an awesome product. I will definitely recommend it to my friends!

  35. SourCreamCreamy

    The smell coming from this sticky icky is to die for buds! Such a beautiful unique smell and potent taste. It make me feel really high too lol. I drew a lot after I smoked this.

  36. darrell

    This stuff is amazing. gives you a really nice high. great for going out cause it doesn’t stick you to the couch. Only got a gram of this but now i really wish i got more

  37. hutch89

    totally different thatn any other time I have ordered this strain. again was dark in colour but did have that super silver haze smell and taste. buds were crystaally but I bit leafy and not very appealing to the eye but smoke nice

  38. snicklefritz

    Ordered 14gs and was initially very skeptical about this bud. This batch certainly lacks appearance with a feint but pleasant smell. When i look close i can see the buds are very much covered in trichomes the bud is just much darker than i was expecting. The effects are still all there, very strong sativa buzz with absolutely no burn out. Along with the octane sherbert i got i must say, thank you budmail!

  39. brooke

    Vapes well and love the taste, smell, and effects. Not great bag appeal though, it was pretty much only tiny buds and the weed looks nothing at all like the pictures shown for Super Silver Haze. It looks much more like the pictures shown for White Haze, which makes me kind of wish I just got White Haze instead cause it’s cheaper. I almost wonder if they sent me the wrong weed somehow…

  40. Bruh

    Smells and tastes amazing! Light orange hairs with nice green buds. I use this strain to cure hangovers and boy does it do the job. Awesome work BM and KLR gold. You guys rock!

  41. gogetyourshinebox

    One of my favorite sativa strains….this stuff is potent and uplifting. It instantly helps alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Smells terrific and I will be ordering more!

  42. Mickey

    I would say that this is a nice sativa but not my favorite to smoke. It didn’t leave me feeling as energetic as I am when smoking other daytime weeds so it’s good for early evening sessions when winding down but don’t want to pass out yet. I’ll probably try one of the other “hazes” to see what the difference is.

  43. SkeletoR

    Really nice green apple nose. Buds are a little darker than I expected. Nice crystal coating. The high is really nice. No real burn out. Nice uplifting high. Good clean burn.

  44. LisaJayne

    Definitely one of the best sativas out there. Bag appeal is great and it’s burns well. Will definitely make you cough if you get cocky. Great daytime smoke with little burnout

  45. RadGreen

    I was very excited to see this and ordered it immediately. I have always enjoyed the strong but mellow cerebral effects. It’s a great sativa, but it doesn’t get me pepped up as much as some others. Perfect for suppertime and later in the evening when I’m ready to relax and unwind. There’s a reason why this strain won so many awards and why it’s still popular after being around so long.

  46. Actionman

    Absolutely one of my favorite Sativa strains and this is no exception. Excellent quality with a serious bouquet.
    The price is good for the quality you get.
    BM Rocks!

  47. amall

    It was alright, nothing spectacular imo.. Could be my expectations were too high from other reviews. Service was awesome per usual. I wouldnt order again.

  48. Perseid

    Potent, tasty and clear, but not clear enough that I could make it my main go-to. Social though, and useable for creativity but maybe a little less spaciness would make it a favourite.

  49. Magicactus

    Yes I’m here again, and I will not be surprised if I order again before weeks end… if I could give this a six I would, super delicious… nine bucks a gram, and quality like this… Budmail I love what you guys do for everyone.

  50. Grassimo

    This stuff is just wow. Super happy/uplifting/calming, euphoric, full body buzz with so much energy. I couldn’t sit down too long either. Gets you super creative, mind doesnt stop. No burnout at all. Increased my appetite. My friends stomach pain was reduced. Very talkative with clients at work. Doesnt cause any anxiety at all from being to racy, its a perfect balance. Bud look Isnt impressive imo, but taste wise in a vape is fantastic. 10/10

  51. budmailme

    Tasty & uplifting. Although, it looks like Budmail has changed distributors? It was previously $240 per ounce. Either way, you can’t go wrong with Super Silver Haze.

  52. Magicactus

    So glad I jumped all over this… bag appeal was beautiful.. full knarly buds just like Budmails pictures… wonderful light scent of citrus… perfectly cured… smokes so smooth in a joint.. haven’t tried any other methods yet but I just loooove this stuff… thank you so much!!

  53. RebelYell

    This one reminds me of the acapulco gold from a few weeks back. Its more dense but less sticky. It has the same sour tropical fruity thing going on and the high is excellent!

  54. Drayven

    The bag appeal is great for this strain, the smell seemed fruity.
    Very nice taste to the strain..The buzz was good lasted longer then expected..Was nice to try

  55. Cinamon15

    I am a big fan of the Super Silver Haze. It leaves you with an upbeat, energetic high and never disappoints. I would really enjoy seeing more options like this in the menu.

  56. InukHash

    She enjoyed it very much!!! Found it to be relaxing, appetite and she slept well laat night!! The description seems accurate. Looked like the photo shown. Good job!!

  57. spaceman

    A perfect example of this award winning legend! I have always loved this strain, it has both Indica and Sativa properties, very relaxing yet gives you lots of energy! You could wake n bake and use this all day. Also very tasty in the vaporizer. You’ll definitely get your $ worth with this one. Thanks BM for another legend! So many strains to choose, takes me forever to decide what to put in the cart. lol

  58. phobia

    A very good smoke, the nugs are dense and properly mature. Not a lot of aroma from them but it is a pleasant one nonetheless. Gives a nice cerebral high which lasts a good while, this one is on my list to buy again in the future.

  59. A.K.A

    This strain is pretty good, good high good vibe. Good to wake and bake with.

  60. Animal Cookie

    Strong cerebral high, little fatigue. This beats the Super Lemon Haze imo, I have both.

  61. nunavut23

    This strain is very potent, scent explodes like a bomb when opened, the buds are professionally trimmed, the high makes you giggle, would order more of this stuff.

  62. nunavut23

    very very potent taste and smell, hits you with the first hit, scent explodes when you open the bag, Very strong considering the name, will not get enough of this stuff, Recommend smoking small amounts as it can last long. guaranteed to make you giggle and smile.
    would definety get more of this legendary strain

  63. banffbud

    Haze’s have to be my favorite smelling strains. This one stood out as one of the best smelling and tasting i have had in a long time. Why cant everything be this awsome….

  64. Mesenoth

    I would love to see more like this in the premier line. The bud doesn’t look special, but they do have a sparkle to them. The buds are very fluffy and sticky. The smoke is smooth, with a very earthy flavour moving from a tangy pine towards a rich peanut butter.

    The effects are amazing. It starts off very uplifting, lots of uncontrollable giggling and looking to the stars, and moves into a paralysing couch lock and clear head. It’s up there with diamond OG.

  65. Whiteflame

    Very unique taste and smell. Lots of bag appeal. Long lasting high. Great for pain and insomnia. Awesome strain. Pleasure to smoke

  66. BMlemontree

    All I can say about the taste and smell is that it’s truly unique. Mmmm

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