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Spray (Mota) – THC


8 ml Spray Bottle

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170 MG THCFast acting and effective, Mota’s minty infused alcohol spray is a great smoke free option. It’s discreet and easy to use. Simply remove the cap and administer one or two sprays of mist under the tongue. Medication is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Each sprayer contains only cannabis and alcohol plus mint for flavour. A closable cap and small form factor makes it effortless to slip into your pocket or purse for anytime medication access. Now made with THC distillate.

Insomnia | Stress | Pain | Depression | Inflammation | Euphoric | HappyStrength: 170mg THC

Volume: 8ml

Ingredients: Grain alcohol, Cannabis, Peppermint Essential Oil, Natural colour.

32 reviews for Spray (Mota) – THC

  1. herbjones

    It’s my first time trying this product. I bought both indica and sativa varieties. My first 4 sprays were under the tongue sublingually, and minutes later I could feel it kicking in! Yea the burn is there but it’s only for 2 seconds. I think the bigger the burn the better the boost! Anyhow it won’t be my last time buying this! Perfect for a microdoser and somebody who needs to be discrete and take the edge off (visiting uptight stuffy in-laws, or your conservative parents, etc). FIVE STARS !!!

  2. Agent 47

    Bought it for a family member and she absolutely loves it
    Giving it a four because I tried it and I gagged and almost puked I didn’t see it has grain alcohol as an ingredient.

  3. Sweez

    Opened er up. 6sprays right in the yap. Tasted like i just took a shot of rum. Affect was pretty good (SATIVA). Kept pretty busy doing useless stuff. Nice head high. A little bit racey. Which wasn’t expected at all. I am a very heavy sativa smoker and this stuff gives me more energy than anything I’ve smoked. I think i might try the indica next time. But WOW that alcohol taste. Just be ready.

  4. cdwalker90

    Be aware this stuff will sting when used under the tongue did not know alcohol will burn like that until giving this produce a shot, effects are so-so.

  5. theateam

    The taste is not great, It does work but I needed a fair amount of sprays, great for during the day as it doesnt have a harsh smell. I think I will stick with my edibles tho.

  6. Hardcase

    Not bad! Good for when your on the go and can’t smoke! Not a strong effect, probably would need three sprays but any more then three stings, no effects from is though, would buy again

  7. DayTimeLush

    I don’t think I would try this again. The taste is very strong and a bit abrasive, be careful if you spray it right under your tongue, it kinda burns. My breath was nice and fresh though!

  8. Smac

    These sprays are great!!
    I like it for use during work hours not only does it keep you leveled.
    The mint is so strong, you’ll have fresh breath all day long. Just the way I like my mint

  9. feelgoodlost

    Taste is not great due to the alcohol but there’s no easy way around that in a spray form. Either way it’s very convenient and a pretty good value as well

  10. southerngunner007

    Been using the sativa and indica spray for about a year now. Both are quite satisfactory for grabbing a quick buzz when out and about. Nice descreet way to take the edge off during social functions and crowded venues. The taste leaves something to be desired but is tolerable. 4-5 sprays seems to do the trick but doesn’t get you faded. I like the indica just before bed to help get into a good sleep cycle quick. The sativa for busy days around town.

  11. AngeB

    Not a bad THC Sativa spray….works very quickly, but had to use more than the 2 spray dosage as recommended. Going over 2 sprays is killer though, the grain alcohol, burns, which lasts for maybe 10 seconds and the taste is pretty horrible!!! I suggest having a drink close by to wash it all down after you spray.


    I’ve constantly bought this from the start. For someone who doesn’t “smoke” it’s a great alternative, bottles could be bigger and I find that I need 5-7 sprays which takes up most of it quicker but would HIGHLY recommend.

  13. Lokibonbon

    It is quick and does the job. But you have to use half the bottle to really feel anything. Since it has grain alcohol it burns quite a bit. I would definitely buy again though.

  14. Sasquatch

    This is a great idea…but damn does it sting! (Especially if you go under the tongue). I think it would be good for a mid-day push. At the very least it wakes you up. I pair it with mints or candies and it works well.

  15. Goonies

    I buyed the indica and the sativa strain. It’s not bad but i think the same thing of many people! The taste was not very good! Bad taste but the effects works!

