Terpenes (Blue River) – Hemp-Derived


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Blue River Extracts

Blue River terpenes are full-spectrum terpenes naturally derived from whole plant cultivars.

Blue River offers the widest selection of award winning full spectrum essential oils naturally derived from whole plant cultivars. Their pure essential oil products are designed to be used as a diluent for aromatherapy and vaporization.


ACDC is a sativa-dominant phenotype of the high-CBD cannabis strain, Cannatonic. One remarkable characteristic of ACDC is its THC:CBD ratio of 1:20, meaning this strain induces no psychoactive effects. Tests have put ACDC’s CBD content as high as 19%, which helps many patients treat pain, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and the negative effects of chemotherapy, all without intoxication.

Parents of: God Bud, Burmese Kush
Similar to: Lucid Dream, Blue Champagne, Mother’s Helper, Endless Sky, Cracker Jack

Flavours: Sweet, lavender, pine
Effects: Creative, euphoric, uplifted, focused, happy
Medical: Stress, anxiety, pain, migraines, insomnia

Each package contains one vial and one dropper.

* This product does not contain any cannabinoids.


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