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Tin Series (Skookum Cannabis) – Animal Face

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Tin Series | AAAA Grade | Indica | Organic

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Animal Face

Animal Face is a rare cross of Face Off OG and Animal Mints. Grown organically in living soil while having undergone an extended cure. Absolutely immaculate genetics on display. Expertly cold cured while trimmed meticulously. A cacophony of colours and aromas will crash through your senses. Medium chunky jewels with forest green hues amidst pale auburn pistils. The trichome coverage is nothing short of spectacular, adding to the glistening allure. The nose is a complex connoisseur blend of fuel, floral perfume, musty honey and sweet meringue. The taste is creamy and smooth while it burns beautifully in a joint.

The high is very potent but balanced in its blend of cerebral and body effects. This first begins with a focused euphoric uplift that shifts gears into a contemplative melt. Overall, Animal Face is sure to leave you in a blissful stupor of the highest calibre. Limited quantities available!

Lab Tested at 22% THC and 1% CBG

Flavours: Floral, Honey, Musty, Meringue, Pine
Effects: Body High, Cerebral, Euphoria, Hungry, Relaxing, Uplifting
Medical: Appetite Loss, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Cramps, Nausea

Contains: 14 grams

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. – The Truth is in the Burn.

5 reviews for Tin Series (Skookum Cannabis) – Animal Face

  1. TRwriter

    Bought this from the Boxing Day sale because I really love Skookum but this disappointed. Didn’t enjoy the dank taste/smell and found it barely got me high. Still love Skookum but would not recommend this.

  2. Bud Master Kojer

    Bought it because of the other reviews to be honest, plus I’ve heard good things about face off OG. Haven’t even tried it yet as it might be a Christmas gift, but I’m sure I’ll find out either way.

  3. spidey

    So much going on here I can’t attempt to place all the array of aromas with my paltry sniffer but another really intricately woven tapestry of flavorants are on display here, don’t know if it tastes or smells better. Large and sticky, beautiful and dank buds that will leave you good and medicated and keep me coming back for more…and more…really medicating but not so heavy that you can’t still go about being productive. Fantastic all around and another sublime Skookum strain.

  4. Grassimo

    This is next level. Maybe even a level after the next level.
    Sticky, icky beautiful buds. Smells of dank sweet pine and diesel highly pungent, careful where you open this.

    The high is amazing, uplifted mental euphoria and a relaxing body high that makes you completely at ease.
    Don’t think, just get it!

  5. vanzolini

    Was a bit skeptical about the floral perfume in the flavor description. luckily it does NOT smell of perfume.
    Also the picture makes it look alot more soft and leafy than it is.
    Boy am i glad i took the chance n ordered this. top 3 ive ever tried for sure.
    It wreeeeeks of honey mustard , kinda sweet very pungent smell.
    Nugs are very dense , sticky and just loaded with crystals.
    Havent even smoked any yet but i think im getting stoned just smelling it.

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