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The Big Deal – Chemdawg


AA Grade | Hybrid

14 Grams | $85
28 Grams | $160

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With a near-even balance between sativa and indica, Chemdawg delivers on both fronts. The buds have a chunky formation and boast an attractive trim and cure. A clear cerebral high drives creativity while a stony, sleepy body high fights insomnia and relaxes the muscles. It has a powerful and spicy taste and smell with a hint of diesel. Not surprisingly, Chemdawg is used to produce Sour Diesel, one of the world’s most popular strains. Little is known about Chemdawg’s history or genetics, though there are urban legends involving a Grateful Dead concert, a handful of seeds, and a grower named Chemdog.

Flavours: Chemical, Diesel, Pine
Effects: Cerebral, Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing
Medical: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, PTSD, Stress

61 reviews for The Big Deal – Chemdawg

  1. Peek

    ChemDawg is probably my favorite strain available on BM – even better when it shows up on the BD. Very strong scent right out of the package, nice dense buds and a very relaxing and enjoyable high. Almost too much, but perfect!

  2. Sharkeatsgirl

    I will always grab the Chemdawg when it pops up. The quality of the trim and cure varies a bit (this last batch wasn’t as good) but it’s still a delicious smoke. Great for day or nights, nice skunky/pine flavour.

  3. Chachi

    I have to go 5 star for the quality-price ratio here. Blown away at the job that budmail does, making sure that we can have QUALITY cannabis at a fair price.
    Big deal chemdawg may not be AAAA but there is absolutely nothing wrong with what I received. It smoked well and provided a nice, well-balanced buzz. Nothing complex, by any means. But certainly does the trick.

  4. Tarboss

    I purchased the chemdawg twice already and this is my third time, first two times were not “the big deal” and the bud size and cut were slightly better than this bag, that being said it’s still super powerful and a beautiful smoke and high. Excellent !!

  5. islewarp

    The Big Deal Chemdawg was just as good as the normal priced Chemdawg I’d gotten a couple months ago. Only difference was it was a bit leafier, but it was still very well manicured, just not perfectly. It smells great, loud, gassy. Smells even better on your fingers when you bust it up. Lots of big nugs. Wasn’t too dry, though kinda disappointing it lacked the boveda pack . Good deal. Efficient quick delivery in time for the weekend. What more could you ask for?

  6. TheStoutTrout

    Got the Chemdawg and whoaaaa the smell was so great. Coffee diesel and pine was such a tantalizing smell. Makes you hungry just smelling it. Great job BM

  7. Tink95

    I order the big deal pretty religiously at this point, every two weeks with a few other bags thrown in there too. I have to say, although the price is discounted- this is still some of the best weed I’ve ever smoked. Some of my favorites to grab are Chemdawg & Chocolope. Thanks for never disappointing, you’ve gained a very long term customer.

  8. Peek

    Chemdawg – any time you see this on the BD, you’d be wise to give it a go. Always thick, healthy, well-trimmed buds. Flavour is on point, and give an intense but relaxing high. I’ll often have to out a doob halfway through, which is always a good thing. Give Chemdawg a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  9. BlueChicken

    I always check The Big Deal out when making an order and select it 50% of the time. Know what to expect and it has almost always been good or better. Sometimes you luck out and get a $160 oz of absolutely premium bud, or what looks to be the “less attractive” buds from much more expensive options. A great way to justify a purchase of the Premiere lines while still keeping a budget.

    The Chemdawg is a 10/10 for me. I’ve had better The Big Deals but this one is consistently a great buy, but only if you like dank and strong buds.

  10. Border Brawler

    First time ordering the big deal and I’m happy I did, I though it would be sub par but that was not the case. The chemdawg was awesome!! I loved it and would order again.

  11. Transporter

    This time I got an OZ of Chemdawg. It was very good, smelled strong right out of the bag. Rolled nice, smoked even better. I would recommend anyone to try “the big deal”

  12. clutcher

    Got the chemdawg and am very happy.Nice piney/skunky flavor .Great indica buzz,wouldn’t recommend hitttin’ the grocery store after smoking this !?!.Can’t beat the great prices-Thanx for 420 sale

  13. kidsmoke91

    Can never complain for the price of the “Big Deal”, but occasionally the strain can leave a little to be desired. I have had some banging strains, however, including Death Bubba & Chemdawg.

