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Tin Series (Skookum Cannabis) – Ultra Pink


AAAA Grade | Indica | Organic | Tin Series

14g | $150

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Ultra Pink
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Ultra Pink

Ultra Pink is a formidable cross of MK Ultra and Pink Kush. Grown living soil organic by our friends at Skookum Cannabis. A true melt-cannon with dense and mountainous bud structure. An attractive plumage of violet/heather over foreboding forest greens comprises the aesthetic. Resinous and sticky while the trim is meticulous. Complex and dank to the nose. Pungent hits of gas, skunk and floral perfume greet your olfactory. Full and robust kushy flavour remains throughout an entire joint.

This pheno has startling immediacy and is not for the faint of tolerance! Heavy and calming while deeply stoney/introspective. Our main tester leans towards heavier options and found that they were able to remain productive while smoking this. Overall, Kushlovers will rejoice at this Ultra Pink. While supplies last!

Flavours: Gassy, Floral, Skunk, Pine, Earth
Effects: Calming, Euphoric, Heavy, Stoney, Spacey
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Stress, PTSD, PMS

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, overall we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. – The Truth is in the Burn.


32 reviews for Tin Series (Skookum Cannabis) – Ultra Pink

  1. Maryjane

    A heavy hitter and one of my favorites from skookum. Whenever this strain is back up on the menu I make sure to grab a tin because it’s one of the best from skookum

  2. Ben

    This one is great product and nice bud, overall better than expected. Smokes very nicely. made for heavy hitting. Highly recommend. A real treat for the connoisseur !!

  3. Kingzeus

    this was a delight a real treat what a delicious smoke and very clean. Buds are cured perfectly and very resinous and sticky. This is the kind of weed I wish I could have everyday. hits hard and has a good taste and smell. great body high too. definitely one of my favorite strains from skookum. If you are an indica lover this strain is a must try

  4. HonestJ

    Decent high. Buds were not as nicely cured when I received them as Skookum is known for. Expected a bit more for a 24% bud. I am very critical of these strains. Some people may disagree

  5. Maryjane

    This is definitely one of my favorite strains from skookum. Hits hard and has a good taste and smell. If you are an indica lover this strain is a must try

  6. Rettez

    Beautiful strain – impeccable cure as you’d expect from the tin series. It’s a decent indica, potent for noobs but for an experienced toker… the high is maybe a solid 3.75/5.
    Way more value in potency thru bong rips.

  7. ssass1981

    Some of the best pink strains out there. Nice looking buds!! I’m an Indica guy and this hit right!! Will be purchasing again if it becomes available!!!

  8. Adam

    Really good stuff here. I only smoke Skookum now and this one doesn’t disappoint. Definitely a heavy hitter. You can’t go wrong getting a can of this.

  9. Bruckage

    Very nice. I was impressed by the fresh buds and the relaxing feeling from the smoke. It would be nice if there was a sample tin with four half quarters of fresh buds

  10. D

    Second time on the Ultra pink train. The first run defined quad pink for me. I realized that this is one of those strains that when available, order.
    Honestly, the plan is to save this one for the holidays. Hopefully it can be an annual addition to the eggnog and Bad Santa night.

  11. Michelin

    Great Surprise when you open the canned, This one as Soft Taste
    Never disappointed as usual with Skookum! Good Taste, Burns Well, Big Sticky Buds. Worth the price.

  12. Budda- abuser

    This strain is truly heavy, I have been rolling pinner joints of this, love this strain.
    Earthy, gassy and strong, I cant hold the smoke in my lungs for very long.

  13. Fireflower

    This batch is not as quality as the first batch that came I received. Nugs are similar in look smell and bag appeal to the first batch I received . However the smoke is not as smooth, the taste was not as prevalent and consistent , smoking a joint and lighting a bowl needed a more consistent flame to initially get the cherry going. Considering all these facts this is still good smoke and I give this batch a 3.5 stars only because my first experience (batch) and expectations were set so high.

  14. potistiq

    Awesome strain. Nice smoke, white hash and really terpy! I will order more from skookum. Verry potent couch lock. Verry resinious and nice big bud!!!!

