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Temple Tea (Mota) – Assorted Flavours


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Directions: Add one teaspoon of tea to 250ml of boiling water and steep for 10 minutes or longer. “Longer equals stronger”. Add a quarter teaspoon of coconut oil or any fat source while steeping. Remove tea leaves and enjoy.

Strength: 120mg THC and 20mg CBD

Size 30 Grams | 12 Servings per Package

14 reviews for Temple Tea (Mota) – Assorted Flavours

  1. Kris

    I got the Egyptian Chamomile & I was not expecting it to taste as good as it does. Just talking about it now makes me want to go make some. It’s very relaxing. Will definitely buy again.

  2. Smac

    Love the tea !!
    chai – is delicious
    mint – not too minty, just right
    Chamomile – is my boyfriends favorite before bed
    wish you would get more flavors

  3. obc93

    Wow. I had my doubts that this tea would actually do anything for me.

    However, after reading the reviews I decided to buy a few different flavors.

    They all taste amazing and really do the trick.

    I found that a tiny squirt of MCT OIL helps the tea to absorb nice and fast, but it’s a smooth high.

    It doesn’t hit you hard.

  4. Madamepiggy

    A cup of this tea with a little coconut oil before bed, and you feel fantastic. Tastes great, and a great way to unwind.
    Would definitely recommend — the best tea I’ve tried!

  5. Slednorth

    I will be re ordering, did not get me heavily stoned but was very relaxing. Paired it with the infused honey for sweetener and taste was great. If you like a herbal type tea with a bit of body relaxation it great!

  6. Slednorth

    Tried the lemon sencha, flavour is nice with a hint of weedy taste. I used the infused honey as sweetener and it goes great together. Not a huge high but just a calming effect. Great to relax on a lazy afternoon.

  7. DiGi

    Thought this was going to be a delightful way for me to medicate – was just a great cupppa herbal tea. I got two bags b/c I thought the idea was so great. I even let subsequent brewing go for as long as an hour, even adding more of the Coconut Oil than recommended, thinking that the fat may help with the absorption. Gave it to a friend of my wife’s who loves her tea (not a weed user) and she said it has no affect on her either.

  8. Dem Cron

    Huge fan of tea, this is my first time trying tea with thc in it i found it amazing very laid back and relaxing,
    works good on setting the mood and helps with a sore back
    I recommend getting your munchies before trying this so your gf doesn’t yell at u when u eat all of the kids school puddings
    5 stars for me will defiantly be getting more
    Also i recommend coconut milk powder so u don’t have to worry about ur coconut milk going bad

  9. bluntman

    Nice compliment to the tea collection, and it doesn’t taste half bad. I mix it with some of the honey I get on here and its great. I didn’t like mixing it with coconut tho…….

  10. BobbyBIGGS

    Tea smelled and tasted amazing but didnt find it gave me a huge buzz. I think i will have to use more then the recommended amount. I agree with boiling it and the letting it steep for at least 20 mins.

  11. Gfunkton

    The Spiced chocolate rooibos is excellent; very nice after a long days work, or for just lounging around the house; effects come on smooth like a warm blanket, will definitely purchase again.

  12. six

    The chamomile tea is heavenly! Definitely a go to tea after a long stressful event week!
    Exceptional at calming frazzled nerves and letting you relax and still the mind ! Try before bed and sweet dreams!

  13. jaycads159

    great for body pain/aches I find, a nice change from smoking/vaping. one teaspoon, longer = stronger in my opinion. decent tasting, second time ordering. would recommend.

  14. Spenny

    I’ve gotten this product before. It was my first full blown cbd anything or beverage for the matter but it definitely felt like it worked some sort of voodoo. I felt pretty centred also I like the taste of it aaaand now I drink tea. I see there are new ones, going to have to order soon.

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