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The Big Deal – UBC Chemo

AAA Grade | Indica

14 Grams | $85
28 Grams | $160

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UBC Chemo

The Heavyweight Champion. Nearly 100% Indica. The remarkable OG Kush crossed with UBC Chemo, a well-known superior Indica strain whose lineage has been passed on for nearly three decades. This strain was reported to have been developed at the University of British Columbia specifically for treating the symptoms of nausea and pain associated with chemotherapy. The aesthetic expressed is kushy and fiery with a somewhat hippy trim but generous frosty coat.

Deep, stoney and sedative. After smoking you can expect to be hit with the big calm. Sure to leave you cleaning out the snack pantry and sinking into the couch. While supplies last!

Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
Flavours: Pine, Sweet, Woody
Medical: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, PTSD, Stress

14 reviews for The Big Deal – UBC Chemo

  1. hungrychef

    wowzeewowow! Long time “the big deal” customer and they’re always quality bud at a great price but this strain is by FAR my favourite. Fat, crystally buds with dark greens and purples. Smell is fantastic, and the smoke is smooth. Nice smoke for the end of the day. Makes me love my couch a little more than I did.. 5/5 will buy again.

  2. myq

    Super purple, beautiful buds, heavenly buds. Super nice indica high, unreal for a night of doing absolutely nothing. Steal of a (big) deal. Hope this one comes back.

  3. Lotto

    I dont order from any other site or person or business. ONLY BUDMAIL.
    This UBC CHEMO is bomb. Rebuy for sure.
    Gotta love Budmail for existing tytyty :):):))

  4. Eatmyswiss

    Perfect for my pain and movie night
    Got 14g last week and 3day later got a other 28g for the price on special wow only regret its 1an1/2 oz its not gonna be annof hopefully it will come back on the menu soon

  5. Renardz

    I was very surprised when I saw this one come up for the big deal because it is such a potent strain for such a wicked price. Obviously the trimming could have been better but other then that great smoke.

  6. SourCreamCreamy

    I grab the big deal whenever it’s a big deal and this is was biiiiiig deal. OG Kush with UBC?? This strain left me feeling locked but not totally out of it, I definitely felt the munchies too, cookies and chips and like those like toffee candies are dope. If you’re looking for a chill time on the couch then this strain is your baby.

  7. Zappa67

    I’m glad I chose this one. Itdid not knock me out like I had hoped (I’m always on the lookout for “sleepy weed”) but, it’s very enjoyable nonetheless. Very smooth with a lovely, familiar flavour. Recommended.

  8. Sharkeatsgirl

    Very nice looking buds, very leafy so needs an extra trim before smoking but buds are covered in crystal and purple and various greens. High is smooth, makes me just want to chill on the couch.

  9. rEVOLution

    One of the best Big Deals I’ve purchased. True AAA. The big calm certainly takes hold, this is certainly an evening/night strain for me.

    Rolls and smokes great. Buds are nice and frosty.

    Excellent job sourcing this one BM.

  10. numberonebeckwoodscustomer

    Simply I love this strain. I did not find it to be a heavy high, but it was a good one. The smoke in a J is smooth and the break down of nugs has a great airy consistency. Speaking of nugs, the appearance is beautiful, a deep green with notes of purple buds and dark orange hair. Can’t go wrong definitely a top choice for Big Deals!

  11. C dog dinger

    Great weed ,this UBC chemo is pretty good buds (AAA I’d say), especially for the $$$…
    by the way ,,forget Super Mario , where’s the princess’ peach strain ???not bad mouthing your super Mario strain or anything …
    Id really like to smoke some peachy peach strain some day soon…there must be a peach strain by now,,be so peachy…

    This is great meds , get your paws on some while you can , some beautiful purple buds in my half zip(ounce),, just gorgeous .. I thank you bm

  12. Megs

    UBC chemo. Probably one of my favorites. Great for a morning puff. Nice and smooth. Burns great. Fluffy but firm with nice mixture of purple and brown hairs. Must try 🙂🙂🙂

  13. Smoke Anon

    Just grabbed an ounce of this. Looks just like the pic and is quite fluffy. The smoke is nice and the high is pretty good. Definitely worth the price. Would recommend.

  14. gmac

    My second favourite strain!! Always happy when I see this one come around. You can’t go wrong with UBC Chemo and this batch is a great example why. Beauty taste, burn and buzz. Get it while it lasts!

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