  15. Triple P

    I got this on the last batch, like usual the buds were gorgeous. I bought an ounce and had a monster nug. I didn’t weigh it but i’m guessing 5 to 7 grams, and sweet jesus did it ever taste good in a bong joint, you could even roll a tiny nug up and do a hot knife I bet it’d still taste but it did not taste kushy in my opinion. Kush and cookies are my shit and in my opinion though you can definitely taste the pink I find the mk ultra to have dominant qualities. Not in a bad way but it just so hard to find some dank skunky ass kush that you can even keep in the house, and thats what i need personally.

  16. The grassman

    Heavyyyy! This stuff is no joke. I agree for sure one of the best Indica cans Skookum has offered and vaping it really is something special. Don’t miss out on trying this!

  17. Gunpoint69

    This is more what I’m talking about we need way more strains like this with good heavy long lasting potency.
    However these tins were almost all small buds, mostly under a gram. a bunch of pebbles in there

  18. Zolius

    This bud is just amazing. I am a big fan of pink kush and the Ultra Pink did not disappoint. The aromas hit you as soon as you open the lid. One of the most delicious bud I had.

  19. KronStar

    Loved it right from the crack. In my top 3 tins so far (LA Cake, Chocolate Mint Cookies). Plush fluffy cakey buds. Still don’t find it that strong regardless of the THC but not doubt AAAA buds like all the tins. The smoke sits well and completes you and last long enough before you reach for more. Smooth so don’t expect a massive hit on he lungs. Not so kushy though.

  20. Maryjane

    This one had me a little disappointed with skookum. It’s definitely quads but it’s not the best quality of the tin series I have much better. I’d have it again if I had to but definitely not my first choice

    **Hey, sorry to hear you were disappointed in this one : ( We found it to be a real heavy hitter, if you’d like to discuss further, please contact us at [email protected].


  21. Satchmo

    Heavy hitter. Trim job is no good but the taste, smell and high are all aces. Super kushy taste. Burns white. High is great for night time and for eating. Munchies galore with this.

  22. Linksblueocarina

    Knock out! This strain is a heavy hitter , had some before bed and woke up still stoned lol. Dark dank sticky , very smooth smoke. Thanks BM , recommend to all to try some.

  23. gmac

    A spectacular purchase right here! Second time ordering it. It’s my rule that anything with pink kush lineage should be tried and this does not disappoint! The flavour is beyond spectacular. A win here for sure.

  24. Greenfred

    WOW really really enjoying this tin , taste great smells super and works like a mofo have to order another1/2 Tin funny how fast they go when it’s this good!
    Thanks for the 5 doobies and the extra gram well done BM

  25. Rodd

    Very sticky and dense buds. Strong smell and great potency . Overall better than expected. Long lasting too. Smokes very nicely and doesn’t make me cough too much

  26. Tpao

    Ultra Pink is one of my favorites when it’s available. It’s aromatic when I crack open a crystally nug and provides a relaxing high. Dense and sticky buds – definitely a winner.

  27. Johnnysmurf

    Yeah, this one’s a knockout. Hits hard with super smoothness and sends me into the depths of the couch. Vaping it is glorious. Dense nugs and super sticky. Wish I could eat it.

  28. Fireflower

    All around one of the Best smokes in every category. Consistent icy smooth flavour and burn from start to finish. Wonderful bag appeal, moist and spot on cure. Burns super clean with a white ash that stacks well showing great quality and resinous character. Quant-ability vs quality- ability is a rare one this bud surely posses.

  29. Stonedtothebone74

    This stuff is beyond awesome! Very sticky, very dank… would suggest everyone to try this. One of my favorites in quite a while! Great job BM!! 👍will order this everytime I see it

  30. junior666

    I’ve tried a few of the tin series and Ultra Pink is up there. Top 3 indica for sure.
    Don’t plan on doing too much with this one. Heavy kush vibes hit hard and fast leaving you firmly pressed into the couch or blissfully wandering around, wondering what you were doing. Beautifully spacey, super relaxing. At higher doses the real fun sets in leaving you fully melted and wonderfully euphoric.
    GREAT for aches and pains.
    Ultra Pink is a real treat

  31. BornToHula

    Now this is a real treat. As expected this mk ultra crossed with pink kush is very potent with heavy couchlock. What a delicious smoke and very clean. Buds are cured perfectly and very resinous and sticky. This is the kind of weed I wish I could have everyday.
    Thanks BM!

  32. JB

    Do not contemplate ordering this one. Straight fire from skookum!! Literally the most bag appealing flower I’ve seen in a while. Smell is that pink kush dankness. With a sweet undertone to compliment it. A real treat for the connoisseur !!

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