  14. Lotto

    Ordered the ChemDawg.
    All small little nugs, but damn, they are deadly!!!
    chemdawg is my new favorite strain, the piney diesel is great.
    worth a reorder definitely

  15. JamesN

    Originally ordered death bubba but got chemdawg due to sticking issues. Chemdawg is smooth smoke and sticky buds. Will order again when available. Great product from great people.

  16. Peek

    ChemDawg – if you ever see this strain on the BD, it’s a no brainer. Strong aroma right out of the package and small but dense buds. Break up nice, roll & smoke evenly. Even though ChemDawg is powerful, I find it can work for both daytime and night, as there doesn’t seem to be the hard burnt out that can accompany other strains. Overall very happy once again, thanks BM!

  17. iliketrees

    You can’t beat the big deal. I have purchased this numerous times now (10+) and each one has been very decent. The quality is usually AAA, though I have received some that maybe aren’t quite AAA. Still – For the price you can’t find a better deal. My last purchase I got an oz of chemdawg and an oz of grapefruit. Both are top notch.

  18. ant

    had the chemdawg big deal this time and quality is great as usual. definitely got a strong soury smell to it. high is just right but can get you banged up with the right amount

  19. RedBeard

    BM’s 420 sale!! wheuu! What a screaming deal. I ordered the big deal of Chemdawg twice, that has to tell you something. The bud is always so sticky and

  20. weedman

    Got 2 oz. 1 of chemdawg and 1 of death bubba. Got bubba kush the week before. All were A+ the big deal should change to the great deal. At $112 for April is a steal. And at $160 regular price the big deal is still a bargain. Always great quality and great bud.

  21. Rachel 75

    The Big Deal! Is my favourite item hands down 😊 never disappointed. My last big deal was Chemdawg, I like to smoke every day and sometimes all day. Never losses it’s goodness

  22. thicchigga

    Chemdawg order was insane, medium to small sized buds but my my is it ever sticky on the fingers and in the grinder, the high is really good balanced leaning towards indica style tiredness 🙂

  23. Bzzz 🐝

    I chose the chemdawg in the big deal format. Very satisfied! Sticky dense nugs of good size and produced a lot of Kief in the coffee grinder. Taste was good and bzzz 🐝 is definitely top notch. Then throw in the price…. instant success!

  24. RedBeard

    This is my first purchase of the Big Deal and man can I say what a Big Deal it was! the bag appeal was amazing, the order came in two days in this nice tight 3x vacuum sealed bag, as soon as I got through it the smell overwhelmed my whole house! I ordered 28g of Chemdawg and it was some of the nicest bud ive had in a long time. way better product from Budmail than any government source.

  25. NotseeParty

    I tried chemdawg a while back and wasn’t very impressed but I gave it a second chance for the awesome deal. I couldn’t be more happy with it. Its one wet bud🤙

  26. cory trevor

    got the chemdawg most recently, really strong, good sized nugs for the price paid. Most of the time I order and am pleased with something bubba related for sleep, but different strains (super lemon haze was great) have also been very consistent through quite a few orders.

  27. Amysaidnomnom

    I got impatient waiting for Trim to come back (which I caught twice nearly instantly after ordering this). I went with Chemdawg, as I recall liking this strain elsewhere. Great quality bud, for sure, better than I’ve previously experienced of the same strain. Discount was right on for the value. Thanks, Budmail!

  28. JT

    So my third and last review of the big deal as the half of death Bubba that I received on Monday. I am once again blown away by this train and it’s gorgeous well trimmed stinky beautifully grown nugglets of joy and happiness. Such a great buzz, I’d guess it was a sativa if I was guessing, but it’s apparently a indica! Who knew!! Haha thanks for the fantastic work and beautiful highs from these three heavy hitting knockouts ( death bubba, Hindu Kush, and chemdawg. 💯🤙🤪🔥

  29. JT

    I am completely blown away by the chemdawg this bud is beautifully trimmed and has gorgeous amounts of crystals and is very sticky and the consistency of the bud is perfect. I don’t think any cannabis could come out any better than this. The grower did an amazing job! I’d love to shake their hand and given a beer. Job greatly done. I’m blown the @*#$ away once again Budmail you are amazinggggg!!

  30. Transporter

    I love the big deal. I got chemdawg. Do si do. Rockstar. OG Chem. And a few more. All are awesome. Nice to have so much selection. They smell bomb and stink my house up haha.

  31. Fugen

    Of all the strains I’ve had here with the Big Deal I’m always glad to see Chemdawg in the selections! This stuff is always quality bud and one of my personal favourites!

