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The Relief Roller (Daily Remedy)


10ml roll-on 200mg CBD


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The Relief Roller

Bottle: 10ml
CBD: 200mg


Activated Sleep & Insomnia Remedy.

The Knock-Out helps the body relax so you can get a restful night’s sleep. With specialized sleep-inducing plant botanicals and the calming effects of full spectrum medical grade CBD, this roller helps to ease your body and mind, and helps you feel sleepy, fast.

Small enough to bring with you anywhere, so you can get to a good night’s sleep everywhere…You’re welcome.

Recommended use: Apply liberally under jaw, on temples and wrists or pulse points. For a deep sleep, apply to soles of feet and put socks over before jumping into bed.


Activated PMS Remedy.

The Flow contains a potent blend of natural plant extracts and full spectrum medical grade CBD. This formula helps alleviate premenstrual pain, also targeting regular stomach pain, cramping and bloating. Small enough for on-the-go stomach pain relief.

Recommended use: Apply liberally onto the lower abdomen for instant release of activated CBD and essential oils to help soothe and relieve painful cramps and bloating.


Activated Headache Remedy.

The Override helps to override your brain pain by targeting painful headaches and migraines. With plant botanicals and full spectrum medical grade CBD, this penetrating formula helps to alleviate the tension in your head and soothe the pain.

Small enough to bring anywhere, so you can soothe your headaches on-the-go, and fast.

Recommended use: Apply to the crown of the head, temples, behind the ears and neck. Re-apply as needed.


Activated Analgesic Joint and Muscle Remedy.

The Target’s powerful analgesic formula helps to release its potent effects into targeted areas. Alleviate muscle soreness, stiffness, nerve and joint pain with the soothing effects of marjoram and rosemary. Combined with the anti-inflammatory healing effects of full spectrum medical grade CBD, this formulation is a winner!

Small enough to bring anywhere, so you can target your pain relief on-the-go!

Recommended use: Apply liberally to affected areas for soothing relief. Re-apply as needed.


Activated Calm and Destress Remedy.

The Uplift contains sunshine in a bottle! The citrus and lavender essential oils activated with full spectrum medical grade CBD will help soothe your frazzled nerves and lift your mood.

Small enough to bring with you anywhere, so you can regain a sense of calm and balance throughout your day.

Recommended use: Apply liberally to forehead, neck and shoulders. Reapply as needed, or whenever you need a dose of calm.

4 reviews for The Relief Roller (Daily Remedy)

  1. RollerDerby (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking around for an effective CBD roller and I think these are it! Bought the Flow, Override and Knockout rollers and so far they’ve worked really well. I apply Knockout to my pressure points an hour before bed and I truly KO. Interested in seeing if the Flow roller will be as effective for menstrual cramps.

  2. JaimeLesChats (verified owner)

    I bought the Knock-Out and the Uplift, not knowing at all what were those products. I was surprised by the smell of both, nice smell of essential oils, quality oils probably. Fine scents. I tried them as described on the packaging, especially under the feets before getting to sleep. I don’t k ow at what point this stuff is efficient, but for sure they bring some relief because of their mild delicate scents. Will buy again and maybe try some of the other versions available.

  3. whiteboy (verified owner)

    Tried it for the first time to help with the headache I had, better than taking tylenol. Natural way of relieving headaches. Wish I knew about this sooner.

  4. whiteboy (verified owner)

    Got the knock out for the first time, used it first night and then I fell asleep within an hour after use. Woke up the next day and got a great night sleeep.
    I recommend this to who ever has difficulty falling a sleep.

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