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The Big Deal – Darth Vader OG

AAA Grade | Indica

1 Gram | $8
14 Grams | $110
28 Grams | $175

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Darth Vader OG

Darth Vader OG is bred from Purple Kush and Skywalker OG. Gaining its notoriety for “dark side” purple aesthetics and mesmerizing effects, we’re pleased to share this one with you. Medium sized buds are packed with crystal while nicely trimmed and cured. True to its namesake, there are darker hues of purple noticeably present on larger colas. First opening your bag will unleash a strong funk of dank earth and pine. Breaking the buds down further unlocks gassy and floral notes. Smokes to an offwhite ash while it is smooth on the inhale and robust on the exhale.

Sure to leave you bleary eyed and contemplative, we’d recommend this offering an evening in. Happy, euphoric and dreamy effects take hold in first rushes. Not overly productive, but good for abstract thought or simply sinking into the couch.

Flavours: Musky, Earthy, Pine, Citrus, Conifer
Effects: Heavy, Sleepy, Body High, Calming, Euphoric

Medical: Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Insomnia, PMS, Depression

11 reviews for The Big Deal – Darth Vader OG

  1. gmac (verified owner)

    I always love seeing this strain come around. And this batch is no different. The name alone makes me love it but it is a great bud as well. Tastes great, burns great and a real nice buzz. Also stays good and moist.

  2. J-Hizz (verified owner)

    Decent taste and smoke. Nothing overwhelming. At 175 I wouldn’t circle back to buy again. Certainly gets the job done with a decent indica at a reasonable price. 3.5/5 for me.

  3. CoolHandL (verified owner)

    Great AAA strain danky, perfect evening smoke. My second 14 gram purchase. Awesome to have to smoke in between my skookum tins. Grab some when on sale for the BIG DEAL. Thanks BM

  4. Jrfriday (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite strains BM has to offer!!! Its a heavy hitter which I like. The buds are nice and dense with a deep purple color that smells fruity!

  5. PANDAAAA (verified owner)

    Great bud all around. Nice dark purple hues to the bud so you know you’re going to be one with the force! Great for helping me get some sleep, smoke too much and I’m out like after a youngling is done training. Smoke a bit and you’re ready to serve by Lord Vader’s side. Definitely buying again.

  6. Phil (verified owner)

    A very narcotic smoke for the big deal.

    Found it good for sleep.

    Very kushy flavor.

    Looked like purple golf balls.

    I have yet to encounter any big deals that I wasn’t happy with.

    Thanks BM.

  7. ShishkaBerry (verified owner)

    5 stars for the big deal category, not sure what the last guy is smoking but my bag is perfectly fine. Maybe he got his govt weed mixed up with the good stuff 😉 The buds are a proper humidity and solid. I got some pretty decent sized buds with a few smaller ones. It’s a loud one, not as stank as the cali o but it’s up there, the odor lingers in your nose after you smell the bag. Classic weed stank – earthy, gassy, herbal. It’s as purple as the pic and very trich covered. A nice trim with just a few straggler leaves, but we don’t buy the big deal for looks here. Definitely heavy, save it for after 5pm or weekends if you’re not a chronic.

  8. Old school kush(real kush) lover (verified owner)

    I was looking forward for this one but turns out it had nutrients/flush issues because five out of seven different strains I ordered got same after taste, Darth Vader og, platinum rockstar,death bubba, meat breath and can’t believe it race fuel og(premier line). Dry buds meaning lost some terpenes and potency. Airy buds for none sativa strain. Back then there use to be real kush strains that has real kush terpenes(myrcene, limonene, pinene).

  9. MR.BS (verified owner)

    Sleepy indica with minimal munchies, exactly what I was looking for. Big dark buds, good potency, very relaxing. Smokes well and tastes good. Very happy with the product at this price point.

  10. Eatmyswiss (verified owner)

    Love this strain really glad to have it in big deal
    Nice purple size nugget here and they are sticky so do not plan big crazy plans cause you will be stuck in that couch 😜

  11. Budda- abuser (verified owner)

    Best deal around, I love this strain. It taste awesome when vaping. Its color is so dark. I picked the deal and loving it. I highly recommend this strain.

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