  32. Mr. Oti

    Chemdawg and Bruce Banner grab them when you can…..great deal enjoy most of the strains that are available. You can’t really go wrong with these prices.

  33. ADbud

    Hi, I got Chemdawg & this is going to be my new favorite strains. It has very strong odour, but a pleasant flavour. This strain should be smoked after work/evening.
    thanks Budmail

  34. Peek

    Chemdawg – this is probably one of my favorite strains and anytime it’s available on the BD you’d be wise to pick some up. Very potent odour, very strong but pleasant flavour. The high is very nice and it hangs around for a while. More of a nighttime / end of the day type of bud, but also won’t destroy you if you happen to smoke one in the afternoon. Another hit out of the park with Budmail.

  35. cake

    Tried both Chemdawg and Rockstar, happy with both. Classic indica strains and the strain specific characteristics we look for definitely shine on both. The value is unmatched for this quality as far as I know.

  36. frozenlandscape

    Have gotten multiple different strains with this deal and they have all been pretty decent, no major complaints. Favourites so far have been Bluefin Tuna, Citrique, Platinum Kush, and Chemdawg.

  37. Tokesbeforeblokes

    Such a great deal!!! I’ve purchased several strains in the big deal, most recent chemdawg and black diamond. They were both great (hated the smell of chemdawg but it was a good smoke so tolerable). Really impressed and I love the selection 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  38. NorthernONt-baby

    This review they had listed for it was literally A billion% true And one hell of a great deal

    OG Chem is a cross of Chemdawg & OG Kush. With celebrity parents like this, OG Chem has a lot to live up to – and it does not disappoint at all. Forest green aesthetic over frosty trichomes and auburn pistils. A pungent diesel aroma is expressed over a musky earthy backdrop. It boasts a super happy and uplifted high that leaves you upbeat and energetic for hours on end without causing anxiety. The high hits you first with a creative boost that lifts your mood and infuses you with artistic inspiration and the desire to create anything that comes to mind. You’ll be incredibly euphoric as this high builds, yet somehow completely relaxed

  39. Peek

    I’m a huge fan of Chemdawg so when I saw the OG Chem show up on the big deal, I had a feeling it wouldn’t disappoint – and it definitely does not disappoint. From the moment you open the bag you know it’s going to be good. Smooth and rich flavour that will keep you couch-locked for a solid hour or two. As far as price vs. quality is concerned – this is a no brainer!

  40. CBD_KiD

    ChemDawg what can i say … I Love You ! your a woman who smacks me around and i must say i like that in a woman … each time we meet you hit me just right . now i must say for the price this is a steal even with taxes … taxes ? really ? anyways back to the review , so the product is dank for the price and the stank the girl gave off when she came walking threw that frontdoor … OMG reeks of citrus skunk and chemical funk . and will hit you like a 50 gallon drunk of nuclear waste . i must give thanks for Top Dawg for acquiring these seeds in the 90’s from a grateful dead concert out of a bag of weed . yes folks its a true story its no legend and its a 1980’s strain so again on my point about classic genetics … there better due to more bio-diverse genes being used … cannabis is a Out Crossing plant not a Inbred plant so these new genetics wont ever compare to the classics . chem your a great classic . theres a reason your still around …

  41. Butter

    Grabbed a half O of Chemdawg not long ago, and was extremely happy with the price – quality of the bud.
    Very good/Very relaxed, with a happy and energetic high.

    Awesome deals.

  42. JustinK

    I picked Chemdawg and i was very happy when I opened the bag. It has a very nice, pungent smell and the taste is great too. Full buds, great price. Would “highly” recommend lol.

  43. FelixTheCat

    Always my go to for good bud for a great price. Got Chemdawg this time, great smooth smoke, perfect in a bowl with some kief thrown on top. The Big Deal never disappoints!

  44. Holmes

    Received an oz of chemdawg and was very impressed with the nicely frosted buds and crazy smell like no other. Great for any time of day really:) The big deal is great quality at an affordable price.

  45. DeliP

    I got the Chemdawg big deal and I like it for a day smoke. It helps reduce my chronic pain and I don’t notice couch lock at all. I have been extra productive in fact.

  46. Adam

    Got the Chemdawg. Amazing buds and a great count for an incredible price. Very nice high as well. Thanks, Budmail! It was a great way to kick off the new year.

