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Tin Series (Skookum Cannabis) – Grapefruit Haze

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AAAA Grade | Tin Series | Sativa | Organic

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Grapefruit Haze

Grapefruit Haze is an infamous cross of BC Grapefruit and Super Silver Haze. Grown 100% organic in living soil by our friends at Skookum. Dark orange hues from ample pistils and a frosty/mossy green pastiche. Expertly trimmed while the cure is fresh and sticky. First cracking your tin unleashes a pungent aroma of pine and turpentine amidst earthy citrus notes. Smokes beautifully in a joint, where the pine flavour follows through. Expect an onset of euphoria and focus and a rejuvenated sense of purpose. Productive and positive effects that brim with happy energy. Long lasting and potent while warm-edged and free of raciness. Overall, Grapefruit Haze is a potent strain with effects both stimulating and soothing. Extremely limited quantities, grab it while it’s hot!

Lab tested at 18% THC and 0.3% CBD

Flavours: Pine, Earthy, Turpentine, Citrus
Effects: Euphoric, Focused, Stimulating, Soothing
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Stress, PTSD

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, overall we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. – The Truth is in the Burn.

6 reviews for Tin Series (Skookum Cannabis) – Grapefruit Haze

  1. goldleaf

    great even smoke and burn. little more on the hybrid side, but still well balanced.
    even high, euphoric and up lifting mentally. slightly more body mellow ten most sativas.

  2. CBD_KiD

    well grapefruit haze your are Pretty Nice girl i must say . its not one to get work done if thats your idea for using this … Nope its a lazy day smoke for sure that gives your a nice cloud that comes over your vision like a haze a mist the morning the bit of indica genetics that are in this give that classic haze high a nice grounding which is nice . All and all id have to say your worth it when on sale for 120 but will not be getting these again unless we see them at 120 cause lets face it 165 is steep and plus tax … can get nicer for less on here and other shops . would really like to see some canned Tuna pure Tuna flakes please .

  3. JGro

    This stuff is kinda harsh. Makes me cough a lot. Some people like that. I was once told, when you cough it gets you higher. There may be some truth to that. Anyways, the high is pretty good, more cerebral than body buzz. Probably won’t grab this strain again as there are too many goodies on here. 7/10.

  4. OldJames

    Grapefruit has always been one of my favorites and this one couldn’t be done any better. Long lasting functional euphoria with perfectly cured buds. Wish I had gotten more while it was on sale.

  5. Jesse

    Grapefruit Haze I am amazed absolutely incredible making worth waiting a little longer to get it only 18 percent but feels stronger really impressed with BM however is cultivating this knows what he’s doing do not miss out on the sweet Grapefruit pine follows through just like it says in the description.

  6. arrow39

    Huge fan of grapefruit haze this one is one of my favourites by skookum haven’t had a grapefruit haze done right in years so good my buddy wants me to order him 2 tins

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