  16. buss

    I ordered the sativa. I tried 4 sprays and got a nice buzz from it. The effects came on within 15-20 minutes. Definitely a good micro dosing product.I have a feeling i’ll be getting more of these.
    My wife uses the CBD one and loves it.

  17. SharpieB

    Like Buckley’s…. “Tastes terrible, but it works!”.

    The spray is one of the better ones I have tried as far as the effect, but it truly tastes awful.

    I use it like breath spray. Under the tongue is not pleasant due to the alcohol.

  18. BudLover

    Purchased both the Sativa and Indica.

    Taste – Definitely needs work.
    Effect – Each spray is 2.5 mg, not ideal for high tolerance users. Good for micro-dosing.

  19. Towelie

    Tried both the indica and sativa. They showed up leaking.. not good packaging. Anyways, the product itself is OK, not very strong and the alcohol will burn your tongue if you use more than a couple sprays at once. This is a good idea, with failed execution imo. Also there is food colouring in the tinctures which I’m not a fan of. Product works well enough, gets the job done for on the go use. Will be sticking to mota ingestible oil in glass bottle instead because it works better for me and tastes better too.

  20. BigChr

    Love how quick these things things kick in. Great for while I’m on the go. It’s microdosing at its best. Love that you have the 3 kinds; sativa, indica and CBD. Will be buying more.

  21. Shane

    Ive had these before they are super awsome! They do burn alittle but il explain why its because of the alcohol. Without the alcohol you wouldent get high because the thc will have no way to enter your blood streem the alcohol opens your pours.

  22. BettyJane

    I bought both, one for morning, one for night.
    The initial spray under your young stings like hell, but it is made with grain alcohol so that wasnt a surprise.
    Not much of a mint taste really, it’s kind of like mouthwash, but not as minty.

    For me it works within minutes, and I’m able to function fairly quickly once it sets in.
    If you’re looking for a crazy buzz this isn’t for you, it’s mild if anything at all. It is quite effective for my back pain during the day, and compliments my bedtime yoga practice to help me sleep.

  23. bluntman

    Good spray. I got the indica and it works like a charm with nice consistent a spritz. Alcohol burns a little the first time which is a draw back but you get used to it+ they tell you about it. Reminds me of the budder mist. Good for if you have trouble sleeping or if you are like me and wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back asleep. Cost more then makes this reasonable. Spritz and sleep!

  24. Ruski

    Don’t know why others don’t like these, but for me this was great! aside from the grain alcohol~ Found myself getting all giddy and smiling like an idiot after 3 sprays under the tongue while walking outside, and by no means am i a light weight.

  25. kris

    It gave me a buzz but the alcohol content made me nauseous.

  26. 8Ball

    Was not impressed. Didn’t matter how much I sprayed, no effect (and I do not have an outrageous tolerance). The grain alcohol burns like a S.O.B. too.

  27. 420buddy

    Bought the sativa and indica sprays. Both were hugely disappointing. Neither gave a buzz, no matter how many sprays (10+ sprays, no buzz)

  28. T-MacK

    THC Sativa Spray–This product saves me on a daily basis! Two sprays under tongue (yes it burns, get over it) and within a few mins i’m pumped and talking up a storm. I usually shy away from conversing with others. Great Product!

  29. thedave420

    “Good item for trying something new.
    As others have said do NOT use under your tongue lol, shit burns. 
    Tasted OK and I felt minimal anxiety with the littlest buzz after 2-3 sprays. Not too bad.”

  30. Easyc

    Other then the bite of alcohol under the tongue was the only effect I got from the spray. So I tried a double spray and still nothing. The taste and the bite are easy to overcome providing you get the feeling that you desire. If I could give zero stars I would. This product does nothing for me other then a little bad breath.

  31. six

    burns ..careful ..sprayed under the tongue NOPE do not do that ..mouth ..well just as strong ..not sure I would ever use this again as it is not that effective either ..!!!

  32. Jeanfg79

    “The effect is really nice, i enjoyed it a lot. No smoke longer effect, just Perfect for me. The problem is that the thc was extracted with grain alcool and its giving me horrible headache, diziness, i even puked…
    I used it 3 times and i threw the rest in the garbage.”

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