  47. MR.BS

    Recently got 14 grams of Chemdawg. Quality relative to the price is amazing. Good skunky smell, burns clean, tastes good, and potency is on point for a AAA grade.

  48. S

    This is still excellent quality stuff at a fair price.

    My most recent order was an ounce of Chemdawg – this stuff reeks as soon as you cut open the vacuum seal and is quite potent, even for a daily smoker like me.

    Smells good (albeit strong), tastes good, high impact – it locked me to the couch for a while. It’s not the first time I’ve ordered the Big Deal and I’ve never been disappointed.

  49. FrankieCdn

    I bought the Chemdawg, and recently received it. I opened the package and was almost bowled over by the odour when I removed the first of two sealed plastic bags the box was contained in, the stuff has a strong smell that I love. The buds are medium to large, tight, frosted with trichomes, and cured to perfection. I ground some up and put it in the pipe, it has a bite to be sure but is an awesome blend of dank earthiness and a touch of mint. The high is relaxing, euphoric, social and definitely got some pain relief. In the vape it’s smoother, produces a decent amount of vapour and you get the benefit of the vape leftovers to make things with, some canna butter comes to mind. All in all the best bf deal I have gotten yet! Thanks BM!!

  50. RyanOkaitok

    My 2nd time ordering from the big deal. The 1st time I got some Chemdawg, that was an awesome deal as I purchased Chemdawg before it went on the big deal and the stuff you get in the big deal is just a little less potent than the regular.
    My 2nd order was Black Diamond OG, it is just as described.
    Best clean burning bang for your buck.

  51. BlazaFatty

    Bought 14g of Sept 2019 Chemdawg batch. Very impressive looking buds with loud kush/fuel/chem smell. They break up nice and taste sooooo nice and smooth in a joint. The effects are perfect for afternoon, evening and nighttime.

    5/5 for PRICE, taste, looks, effects and smell.

    Def rebuy

  52. BlazaFatty

    Grabbed 14g of July 2019 Chemdawg batch. The buds were huge and dense. Hardly any stems. The taste was delicious tangy gassy kush. Very very smooth on the inhale and exhale. The ash was light grey in colour. The effects are awesome for all day usage. Found I was happy and had giggles.

    5/5 for PRICE, taste, looks and potency. This is such a great strain, you dont realize how quickly you can finish it.

    DEF REBUY!!!!

  53. Blaze4Daze

    Grabbed 14 grams of chemdawg and wasn’t disaapointed. Not the best quality but for the price you are more then getting your moneys worth. Also hit great in the vape.

  54. Mo

    I received an Oz of chemdawg, medium to big size buds, nicely trimmed and got that chemdawg smell. I had this strain before, smokes smooth. I enjoy this baby in the day and at night before bed. Highly recommend.

  55. Fugen

    Had a full bag of the Chemdawg, lots of decent sized buds but was a pretty mediocre trim job. Smoked just like any AAA bud, burns clean and has that distinct chemdawg taste… good day-time smoke.

  56. Mo

    Grabbed a hlf Oz of BlueFin Tuna and McGrupper. Love both strains. Small to medium size buds, and the buds look beautiful. McGrupper is more of a daytime smoke, give lots of euphoria. BlueFin is more of a night time smoke. Just put an order of Chemdawg, looking forward to it.. Thanks BM for this awesome deal, hope it keeps coming..

  57. Smoke Anon

    Absolutely the best deal out there. This time I grabbed an ounce of Chemdawg. Buds were a little smaller however a good smoke that burns nice. High is not as strong as l like but still a great deal!

  58. BrainStorm

    I ordered an once of Chemdawg and I have to say that the quality and price are excellent. The smell and taste are real good and it burns very clean. I can’t wait for my next order to add some of the Big Deal Discount weed in it.

  59. Greybush

    Picked up an ounce of Chemdawg and could not be happier! The smell and flavour is wonderful. This is my second time ordering the Big Deal, the price is excellent for the quality of product. Highly recommended!

  60. CaptainChronic

    Loved it! I got Death Bubba the first time. Now I just ordered Chemdawg can’t believe it, getting this deal twice in a row! Great deal on great AAA marijuana strains! I love Pot o’ Gold more because of the varied amount of flavors and strains! But this is a deal just as good!

  61. Cottage Bob

    As a senior on a limited budget who’s be en smoking for decades, the Big Deal is a real boon for me. I’ve had the Death Bubba and Chemdawg so far. Both were excellent. Thanks Budmail!

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